Saturday, April 26, 2008

LIberty, NC Antiques Festival!

I played hooky! I mean, I REALLY played hooky!

Thursday afternoon I got a call from my friend Mary in Asheboro asking me to come stay the night, and drive to Liberty with her to see the Liberty Antiques Festival yesterday. One look at the flyer she sent and BAM...I knew had to go! I had no clue what to expect, but felt like I wanted a play day off, so I threw my overnight bag into the car, brought along some quilts to bind (Hey, she said she'd help me bind, so what's not to like about that!?) and off I went.

Asheboro is about an hour's drive from my house. Not bad...and it takes me on back country roads which I love. I love driving past plowed fields and old country houses with front porches, and little country gas stations with general stores and bait. I do HATE seeing the gas prices go up and up and up,but I wasn't going to let that stop me from driving to have some FUN!

The antiques festival started at 8am. I think we got there about 8:30 and the place was PACKED! Rows of tents and booths as far as the eye could see, all placed on this grassy pasture at a 100 acre farm. We were in heaven! I have SO MUCH eye candy and pictures that I can't post them all here. But it will give me blog fodder for a while, and hopefully goodies for you to come back and see what we saw.

Here are my bargains of the day! A saw you ask? Yes! A saw! I wish I could show you Mary's house. She has it decorated up SO cute with little quilts everywhere, and I was admiring the way she displays them. I asked her help in finding things that would give me fun ways to display quilts. She has a saw like this hanging in her kitchen, and a darling quilt draped over the middle rail of the saw with the blade pointing up. It is so rustic looking! So..I bought a beat up antique saw. :c) The blade is still nicely covered with newspaper so I don't shred myself or the other quilty finds...Price of saw? $15.00.

An old wooden bobbin and shuttle! This was a bargain and a half since it came WITH the bobbin in place inside the shuttle. I love stuff like this! Price of shuttle and bobbin? $5.00!

Piece of cutter quilt with incredible cheddar, turquoise (OH MY!) and home dyed brown with a bit of poison green on the edge, and incredible funky quilting in navy thread..perfect for accent piece or table runner, not to mention I LOVE the block pattern! Price of quilt piece? $15.00

Hand woven beat up rag rug runner to go in front of the porch swing on the front porch. Very old, very rustic, very musty, but a must have! A bargain at $20.00.

THE find of the day! Pine Burr Quilt in wonderful blues and reds with some well worn shredding, but still great for display and terrific graphic appeal! Price of pine burr quilt? $10.00!!!

Lovely 1920's beat up country style broken dishes quilt with lots of blue and pink. (Mary's hubby said...oh. That's A LOT of pink. Yep!) Price of quilt? $35.00

Really funky wire egg basket? This is Mary's push. She promised me I will love it to display things in, and have a little quilt tucked inside, and coming out over the edge of the basket. It's a one of a kind, and even the wire has a "dresden plate" pattern in it. I DO love it's rustic wonkiness! This was at the same booth as the broken dishes quilt. Price of funky basket? $35.00

Price of spending a wonderful spring day with a friend walking through a huge antiques festival? PRICELESS!! Thanks Mary, I had a great day and really needed a hooky day off!

So today I'm a bit sunburned....we didn't realize it would be so sunny and hot, the weather has just not been cooperating around here, until YESTERDAY! Next time we will bring our wheelie carts to pull our purchases. You can tell the seasoned shoppers by their carts and wagons! And we will remember sunscreen and a cooler with drinks and snacks, cuz it took all day. Next Festival? September 26th, 2008! I'm putting it on my calendar!


  1. Can I join you next time ;-) .. wow found a lot of amazing things. I LOVE the wire basket and I love the pine burr quilt so much!

  2. Gorgeous finds!! I love the basket, its beautiful and the bobbin is great but how wonderful are those quilts?? They are stunning!!
    Take care!!

  3. What a wonderful Day! Goodies to bring home and time spent with a friend.

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM EDT

    Those quilts were a great find. If you ever get to take a class on quilt appraisal and fabric study, take them with you for an analysis of your quilts.

  5. Wow Bonnie, I am so jealous! Love the saw/quilt rack idea. I'll be on the look out for one of those. What a fun filled day you had.
    And we thank you for the permission slip. ;-)

  6. wow! What wonderful finds! I have two of those saws hanging up right now. I love antiques and we have several! Love the quilts too. In August we have a yard sale that runs through 3 or 4 counties and I always look for the quilts. I have bought some from there and they are usually $10-$20!

  7. I so need to go shopping with you - just to see the treasures you find!! You will need another house soon for some of those quilts... I volunteer mine * tee hee*

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  8. hey lots of good finds here but my fav is the egg basket.....love it.....

  9. I love the little gem under the shuttle!! What a sweet quilt...and the Pine Burr is wonderful. What fun, thanks for sharing your finds with us!

  10. That was a good haul! I went thrifting yesterday for a cane for CarGuy. Didn't find a cane, but did find a bowtie 30's quilt.

  11. wheee, wonderful. glad you got a day off too.

  12. Bonnie,

    I just love your posts when you share your treasure hunting. I have a good friend with whom I love to shop because we help each other out, and we're honest with each other. What a great idea with the saw for displaying a guilt, and the basket is great. Keep those hints coming, and try to convince Mary to let you take pictures at her house to share with us!

  13. You have a lovely blog! I just found it tonight! I love quitling and look forward to reading your blog. Great finds at the antique sale! Susan in SC

  14. Wow! Well done, you! Great finds.

  15. SCORE~~~Lucky you, Bonnie!!!

  16. What a great day! Can I come next time...well not next time...but the time after that?! I so miss finding quilty things!

  17. Oh my gosh! I LOVE the pine burr quilt! I would have pulled it right out of your hands if I were there! It is wonderful! All your finds are wonderful! I'm totally jealous!


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