Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thoughts from Ohio (Via Indiana!)

Hi guys :c)

I'm still on the road...heading up for 2 weeks now! I've been bouncing from town to town giving workshops and lecture/trunkshows from place to place.

Sorry if I haven't been able to connect much! I'm in small towns, bad connection, no connection, or just too tired after giving an all day workshop followed by an evening trunkshow and having to drive 5.5 hours to the next place.

I have all these good intentions to keep up with the blogging in between everything, but..well, sometimes something has to be let go, and the blogging was it!

I have had a wonderful time meeting quilters I only knew via email or their blogs! It has been so fun to put faces to names and voices to faces and put it all together!

The show and tell at the guild meetings has been so inspiring. Each guild has it's own flavor and it is exciting to see what is going on with quilting all over this country of ours (and the world at large)

I've taken some pics on my phone as I've been out and about. What you see above are my shots of Lake Erie, from where I was in Westlake Ohio. PRETTY!!!! I can't imagine what it is like in winter time...I stayed 10 minutes away from the lake, and when I found out how close I was, I just had to go put my toes in. It's the North Coast, you know? :cD

I'm now in Newark OH....home of the Longaberger Basket Co! I love oddities, so we had to drive by the building...which is of course SHAPED like a basket! Too funny...

While in Indiana....after teaching a full day workshop, I was invited to go sew for the EVENING from 6pm to 11pm at the quilt shop "sew in!!" And that was a lot of fun. I've got 4 tops that I've been able to finish while on the road...one was assembled into rows and needed to be sewn into the top, and borders added. That is done. One other was a center that ALSO needed borders..that is done...one was a pile of blocks that needed set..that is done...

And I was planning on setting that one with a bunch of big 1/2 square triangles for setting it "straight furrows" but it didn't work out. The 1/2 square tiangles overwhelmed the blocks. So..did hour glass blocks instead, and that left me with a bunch of 8" 1/2 square triangles. THOSE became the seeds for the next top which got sewn together yesterday (still needing borders) And I am off and running on another project...so my down time has been productive even if I couldn't get time for an internet connection!

I've got an afternoon workshop today, a lecture tonight, a workshop tomorrow..and home on Thursday...So it will probably be a few days before you hear from me again!

(but thanks for the emails telling me to come up for air and asking me if I was okay!)



  1. So glad to hear you are doing well and having exciting adventures! What a cool looking building that basket is!! Fun! Look forward to seeing what you are working on these days :)

  2. I had a wonderful time meeting you this weekend. Have a happy and safe rest of your travels!

  3. Oh Bonnie it sounds like such a wonderful trip. I'm here in OH....sorry I missed ya :)

    I know you must be loving meeting everyone. Isn't that just the best part of being a quilter....other than the quilts....all the wonderful people you get to spend time with?

    Enjoy....eat well.....sleep well....and laugh lots :)


  4. Well, you have been missed. Bee at my house on the 24th!

  5. So glad you were able to take a sliver of time for your own projects in the midst of teaching the rest of us. And yeah, Lake Erie does get mighty cold in the winter.

  6. Enjoy your trip...love the basket building...

  7. I love the idea of your being able to sew yourself across the heartland of America. Sew as you go! Have fun and we'll still be here when you get back.

  8. I am so glad you are meeting all these people who love you!!! And i am also glad you are still upbeat and having fun!!! It's a wounder with all the traveling you've been doing that you can still open your eyes some mornings!!!
    A building that looks like a basket!! That would be fun!!!
    Keep on laughing!!! ((hugs))

  9. Isn't that basket building a riot! I'd love to see what it is like inside.

    Glad you are still enjoying your time as a quilting road warrior...

  10. Wow! You've been busy. That basket is hilarious - I would have definitely made a detour to see it too LOL.

  11. Oh, Bonnie, I'm only about a half an hour from Westlake! Were you giving a workshop there? I would have loved to have come, but perhaps it was just for a particular group....I grew up right there, on the north coast though no one called it that at the time. I think all of northeast Ohio is one of the best places in the country (of course, I love all the rest of the USA, too!)Hope you really really enjoyed your time there.

  12. I think I should travel with you, if I want to get some work done! Wow! I am hoping to take a workshop from you, when you are in Grand Rapids, Michigan (next March)--- I live in Lansing, but it isn't too bad a trip. Is this the year you are going to Gwen Marston's Retreat? I have gone for the past ten years --- it is a great time and you will meet some wonderful quilters --- of course, what quilters aren't wonderful?! This will be the first year in many that I have not gone.

  13. Ah Longaberger!!! I traveled back to Ohio in '07 and again in '08. Visited the Longaberger factory in Dresden. Such a fun place to spend a day.

  14. Lovely to hear that everything is going well Bonnie. Enjoy yourself and the sights you are seeing. Love the big basket - and I thought it was only Australia with big thing....ie "The Big Cod" (fish), Big Pineapple etc. Nice to know it's not only us folks down under that have these things.

  15. Have a safe trip! The Longaberger Basket building is incredible!

  16. hope to see you at bee!

    (I LOVE that BUILDING!!!)


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