Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Log Cabin Love....

What's not to love about this 1800's beauty??

This is a quilt that we found in the antique mall in MD. What I love about it...is that the "light" side of each courthouse steps block isn't really light at all...it's striped, with a medium or dark, and a muslin alternating...usually we think of log cabins as being light on one side and dark on the other...but this one is so striking the way the light sides are striped.

And aren't the fabrics just fabulous?? The price on this baby? over $900.00..so all I could do was pet it and drool and take pictures. Maybe someday I'll be inspired enough to recreate this quilt.

I'd really like to! It had the double print black/greens, and madders...purples...double pinks, it is just awesome!

Things are plugging along here. I've got 3 quilts to bind...a couple more samples to make. Instructions to finish writing, my nose is to the grindstone! I'm home until the 28th when I head off to St Petersburg, Florida!


  1. BONNIE! YOU are going to be in St. Petersburg this/next weekend??? I am only minutes from there. What are you doing down here? Oh, my - I must go search your blog for a schedule..... please let me know - if you have time - in between binding, that is.

  2. I so see you making this with those shirts you are collecting! In fact, at first glance I had assumed you whipped up another top already (crazy I know :))

    I've got 2 quilts to bind now as well, so no rush on Part 3 of the OC :) You are a traveling fool right now!

  3. St. Pete! I grew up there, now I live a few hours away. If you are coming for a lecture/show I wish I could be there!

  4. I enjoyed St Pete a few weekends ago for the Tampa Blues fest...and a nice stroll on the beach. Enjoy!

  5. Drool - what a great quilt! Can't wait to see the Bonnie version of this one! So glad they let you take pictures- so we could all drool, too!

  6. WOW!! What a great log cabin quilt! I've never seen a setting like that before. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Holy cats! That is the most beautiful quilt ever! I think I am already inspired to try one like it.

  8. wow! can't keep my eyes off of it. It is gorgeous! thanks for sharing

  9. I want to make it too. What type of quilting was going on?

  10. Anonymous5:43 PM EST

    I have always called this pattern Court House steps?


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