Monday, August 24, 2009

Official Jammie Day!!

I've just decided to rebel! I'm staying home today...I'm kitting up stuff for taking to Indiana with me. I'm teaching at a retreat at Camp Mack in Milford Indiana starting Friday. It's sponsord by the Sew Easy guild of Butler Indiana! I SO can not wait...

The following weekend I'm teaching at Home of the Classics Quilt Show in Auburn, IN...I've got 5 days in between both gigs, and I'm staying with Bev, who has told me I can feel free to sew all I want while there.

So, back to the kitting....it's lots easier and more productive for me if I kit up the tops I'm making, so I don't have to bring the WHOLE STASH in the car. And I figure if I need something, well, what's a girl to do? SHOP? :cD

It's been a long time since I've stayed in Jammies all day. I have a quilt bee meeting tonight at Laura's, but never fear, I'll be OUT of Jammies by then. I finished quilting project #12 for the leaders/enders book, and it's coming with me to put binding/sleeve on while at bee. So some of you will get a sneak preview ;c)

I had a great time snapping pics of vintage quilts while wandering antique malls, so I'm leaving you with some eye candy here!

Maybe, just maybe you'd like to join me for a Jammie Monday too? Come on, you know you WANT to!


  1. A PJ Day never hurt anyone- enjoy
    thanks for the pics, love the blue & white w/geese! cw

  2. Well, I can't stay in jammies. I'm off to teach a cute group of second graders, but I'm with you in spirit.

    It's not quite leaders and enders, but I keep saving the little half-square triangle units that get trimmed off of flying geese, snowballs etc. I'm going put them into a quilt.

  3. I am "sew" with you on the jammie days. While at WalMart recently, capri-length jammies that were on sale and "silky" jumped right into my basket and said take me home. I find that thread and fabric do not stick to silkies and I love, love them. Husband usually comments when he comes home, "You must have had a good day sewing sweetheart." So true! Judy C in NC

  4. Anonymous9:23 AM EDT

    Enjoy your PJ day! I take it the house is quiet and empty. Exception of all those sweet little critters you have.

  5. Wish I could stay in my jammies today - too many Monday errands to do :o( With your schedule, I think you REALLY deserve a jammies day!!!

  6. I'm glad to know you'll get dressed to meet the chickens! ;) I do want to stay in my jammies today, but I'm afraid I do need to go out into public enough to prompt real clothes. Gee, darn!

  7. Sounds like a little piece of heaven.
    Enjoy your day!

    Will you get out to "The Quilters Hall of Fame" in Marion while out in Indiana?

    Safe travels Bonnie.
    Happy sewing

  8. I wish I could have had a Jammie Monday with you, but alas I had to go to work. It's my day off next Monday, can I di it then instead? I promise I'll even do some sewing!

  9. Enjoy. I wish I could join you, but alas, work and the first day of the fall 2009 semester already claimed dibs on my day and clothing.

  10. I have a couple more jammie days in my future...thanks for the photos. I am thinking I need a blue and white quilt.....

  11. I love the antique quilts...they are just eye candy to me! I never thought to bring my camera into an antique store. Do you ask them first? Do they mind that you snap photos? I don't see why they should...you are after all a potential buyer of these quilts! I love "pajama days"...you definitely deserve a few of those! Louise

  12. since you are such a trend setter Bonnie and you are now doing the PJ day thing... then I'm way ahead of you! LOL As a mom of 3 little ones we have a PJ day at least once a week when it's a day we do not have any plans to leave home ;)

    and thanks for posting the candy shots... I'm so in love with the navy and white flying geese one! I've signed up for a crayola quilt challange - where the coordinator sends us one crayon from a box of 64... I received "sea green" and we are only allowed to only use multiple shades of our crayon color and one other fabric in any other crayon color of our choice....

    I'm thinking of sea green which is light... and a dark chocolate brown? hummmm... good thing I love Eleanor Burnes ruler for flying geese! I better sleep on it and see.

    did you bring this quilt home? or just admire it at the store? ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  13. Woukld have loved to join, but I don't think I like bringing my youngest to school and swimming lessons and the oldest to korfbal in my jammies. So I did get dressed. As I did today too! Jammie day will have to wait until the next holidays...

  14. bonnie, you are a shameless temptress for certain! BTW, has been much too hot here in maine for PJs! LOL....but finally today, ahhhh! cool natural air!

  15. Wish I had seen your post earlier.... like yesterday! Maybe it could have been a more productive day! Well... maybe next time!
    Hope it was a great day! Oh, what am I saying... any day sewing, is a great day!


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