Friday, February 19, 2010

Goodie Box!!!

I just opened the front door to let the doggies back in, and look what was sitting on my doorstep!!

A whole box of shirt parts....colors, glorious colors...all washed and ready for piecing!! (She actually aplogized for not ironing them, can you imagine? :c) )

I met Donna in Alabama when I was there a couple weeks ago, and we sure had a great time. I've got a bunch of other shirt pieces she sent home with me that are quickly working their way into quilts!

First of all, it is amazing how FAR fabric from a shirt can go....and sometimes I feel like I've been sewing with the SAME ones over and over, especially when using them in places like leader/ender squares where they never seem to deplete....so having Donna gift me with a whole new MIX of shirt parts is a very welcome gift!

Thank you, Donna for thinking of me!


  1. oh what a sweetheart - that's a wonderful gift!

  2. A lovely box from a lovely friend!!
    You're a lucky girl!!!!
    Have fun!

  3. that was very nice of her. It's always nice to get something fun in the mail, just like I did today. Your book came and it was such a nice note you wrote inside. Thanks Bonnie. I can't wait to get busy and start on some of these. They are just my kind of quilt.

  4. Those look like some really fun plaids in that box...what a nice lady!

  5. What a fantastic surprise! Looking foward to your second book arriving in the mail any day now.... thanks for such an inspiring blog and website! Bec xxx

  6. I enjoyed running through your site. I am new to all of this even though I have owned a quilt shoppe for 6 years and have been traveling to 20 to 30 Quilt Shows every year as well. I can't believe all of the inspiration out there that you bloggers have shared so generously with everyone.

  7. Lucky you!. That reminds me I have a box like that somewhere in my house. Migth be time to do some searching for it.


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