Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home Home Home ;c)

I arrived home Friday evening...what a beautiful day to drive from Ohio to West Virginia, all the way through the mountains to Virginia, and down into North Carolina! it was overcast, but not raining most of the way, which makes it easy on the eyes for seeing. Blaring sun doesn't make me so happy when driving...but overcast? nice!

It did rain a bit once I went through that last tunnel from WV to VA..enough to clear the bugs off my windshield and then go away! Perfect.

Needless to say that yesterday was spent unloading the car, going to the gym and the bank, and taking care of household things....groceries had to be bought in there somewhere too, the house was empty after 2 weeks away!

I just brought my purchases from my trip down...well...except for the ones that were edible, and got eaten on my journey! I found a Trader Joes not far from the hotel where I stayed in Indianapolis, and I had fun doing some shopping there. We don't have one here in Winston Salem. My weird purchase? Candied Ginger chews. they are hotter than you think they would be, but good! I also bought a bar of dark chocolate with chrystalized ginger in it. Yummy.

I'm sure you are going to be rolling your eyes at me....I was shown the way to the Goodwill Clearance Center in Indianapolis, not far from my hotel either! (Do you think they booked me near by on purpose? *LOL*) And I did find some shirts that I needed for a project that was with me. Not just for stock piling, but ones I could cut up and use right away while on the road. I'm sewing for the sequel to Scraps & Shirttails so it is fun to pick up shirts on my travels and incorporate them in the projects!

What was I in most need of? NEUTRALS! LIGHTS! I am always drawn to the blues, reds, greens, oranges, etc...but a white shirt with a pale stripe or plaid to it just doesn't ring the bells, you know? but that was my mission this time. LIGHTS. And I found them. And some others too, and since they were something like $1.39 a pound. They came home too.

And what else was at the clearance center? How about a 1930's feedsack doll quilt...hand quilted? in the $1.39 a pound bin?? I snatched THAT right up! It's pretty primitive, maybe made by a girl for her dolly, but it will be a cute display piece.

In the pic above you see my goodies :c) The dolly quilt is the one with the light blue border....bags of shirts on the floor...

On the way to Ohio back from Indy, I stopped at a HUGE antique mall..and that's where the other damage was done..*LOL*

I found the 9 patch crib quilt, all indigos and shirtings...for $40. It's in GREAT shape, and I love seeing all the shirtings in it!

I really love pink depression glass, and the pink biscuit jar was in a booth that was 20% off..it just had to come too.

The ironing board cover...well...it was in the most offensive booth in the place! *LOL* Granted, it was a cutter quilt, and you can tell. The ironing board covers aren't TOO bad, and I have this one here on my antique wooden board for display, but I would much rather see cutter quilts being used for things like table runners and teddy bears, than made into *GASP* toilet seat covers?!? and toilet TANK covers?! Is this just because of my knowledge of what it is like to raise boys? Still. Ruffled lace around a quilted seat cover is just not my thing...

I was taken to the Goodwill store in Pataskala, OH, also on the lookout for more shirts. Hit the jackpot! Pink tags were 99 cents. Yellow tags were 50% off...so I paid 99 cents for most of the shirts, and 1.50 for the ones that were yellow tags. Not bad. Hard time restraining myself, but a quick thought of what awaits me at home with all I've accumulated kind of did put on the brakes.

So what's up now? I'm home for a week, and I'm book writing hot and heavy. Everything has to be to the editor by mid Sept so we can get this book put to bed and ready for release in February! It's all so exciting. And I know I've kept a lot of things under wraps, but I just feel the need to. I hope you understand and will like what you see when it comes out!

I'm off to Indiana again on the 27th. I'm going to know this road very well by the time I'm done with the fall! I'm teaching at a retreat at Camp Mack,in Milford, IN, and then the Home of the Classics Quilt Show in Auburn, IN....

Need to pack up more projects for the next shirttails book so I can sew on the road!


  1. I love the pattern on the ironing board cover...glad you are home safely. Doesn't look like you will get much of a rest though...

  2. Glad to hear that your travels have been safe. You are starting a shirt stash revival! Can't wait for the new book. cw

  3. Sounds like you're enjoying the hectic pace of a quilt book author. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. By the way, I finally finished my Double Delight about a month ago. Haven't even taken a picture of it yet with the binding on, but it was in a quilt show almost as soon as it was finished. They only gave viewer's choice & I didn't win that but there were lots of favorable comments from show goers.

  4. Glad you made it home safe Bonnie. I missed your posting but I know your busy ......

  5. Aren't you the lucky one! Great finds. LOVE that ironing board cover.
    TTFN~ Marydon

  6. I think that we can forgive you for keeping the contents of the book under wraps. When it is published we will be glad to have some freah ideas to piece. I am getting my "Bonnie" fix by working on the mystery in Quiltmaker Magazine. Glad that you are having safe travels.

  7. And was IS that pattern on the ironing board - very clever, especially the non-matching pinwheels in the corner??? NIce!

    Welcome back and happy you arrived in one ... uhhhh more than one piece.

  8. So, can I let you know now that I would LOVE!!!!! another one of your signed books!!! Hot off the Press'???!!! And I can hardly wait to see this new book of yours??? I love the idea of a whole book on this subject - and the ideas you come up with - I am in heaven when I play on your site!!
    Thank-You Bonnie, from the bottom of my heart, for all the smiles, laughs and joy I get when I read your site and read your blog. It is just a very peaceful place to spend some time, thank-you.

  9. OOPS! The baby quilt/doll quilt entry was from Marilyn R. Crystal Lake, IL

    And, I treasure the photo taken last Nov. with you helping me hold my Patches and Pinwheels quilt. It gets rave reviews from all viewers, and I cannot possible live long enough to make one for everyone who wants one!

  10. I will see you at Camp Mack next week. WHooo Hooo!
    I want a signed copy of your next book too!
    And Auburn has a nice big Goodwill/Salvation Army store. I worked up there at Dana-Eaton for 30 years. It is a 45 minute drive from my house each way. I got used to the driving. Now I am retired and do not know how I did it!
    Subee in Northern Indiana

  11. I just took a closeup look at the pic with the ironing board. I have just as many containers of little pieces as you do! But mine are a bit smaller. Guess I need to make a shopping trip to buy more plastic containers. Love it.
    I am the oldest of eight children too. No sisters...7 little brothers.
    Subee in Northern Indiana

  12. Bonnie, I love to see what you have found at thrift and antique stores.....you and I have the same passions and seeing your treasures makes me almost as happy as if I had brought them home myself. (The ironing board cover is unique and brought on a grin!) THANKS for sharing!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  13. Great haul. Pardon my ignorance,but what is a cutter quilt?

  14. I have a biscuit jar just like the one you bought. My hubby puts "his" candy in it.

  15. wow, Bonnie I love the crib quilt you bought!


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