Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Day from (*&@#$(*&!!

What a DAY! I had to pick Jeff up this morning from school at 10:30, because his sinuses were turning to sinus infection/bronchitis.

I go in the car to meet Dave at 12:30 at my school (Kind of a half way point between his work and home) so he can give me insurance papers to verify that we have insurance for a doctor's appt I had made for jeff this afternoon.

I come back, pick up Jeff and take him to his doctor at 2:20.

The doctor gives him a prescription for his bronchitis and sinus infection, and takes a look at his hand and says she wants to have xray!!! Last week Jeff got mad and punched a wall at school....

So off we go to drop the prescriptions off at the pharmacy first so they can be getting ready while we go to Xray. Xray tells us to please wait while they call the doctor....I'm not feeling very good by this point!

They tell us that Jeff will need to see an orthopedist, so I know something with his hand is not good. But I am to call the orthopedist in the morning.

Off I go to the pharmacy to pick up medications, (and the insurance works and the bill was so much better than without insurance, so that is the good part!) and while there, the cell phone rings and it is the pediatrician's office saying that we need to see the orthopedist at 8:20 tomorrow morning, and to bring the xrays....

I called Dave....HE will have to take Jeff to the orthopedist because I have a test at school at 8:30 and I can't miss it! He is okay with this......

So I go back and get the xrays to take to the orthopedist in the morning. Oh....I take them out in the car and look and two of his fingers.... his 4th and 5th..the metacarpals inside his hand are very plainly broken! All this because he got mad and punched a wall at school. And I am so happy that insurance began to cover us october 1st! It's like all this stuff has been waiting to hit us as soon as we got insurance coverage!

Looking at the xrays (I used to work in the xray department at the hospital before Jeff was born) I will be VERY suprised if they don't have to put pins in to put the metacarpals back together. :c( But I'm not going to think of that now. Dave can deal with that while I am taking my test. I will check in with him on my breaks, etc, and then we will deal with what we have to do as it happens.

So now that I'm home? I just ordered pizza to be delivered for dinner. It's the end of a very long day and I still didn't get the customer quilt done that is on the machine.....I may have customers screaming at me, but I'm doing all I can, and right now quilts are not a life or death (or surgery) situation, but my family is!



  1. Bonnie! I'm so sorry you're having all that happen. I feel confident none of your customers will yell at you.

    Glad you had the doctor look at Jeff's hand. Darned that boy . . he is going to have to learn to control his anger! Hopefully if there is any good to come out of this, he'll think twice before hitting something next time.

    If it makes you feel any better, the quilt I was supposed to have had finished for the lady to pick up on Monday is still on my machine!

    But . . I am going to bed early tonight! :)


  2. And . . I forgot to say it the first time . . GOOD LUCK on your test!


  3. Your customers will understand, Bonnie. Good luck on your test and I hope things go smoothly with x-ray boy.

  4. One thing I've found with my customers is that, as quilters, they are very compassionate! My daughter has had a lot of health problems this year, from repeated strep, to mono, to a tonsillectomy where she wound up in the hospital, to chicken pox and I've gotten very behind. My customers have been wonderful about it. I hope yours are the same! Good luck on the test and good luck with your son...I hope his hand heals quickly!

  5. Oh, Bonnie, thank goodness for insurance! Hope all is not as bad as it seems. Good luck on the test!

  6. Hugs Bonnie, for all the "stuff" and best of luck on your test!

  7. Bonnie - I hope you can forget the whole ortho appt while you take your test. Do well on it!

    Teen boys! Can you believe it, I so feel for you girl. I have that 17 yr old boy who we have had some tough times with lately. But not surgery - ugh. And just reading your story makes me sick to my stomach - the main reason I am not in any kind of medical field! Uck - I get sick to my stomach so easy.

    Feel free to email and vent whenever you need to! We all have been there and I sure know how it feels!

    You may get yelled at your customers, but your doing the right thing! Hang in there - we love you!


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