Monday, August 24, 2009


The gremlins seem to have run off with my companion angle ruler!! (*&#@$(*&!

I found my ez angle in my stuff from the last trunk show..but WHERE is the companion angle? :c|


  1. I find that if I like a ruler I purchase several. I need one in every room, the car, the tote bag etc... (kinda just kidding but not really) One never seems to be where you need it, two is better. Too bad you don't know anyone who will share :) (Bet I know what Bonnie is getting for Christmas!) cw

  2. it's probably hanging out with my seam rippers and thread snips -- underneath something somewhere. good luck finding it.

  3. Maybe it's hanging out w/my EZ Angle. I've got 2 of them and can't find either one. But I know where my Companion Angle ruler is!

  4. I once had a shelf that I kept all of my rulers on...lost that too! Hope you find yours soon!

  5. Companion-ing with another I should think! Hussy that she is. That was the wrong angle for her to take. Must have been watching all this news of men straying lately.

  6. I also have two of each of these great rulers as I cut in the prep room and alkso at the sewing machine.
    Keep looking. It is where it does not belong!
    XOXO Subee
    p.s. yesterday was my jammie day!

  7. As they say... it will be in the "last place you look!"... LOL... maybe you'll find my snips too... I think that got bumped into the trash... and taken out and picked up b/4 I noticed they were gone! Sigh... I had them for 34 years.... got them in Japan... no replacing them!

  8. It is probably with my 25 year old Ginger embroidery scissors that vanished one day when my back was turned. I figured once I bought a new pair, the old ones would turn up but no such luck.


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