Sunday, October 30, 2005

Quilt progress! Just binding left..

Trying to upload 3 pics at once! Other people seem to be able to do multiple pics in a post, but I've never been able to get them the way I want before!

Here are shots of my Random Ohio Stars quilt..all that is left to do is the binding and I hope to do that tonight. I played with borders and decided on blue....green was too green, as there are alot of green stars already in the quilt. Remember, these large blocks were gifted to me by friends on an email list, and they didn't know what each other would send, but I guess they all thought green and cheddar (which I love....so it is kinda funny!) Blue just seemed to even out everything. I tried green in the borders and it was too overwhelmingly green. Red made it look like a christmas quilt...so I went with the medium blue inner border and the indigo outer border and I like how it cooled everything down.

I have one more quilt to do for the drawing next week. Gotta dig through some UFO blocks and see what I want to finish. There is a psuedo-pinapple I know I started...it uses 2" strips, and then you sew 3.5" triangles across the digaonal on the corners to give it the pineapple-geese-in-the-corners look. I need 20 12" blocks or so to make a lap size so I think that's a good candidate to work with.

I recieved an email asking me to display some of my quilts in the state guild show....It's a month long show at the Aiken historical museum, and I guess because my quilts 'look old'..they think they would be a great addition to the museum. Isn't that great? Usually stuff is pretty contemporary, at least the last show I attended was, so I guess they are trying to even out the displays a bit. I'll take some over there this afternoon. Aiken is a bit over an hour drive, so that will take up most of what I am going to do this afternoon.



  1. Great quilt, Bonnie. And thanks for the instructions to make it! Congrats on the request for quilts at the state level. You know you must be doing something right!

  2. Bonnie -

    I like how this quilt turned out. My mom said she was surfing all over your Quiltville site and loves your quilts!

    Congrats on showing quilts at the museum!


  3. What a great opportunity for you Bonnie...sharing your quilts for so many to see and enjoy!

    I love your Stars! And I like what you said about "cooling" things down with the blue. So important and a great concept that I think lots forget...temperature change is good. ;-)


  4. Darn it all! ;-) My poor winky faces always get cut off...

    ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

    There! I feel better now! Power in numbers! ;-) ;-)


  5. Bonnie - the borders look great with it! What a good choice. I really like how it turned out.

    And it is very cool that they want to display some of your quilts at the museum! Now that is fun!


  6. Great job on that one Bonnie ! As usual..*S* I loved hearing that "I love cheddar" echo..LOL

    I look forward to seeing more good stuff coming from your orphan bin.

  7. I love how all these blocks of different sizes came together. I probably like this one better than almost any other Ohio Star quilt I've seen. Congrats on the quilts being shown at the museum - wish I could be there to see them


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