Monday, October 24, 2005

Back in the Saddle...Again!

I must be crazy with all that is going on....but you know for the last two terms, I've presented graduates at school with lap quilts. The last term I took all the graduate's names and had someone draw two names to "win" the quilts. So here I am with my own graduating class and it's been eatting at me that I don't have anything for my OWN class! What can I do quickly and clear out some UFO blocks at the same time?

I recieved these 12" Ohio Star blocks when I moved here to SC from an online email list that I am on. I had toyed with the idea of making 6" blocks to go in with the 12" blocks and started making them, but to make it bed sized I was going to have to make a bunch more 12" blocks, and oodles of 6" blocks.....I got started, but it of course got way-laid as I got interested in things that were more interesting.. :c)

This morning I pulled these out...this is how many 12" Ohio stars were already done, and I also had a stack of the 6" ohio stars, and even the shirting alternate plain blocks were cut. I just started laying them out on the floor. I think if I add borders I can quilt this simply, with some all over design and it would be perfect for a graduation quilt for one of my classmates! I've got some other blocks I can also dig through to come up with another one, or I can always throw together a lap sized Yellow Brick Road in no-time flat and that will clear out some fun fabrics and I'll be able to carry on the tradition of graduation-quilt-giving with my OWN class.



  1. Good for you! Isn't it funny that when we are the most overwhelmed and swamped, we put more on ourselves- but it feels good because WE are doing the piling on of more. I loved that quilt top and also the ribbons in the last post. You do really beautiful work!

  2. Bonnie! So nice to hear from you again! How soon in graduation? I know it is soon.

    I love the Ohio star blocks with the the 12" and 6"! Someone is going to be really lucky to get that! Love it!

  3. I think it is absolutely great! And looks very Judy Martin-ish ! Like you planned it that way from day one! I'd say it's good to go !! Good to see you again !!!

  4. Bonnie,

    I love your work-in-progress! And I actually like it without the borders. Wouldn't a bias plaid binding be great?!

    I think you are so generous to do this for your classmates. They will NEVER forget you! ;-)


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