Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Orange Crush, Part Deux!

A day late, a few hours sleep short..but here it is gang, I know you've been waiting for it. All that talking of recycling ideas, etc didn't deter you from the knowledge that I PROMISED I would post part 2 as soon as I got back from MD...well here it is...sew your hearts out! :cD

I think of these little gems as a "split four patch"! You can do all kinds of things with them. They play nicely with other units of the same size! There are all kinds of different ways to sew these,but I find the simplest is also the best and most accurate for me. For this step we will be using the easy angle ruler. I love this ruler, and you've heard me say it a million times. If your tools give you accurate cutting, and you and your machine have mastered your accurate piecing skills, there is nothing better! Cutting with this ruler to sew these units saves me the time it would take to cut rectangles from a size of strip that I don't usually keep on hand. I'd have to make a template guide, and stop and draw lines on the rectangles. I just want to SEW!! Since I can cut all the pieces from strips I keep on hand, and use the ruler to give me the pieces I need with accurate results, I can simply sew!

If you don't have the easy angle ruler, you can click HERE for the regular rotary cutting directions for this unit. Pieces are given to make a single block unit, you will need 142 units just like everyone else!

The next step is a couple weeks away yet, so you have time to jump into the mystery if you haven't started yet.

I'm off to run Buddy to the vet for his post-op check up :c) After that, it's a couple errands, and try to figure out what to do for dinner. You know? Mom's home now...they expect me to COOK!?? :c}


  1. WhoooHooo...off to cut...I like the "next step is a couple weeks away" part!

  2. Thanks for Clue 2 Bonnie, I'm glad too that we have a couple of weeks between clues, it gives me a chance to get on with other stuff. I hope you've got time to do some of your own things now and not having to rush off again too soon.

  3. Anonymous5:55 PM EDT

    woo hoo! I know what I'M doing today :-)

  4. thanks for the clue! I need to get going on this myster.

  5. I am almost finished with step two. I have to say, I sighed heavily at the thought of having to buy "one more ruler". I gave in and bought it. My triangles and this little patch has come out perfectly. No squaring up needed. I'm sold. I love my new ruler.


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