Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Market, MD

Nothing going on here noteworthy the past couple of days. It's been raining....but not too hard, and not too cold. I love hearing the rain through an open window. Mmmmm Bliss!

I'm still working my way through the photos of last week's trip to Maryland! New Market has a wonderful stretch of old buildings that are largely antique and tourist type shops now, perfect for browsing. The first little shop we hit was a little pottery shop. CUTE CUTE stuff in there! I love stuff with sayings, and of course anything quilting or sewing related has to come home with me...I loved this Stitch & Bitch club sign! *LOL* How true, there is NOTHING that a little needling won't fix!

My partner in crime, Kay, and I had a great time wandering through and seeing everything this little shop had to offer. I also bought a hand painted ceramic switch plate cover for the light switch in my studio down here. It's got a cat with moon and stars on it. Very folky, very fun! I look for things like this in lieu of bringing home MORE fabric, but even then, some fabric finds it's way coming home. One of the guilds was helping a gentleman who's wife has taken ill with Alzheimer's clear out her stash. They kitted up her fabrics and paired it with books and notions and it was going for about $1 a yard. Yep. Did some damage there.

Down the road from the pottery shop was an old drug store that had been converted into a candy shop/gift shop/deli! Remember all those old candies you loved as a kid but couldn't stomach them now if you tried? Wax lips? wax pop bottles? all that funny stuff? They had it ALL! It was fun to wander around and remember all the things we used to buy for a nickle. I bought some teaberry gum. Somehow it was not what I remembered either! But it was a fun trip through memory lane.

The sun even came out that day, but it was still not very warm. Sweater weather is fine by me, I'd rather have that than scorching hot any day. Up the road was a stained glass shop, and a little restaurant where we had a delicious lunch. It was a perfect wandering around day before I had to appear at another guild that evening, the calm before the storm!

The antique shops weren't open that day,but I'd love to go back again and check it out.

For those telling me to slow down and take time to catch up? I finally did today. Sunday afternoon naps are balm for the soul. Did you get yours?


  1. What a fun bunch of pictures! I went by the New Market ex it this afternoon on my way home from Chambersburg (where you will be in October!!!). We had a very fun retreat and 4 of us traded scraps and made Pineapple Blossom quilt tops this weekend!! Hop on over to my blog and take a look at mine :) I still need to add borders and quilt it up. I'm planning to have it 100% done before you come up to visit us in October!!!

    So no Sunday nap for me today, but I will be going to sleep early LOL

  2. hahahaha "Stitch & Bitch Club" LOL!! oh Bonnie, this coudl be the beginning of a whole new blog ring! ROTFLMBO :P

    thanks for sharing the candy sroe photos too! yummmm! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  3. Great shops, so glad you had time to get out and explore while you were there. I had a Sunday afternoon nap, once; a long time ago!! ;)

  4. Don't think you would find many bargins in the antique shops in New Market. I live just over the mountain. Hmm, going to be in Chambersburg . Have to check on that.

  5. I would think you would love the historical area up here, being you love antique quilts. New Market is a great place to walk around!

    I'm glad to see you got some rest--I had a Monday afternoon nap today to catch up :) But only a short one--too much to do! :)

    I love your pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I haven't had teaberry gum in a while. My dad grew up in Maine, and he liked tea berry gum. When he would find some, he would get some for me. I went with him up to Maine a few years ago, and I was able to taste teaberries. Thanks for bringing up these fun memmories.


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