Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Post Surgery...

Thanks for all the well wishes....it really was much of a non-event. It would have BEEN a non-event except for the need for anesthesia, which I hate at all costs....

I also hate IV's....because I have rolling veins and it just plain hurts and I'm a big baby. So there.

I remember walking down the hall to the OR with the nurse (Male, of course...oh jeez...why can't we have female nurses for female procedures?) and I remember thinking to myself "Gee, there are a LOT of people in this OR...)as I climbed up on the table....

I was strapped in, strapped down....My arms straight out to the sides of me. I remember the anesthesia guy putting an oxygen tube in front of my nose and turning it on...wrapping the tube behind my ears.

I remember him telling me that they were going to get me drowsy and he started the IV drip, and it felt very strangely cold going in my arm. I thought to myself, "Boy could be nice if they could just warm that up...." And that was the last I remember!

I have no recollection of ANYTHING....just waking up in the recovery room sitting in a recliner with my feet up and someone talking to me. How I got there? I have no clue! If I said something stupid, I don't remember! I guess that is the blessing of anesthesia....

The curse of anesthesia is that I fight nausea for the rest of the day. Upon coming home, I tried to settle my tummy with some tea and toast and went to bed. I slept 5 hours...ate some more..went back to bed....

This morning the only thing I'm feeling is tired (probably from too much sleeping!) and my throat is sore (probably from that forced oxygen thing and dryness)but other than that, I think I'm good to go.

I'm just puttering today....getting things ready for leaving for Georgia tomorrow! The guys are going to do the heavy lifting of the quilt duffel bags and boxes of books into the car.

I think it's a good day to pull out those blocks I was working on over the weekend! I have this idea to take these vintage 1940s fabrics that have been sitting around for too long and combine them with the recycled fabrics....and more of that plain muslin and come up with something that REALLY looks 1940s vintage, not REPRO or RETRO...but real... ;c)


  1. glad that is over. dont over do and let someone else do the lifting. take care of yourself.

  2. I love that block does it have a name?:)

  3. The sore throat thing is usually from the tube down your throat during any surgery with anesthesia. You usually don't know about the tube as it is inserted and removed while you are "out" thank goodness.

    (I not only quilt but work in a hospital....but have also experienced many surgeries)


  4. I agree...the sore throat is from that blasted tube and the drying oxg.
    Thankfully I do not get the queasy thing from the procedure meds.
    Some of those meds are given to deliberatly give you amnesia. I have had procedures where not enough was given and I was able to recite what they did. Solved that problem....they give me MORE!
    Glad you are well. NO LIFTING!

  5. Glad to hear all went well. Take it easy and get lots of rest before heading out on your trip. Don't over do! Have a good time!


  6. Don't over do it. You have a great excuse to take it easy for days. You'll heal faster with rest.
    Boy I don't mean to sound like a Mom, I guess that just comes naturally. Take care.

  7. Please be carefull and do overdo things! Take good care and enjoy!
    Love you little blocks!

  8. Anonymous11:17 AM EST

    NO LIFTING...and get lotsa rest. Your body needs to heal.

    Hope all went well. HUGS!

  9. Very pretty blocks, Bonnie. Hope you are OK!! I hate surgical anything...take care of you.

  10. Good!! It's over and done with and you are home and almost back to normal!!! Okay!! Have a great trip to Georgia and do not get to crazy!!! Buy yourself some special jam - I love that idea of haveing that as your momento of the trip, buying new cool food items!!! And come home and tell us all about it!!!
    And, by the way - I have fallen in love with a couple quilts from the Leaders & Enders book!!!! And every time I look through it, another says "hey, what about me??" Great book!!!!
    Glad you are home. Safe and sound!

  11. Glad all went well. DON'T over do it, let others lift for you, your body will thank you by healing faster and easier! Have a safe trip!

  12. Glad everything went well and you're home resting. Love those blocks!

  13. Yea! It's over with. Continue to take it easy. Hope you have a safe, fun trip. Your blocks look lovely.

  14. Hi Bonnie, I stumpled across your website and then tripped into your blog - I love it! Can't wait to see your blocks from this post finished as I've never seen that block before.
    Get well soon
    arohanui from New Zealand

  15. Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie - please take care of yourself for all of us. I certainly hope you have help carrying and lifting your duffel bags when you get to Georgia. Put those women to work!!! We can and will do anything to keep you healthy. LOL

  16. Maybe the tiredness is say - you just had your body tossed around and OR and it needs some rest to heal? Just a thought. Take is easy on the trip.

    I'm not sure if those 40's blocks look like siggy blocks or candy...

  17. I love, LOVE those blocks. I've been waiting for someone to tell me what they are - but so far no one has. lol If you know the name of them, I would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know. :)

  18. I'm glad the surgery went well. Please take care of yourself and get some rest. You're already quilting and traveling. Wow, I would be down for the count - maybe 6 weeks worth!

  19. Goodness, here's hoping you feel better soon.
    I too am interested in that block. I'll be looking though my encyclopedia of blocks by Barbara Brackman to find it now!


  20. Good Lord. It's just not possible for your fans to go day after day after day with nothing new on your blog!


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