Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The next day....more broken finger saga!

Thanks everyone for letting me vent. Sometimes I don't know how to fit it all in, and I really haven't done any sewing of my own for what feels like weeks now. Auuugh. I am literally too tired, and uninspired! How can that be?

Dave took Jeff to the orthopedic doc while I was at school this morning. That orthopedic doc referred him out to another orthopedic surgeon, and Jeff is scheduled for surgery on friday. Right now he is in a plastic brace thing, it hasn't slowed him down at all, go figure. That's why I didn't take him in to the doc on last friday, because he could use all his fingers, he said it didn't hurt, just looked swollen.

They are going to try to do the fixing with wires using flouroscopy (live xray) to see if they can maneuver the bones back in place without having to make incisions. I know they can do really cool things with that, where before you used to just have to "open them up and see what is in there" to fix anything. Hopefully that will work. They are going to just do a local on his arm, he won't have to be fully anesthetized. If the wires and flouroscopy don't work, they will have to go in and open the hand up and pin the metacarpals. Jeff doesn't seem phazed by this at all? I'll be taking him in to the hospital on friday morning, it's an outpatient proceedure, so hopefully we'll be back sometime in the afternoon.

The test went great, inspite of all of this, and Jeff can be IN SCHOOL tomorrow since his surgery isn't until friday, and tomorrow his job is to pick up the assignments from what he missed yesterday and today, and plan for assignments for at least friday and maybe monday. I don't think he understands that although it doesn't hurt NOW, it won't feel so good after the surgery!

On *MY* side, I've got a dentist appt to fix a broken molar that has a hole in the crown, and a cervical exam on monday, one in the morning and one in the afernoon...guess they will be getting both ends of me on the same day! *LOL*



  1. Bonnie -

    We will all be thinking about you and your family while you go through all this medical stuff. Sounds like you need to squeeze in some quilting time as some stress relief!

    Sarah N.

  2. Bonnie: Nothing like getting all the bad stuff done on Monday so you can enjoy the rest of your week!

    Please post on Friday and let us know about Jeff's procedure.

    Judy L.

  3. Wow - you continue to be busy! I'm so glad the test went well for you! good luck with Jeff!

  4. You'll continue to be in our thoughts, Bonnie. Good luck to Jeff!

    YOU need a massage!


    PS. Just a thought...I know what you're experiencing with the lack of time and inspiration. Sometimes what I do is put in some new/old (however you look at it!) CDs from a different genre that I haven't listened to for awhile...dig out some old quilting or art magazines (or better yet, buy 1 new/different mag) and page through. It sometimes gives me a new outlook on something that I haven't before given serious thought to, or just gives me that brief moment of sanity that I SO need at the time. ;-) That's actually how I got interested in dabbling in jewelry making!

    Be thinkin' 'bout ya! ;-)

  5. Sorry to read about all your difficulties...hope it is better by now. Jen


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