Monday, October 24, 2005

Two weeks from friday!!

I'm still counting down to Nov 11th....Graduation day!

This last weekend was the North Augusta quilt show....I won two ribbons! I got best machine quilting, and best machine piecing on two different quilts. I was quite pleased and amazed because they were both traditional quilts, and the guild shows in the past have really leaned more heavily towards awarding the more arty and contemporary quilts the big awards like that.

My new love is my MP3 player! I should have gotten one with more storage space on it, but I never thought that I'd want more than 5 or 6 hours worth of playing time. I've been getting books on CD at the library and putting them onto my MP3 player! DH is teasing me about always having those things in my ears now.......when I take the dog for a walk, or do things like mop the floor, vaccum....I am listening to the books on CD! Awesome. I'm getting down towards the end of "The Davinci Code" And I love how the guy who's narrating it does it with all different accents for all the different charactors. It's definately more fun than trying to read it myself.

Today I'm getting my HAIR CUT. I haven't had a hair cut or style really in years and years. It's just been long and tied back. A gal I go to school with is also a hair dresser, and she begged me to let her play with my hair and update my look a bit, so I'm game. I'm just feeling the need to try something a bit different in that department, but nothing too drastic. Maybe a bit of highlights and some layers. I also want to check out a new make-up line or something. Update my colors in that department too.

I'm in the last compartment of muscles that I need to memorize the origins and insertions to. I see the finish line ahead of me as soon as I get these 15 muscles memorized......YES! Talk about light at the end of the tunnel. The test on them is wednesday, and I took the muscles and broke them down into groups and am concentrating on one group at a time and then will put the groups together and test myself on them all before the test wednesday. It's a 'blank paper' test.....all you get is blank paper and a pen or pencil. The instructor orally gives you the name of the muscle, one at a time, and you have to write the name down, and then write the origin and insertion. Then the part I hate.....he shuffles the papers around, hands them back randomly and we have to 'grade' our fellow student's papers. These 'blank paper' tests are 10% of the test grade for the chapter....So either this 'blank paper' test can HELP your test grade, or HURT it, depending on how you do. Talk about stress. Major. But this is it....the last 'blank paper' test I'll have to take!



  1. Bonnie: Congratulations on the ribbons! You're such a great quilter!

    Last year I bought Ipods for DH, DS and myself. DH has never opened his! DS told me yesterday he has enough music to listen for 34 days! I have about 12 hours on mine and I love it! I'd much rather have the earbuds in listening to music than be listening to the roar of the machine while quilting.

    Good luck on the test! I know you will be so happy to be finished and look back and see what you've accomplished! I'm proud of you.


  2. Bonnie -

    So glad that you are almost done with school! Yeah! I remember that feeling of taking the very last test in college. What relief!

    Congrats on the ribbons! THey are beautiful as are the quilts, I am sure.

    How is your son's hand doing?

    Sarah N.

  3. Congrats Bonnie! When do we get to see pics of the quilts that won those gorgeous ribbons!

    I"m so glad you are down to 2 weeks! Hurray for you! But boy, I"m glad that blank paper test is yours and not mine!


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