Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Piecing....

More piecing, and more piecing....

And as I went over my calendar this morning, double checking, I get to be home for 9 more days before I have to go anywhere...so....LOTS more piecing!!

It's wicked cold out there. Hovering a few degrees above freezing, but windy as heck, and I hate windy more than I hate anything, so...yep. Staying in!

I just finished getting a quilt off the machine, and I'm going to prep a binding so I can do the handwork tonight. Tonight might even start EARLY as in BEFORE DINNER..just cuz I am really feeling the desire to put my feet up and watch some chick flick kind of drivel while I stitch a binding. UNDER a quilt is the best place to be right now!

So what is she piecing on now? A Checkerboard Border!

Did you ever look at one part of your stash...and think to yourself.."Man, I really REALLY need to do something with this stuff?" Well, that's how I've felt about this tub of leftover muslin pieces. It's not even yardage...it's PIECES. Some of it is trimmings from backings...some of it is left from when I used to design dolls and made umpteen thousand pairs of bloomers for said animals and dolls....and the scraps from that are in here...

I spent yesterday ironing some...and cutting it into 2" strips to alternate with the 2" strips of dark recycled fabrics I'm using in this border.

Then...I put the TV on Primetime On Demand...and sewed mindlessly while NOT watching CSI last night! *LOL* I got lots of strip sets sewn, some dark light dark, some light dark light..and here they are all cut into their little subsections.

It's probably not even enough to do two sides of that border, but at least it is enough to get started with.

I'm not even trying to make sure that all the muslin is the same "dye lot". I like it in antique quilts where there are variations in color/shade and I'm just letting these fall where they may.

I'll see how far these sections go...and then make some more....so far, it hasn't made a dent in either the dark 2" recycled strips, OR that over stuffed tub of muslin pieces and parts!


  1. It is cold and snowy here in Indiana too. I did shovel the driveway...brrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    I have the first sashings on my version of Bow-Dacious. I am loving this pattern. And I am using the Leaders&Enders method between the sashing for the next quilt. WHOOOHOOO!

  2. Hi Bonnie A quick quesiton I ahve jsut finished hand quilting my first quilt (had only done one small wall hanging before this) anyway started on a new one and tought since you rave about baptist fans might give that a go. So I have a template and I marked a portion of the top - is there a specific way it has to go or can I just kind of fit the templat ein and make sure the lines meet??? Can't seem to find anywhere that tells me and with theis weird shape you end up with little "wedges" so I ahve jsut extended the lines is that right does it really matter??

    Oh BTW this is fun no wonder you use it lots it is quick and simple not like the first one I did I love it but man was it tedious.


  3. sheesh, bonnie, are we separated at birth or something? my muslin stash looks EXACTLY like that, albeit a smaller pile. i've got mine stuffed in a large LLB tote bag on my shelving unit and every so often, i go pull out pieces to use; i agree, who CARES about the dye lot, i take antique quilts as my guide on this one!

  4. Some time ago Quilting Bebbs sent me loads of scraps which were leftovers from one of your patterns. I've been unpicking and storing.

    I've also got loads and loads of "stuff" to use as the scrap bins are getting to overflowing.

    If I can pull myself away from liberating Amish quilts and using solids, I'm going to have to start on those scraps.

    Love the pink and pale blue.


  5. Me again. Looking at that last photo I'm thinking liberated Seminole blocks.

  6. Just LOOKING at those neat stacks gets me wanting to follow along with ???? uhhh, what are you doing? 8-)))

    Today, I am working on you Pineapple Blossoms, started in Casper about a month ago. 8-)) And I saved and trimmed each bonus triangle! Pat me on the head and tell me "good girl!".

  7. talk about weird! I needed a border for a small quilt I made over last weekend.

    I had lots of darks left over from the quilt but am getting REALLY short of lights/neutrals. sooooooo

    4Patches with darks and muslin.

    Great minds! lol

  8. Let me know if you want more! I have another tub full of muslin (or is that muslims!!) that I could easily wad up and put in a large priority mail bag for you!!!! LOLROF!!!

  9. Enjoy your time at home....truly there is no place like home.
    All my scrap bin are over flowing and I keep sewing and sewing and I just get more scraps!
    So why do I keep buying fabric? :0)

    Happy sewing

  10. Anonymous5:43 PM EST

    I've got a box sitting here for you...seriously. No muslin just fabric! Unsure when we will see each other again...but it is here!

  11. A friend used to make dolls but neglected the final step of making the bloomers. She would run into her daughters' room the night before a show and shout, "Panty Raid!" and steal all the bloomers off her daughters' dolls, to the squeals of protest from the girls.


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