Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boxy Stars Sample..

I finished the lap sized version of Boxy Stars that I need for two workshops coming up! The last one I did went to charity..so...guess who had to make ANOTHER class sample? I like doing that when it's an easy quilt to remake (Ie..no figuring, I already know what to do...no brainer!) and I get to try different colors! This one I did color controlled, where the previous one was completely scrappy.

Pinks and browns....all pieces cut from 2.5" strips! (Yes, this pattern would work great with Jelly Rolls...)

It was a challenge for me to try to use up some outdated fabric as well as the new stuff I was wanting to slice into. I went to the 2.5" strip bins first..pulled everything brown and pink. Then I pulled 2.5" neutral squares from the squares bin. I MADE myself use those pink cutesy heart prints from 1987! And you know what? They don't look half bad when mixed with some of the new wonderful browns and double pinks that are out there. So the next time you make a scrap quilt, dare yourself to mix in some oldies but moldies with your new stuff. Let those old fabrics find a home. Better in a quilt, than still nagging you from the scrap bins!

I quilted this quickly with "Wild At Heart" panto by Willowleaf Studios. I love their designs. I really was never one for the cutesy heart stuff (Even though I still had that pink dotted heart fabric in my stash from 1987!) but THIS I like...I think I'll use the same one on the quilt for my sister's new baby. It will go great with the bright fabrics I used in it.

I've got 5 quilts to bind..and the next one to finish piecing for the book is a denim thing! The ultimate recycle quilt! I've been working very closely with my editor (she is AWESOME!) and I think we make a good team!

I'm thinking of binding this one in pink....but NO PINK HEARTS! In small amounts I can stand..but no pink heart binding, I just can't do it! :cÞ

Buddy had his 2 week post-surgery check up yesterday. He is doing WONDERFUL. His vet is such a nice man, and everyone at the office fawns over buddy. The splint cast came off, and we removed all the staples. I'm sure Buddy was happy to have those out. All seems to be healing just fine. 2 more weeks of splint cast, and he should be good to go. He may be limpy for quite a while after this, and I can tell there is some muscle atrophy in the leg,but that is to be expected. I'm just glad he is doing so well!


  1. The quilt came out fabulous! Now I'll have to get my Scrappy Bargello quilted then start on this one.
    Horrah for Buddy!!

  2. I've been so busy working on a curved piecing project... and I am so ready for some "straight" piecing! I've already printed out this pattern and saved the .pdf so I can dig into my stash of 2-1/2" strips (my version will be SCRAPPY, of course). THANK YOU for sharing Boxy Stars with us!

  3. Awesome!!! Makes me want to cut up scraps to make one, but I have about a gazillion other projects to do.

  4. Bonnie, Oh how glad I am to hear that Buddy is healing. I have been worried about him since you had not mention him for a while. What a thing to happen just after moving. Glad you found a great Vet. And the Boxy Star quilt is fantastic! Yep, I am putting this one on my to do list.

  5. Once again, you've made another beautiful scrap quilt. You are amazing and such an inspiration.

  6. I have been "destroying" my scrap stash using your method and making lots and lots of strips. I have a bunch of 2.5" ones so this quilt will be my first using up my scrap stash. Thanks!!

  7. I just cut some of my 1988 navy with hearts fabric for Orange Crush. But I can't see using the baby blue, baby pink or the peach in this one. :-) (I was a hearts girl....)

  8. OHHHH WOWWWWW!! Wonderful quilt! I've been wanting a brown and pink quilt for me, and this is calling my name!!! But I must resist.... too many projects already on my hands. :o[ I'll put it on top of my list for the next project when I'm done with another quilt though.
    Glad Buddy is doing much better! :o)


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