Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Companion Angle Found!!

HA! I knew (or hoped) it would show up!

Last evening when I was gathering everything to go to my Bee meeting...I went to add the pink thread to the handwork bag for binding the quilt at bee, and lo and behold...(And a HUGE AHA! and TADA!! and HAPPY DANCE!) There was the companion angle...I must have picked it up and put it into the bag when emptying my car!

I knew it had to be around somewhere, because I had the easy angle, and knew they were together..so that issue is now SOLVED!

I had a great time at bee last night. These ladies are SO fun to be around, oh we laughed and joked and talked and commiserated on life, love and chin hairs. :c)

Yes, you heard that right. Yesterday, I kept feeling SOMETHING tickle me. I couldn't figure out what it was, I kept brushing it away, brushing it away, right there, under my chin, on my neck.

I found the culprit..a hair..about 2" long. Only.......*gasp* it was ATTACHED! OMGoodness. I was horrified! I called Jeff to come check it out. He was repulsed..*LOL* And then curious...."Mom, how come YOU can grow those, and I can't?!"


Straight to the bathroom to grab the tweezers out of the drawer and remove that offensive 2" long hair.

What I want to know is.....is walking around with a 2" long "under the chin" hair akin to walking around with broccoli or spinach in your teeth? Where everyone else sees it but you, and you don't find it out yourself for a long time, then have to go through your memory wondering if people were really smiling at you because they found you charming, or they were just secretly chuckling at your broccoli grin? :cÞ

Do me a favor. Next time you see me with a really long chin hair, take me aside, do the kind thing, and tell me. I promise you will be my friend for life!!

Back to the kitting up. I've got my little block parts all stacked in this walmart cake carrier! I love these..I can stack 4 of these in my big Lands End tote, and it's perfect to take to a retreat! I've got some other projects to go too. I'm working on a quilt where part of the blocks are string pieced, so that string piecing bag is going to go with me too. The phone book foundations are already cut to 8". :c)

I talked to my editor yesterday...quilts need to be sent for photography TOMORROW! *EEK!* So I've got to finish that binding and sleeve on the last one today, make sure everything is labeled, do the instructions for the two last quilts..and get everything to mail off tomorrow. It's going to be a cram packed couple of days.

I'm off to the gym...I've got an appt with my personal trainer at 10, I'm sure she is going to kill me but good since I haven't seen her for 3 weeks. I need it. I just hope I can walk when she is done with me :c)


  1. Glad you found your companion ruler! Knew it had to be there somewhere. As for the 2" hair, never noticed it :)

  2. You are too funny! What! You don't want to be publicly embarrassed?!? Just consider it a little extra ka-chin bling.

    TTFN ~Marydon

  3. I can't stop laughing either, my sides ache. I think maybe I'll explore the joys of Vaniqua myself...

    Glad you found your angle. Whew!!

  4. Hi Bonnie Speaking as a quilter with longer hair--sometimes hair grows into your chin! Maybe that's what your two inch chin hair is. I've had it happen believe it or not! I knew it wasn't a real chin hair cause it was really, really long!!! And two inches just seems too long to me!
    Lurking Linda

  5. The stips in that kit box are so pretty...why is it I only find blue shirts to cut up and not these fun autumn colors? oh well....

    Hope you survive your personal trainer!

  6. Bonnie,

    Sure wish I lived closer - I would love to stunt sew that binding and hanging sleeve for you!

    And I can so relate to your smart mouthed son since I have one of my own. Graydon once told me that I had more whiskers than he did! ARGH!

    Have fun on your next adventure!!!

    Your Fan in Falls Church!

  7. I feel your horror :) That's not the only place those long suckers grow! I found one on my lower back of all places!! Love to read your blogs ev-ve-ree-day! I can always count on them being inspiring, funny, warmhearted, and just plain fun! I will share one of your inspired creation once I finish it before the year is out. Toodles!

  8. I really shouldn't laugh at your chin hair, but it sounds so much like something that would happen to me and I couldn't stop the giggle that escaped me! I'm glad you have a good sense of humor about it. I promise on my honor if I ever see you with a 2" long chin hair that I'll tell you. I like your idea about the cake carriers too and I'm going to start using this idea! Have I told you yet that I love your blog?! Cindy

  9. ohhhhh mortification!!! And you felt it - amazing, huh? I'm trying to determine if WHITE chin hairs are as improper as BLACK chin hairs, on the ettiquette scale!

    My makeup bag in my purse and in the bathroom each contain a tweezers - those nasty chin hairs seem to grow in an instant. I check my chin as often as I check my nose! OMGOSH, we are our Grandmothers after all!

  10. I now do a regual 'hair check' simply for that reason!!! I have them grow in a few place.....

    I needed a laugh this morning, thank-you! I am so glad you found the compainion angle!!!
    With the training done this morning, the quilts sent off, and with kits made, you just might have time to sit for a minute and relax!! And I hope you do. Re-Charge those batteries and we are here to support you in the next round of "guess what I did!!!"
    Have a great day, that just keeps staying great all week!!

  11. I think there should be a "secret" code for these problems...(like XYZ is for examine your zipper)

    Yay for finding your companion angle. I found a smaller version that I like really well, except it must have grown some legs and walked off, too.

  12. As long as you're able to SEW after you see the trainer - the walking is optional.

  13. Yuiks,
    A friend of mine had a hair growth on the bridge of her nose.... and no body told her, even her husband missed it. So maybe you are lucky that you have long hair and someone probably thought it was one of your loose long blonde hair. Now you understand that some of us wear turtle neck in the middle of summer....
    Hey, your pink strips looks like bacon strips...yummo.

  14. You're so funny! I guessing everyone who reads this post will be running to the mirror to see they also have a 2" hair hidden somewhere. LOL

  15. I'm very glad you found your companion ruler! Isn't iy great when you find something you thought you lost. Yesterday I found a little pattern that has been missing for years! I am so happy!

    I agree with Cara!

  16. Ohhh Bonnie, you are so funny, you made me chuckle out loud. Isn't it funny what our bodies do to us as we age - gotta love laser hair removel. So worth it.

  17. Anonymous8:11 PM EDT

    Omg Bonnie...I had the same thing happen...I do believe they come out that long OVERNIGHT! Come on, we would have felt them blowing in the breeze wouldn't we? Too too funny, at least we can laugh!

  18. I can just see it now - everyone who is reading this blog today are checking out their chins - okay, just how many chin hairs showed up? Laughing in Clayton, NC

  19. You really cracked me up. My best friend and I made a pact to examine each other for those long hairs and such. She works at the Library and had the same thing you did and wondered how long people were looking at that thing. It's not fair is it? My eyebrows are thining and yet I can grow hair long enough to braid on the chin. No justice!

  20. Hi Bonnie,

    I had a great time with you when you were here and never noticed that chin hair. Maybe the Hungarian food made it grow faster -- I think I found last week. Not that long, though. :) ConnieB in OH

  21. Hee hee...I just laugh at the thought of the killer mutant hair! A very young lady I work with has these, and she just dies when she discovers one. I love the cake saver projects, what a great idea. Have fun on your retreat!

  22. I think those long hairs migrate from some other part of the body. Sometimes I'll find a 2 or 3 inch hair growing out of my eyebrows! Meanwhile, my eyelashes have totally disappeared except for a few little stubs. Why is that?

  23. Those strips are so pretty in that bin! You'll have to check out my blog sometime (www.thescrapbox-jordannichole.blogspot.com)

    I'm going to follow you...


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