Monday, May 03, 2010

Colors of Austin!

Things have been hopping since I've gotten here, and I'm going to need some "DOWN" time to really have the time to write all I want to blog about!

I'm staying at a La Quinta (I almost wrote La Quilta, fingers on auto pilot! *LOL*) in North Austin, walking distance from a shopping area known as The Domain. It's one of those monstrosities anchored by high end stores like Dillards and Neiman Marcuss, has lots of smaller boutique type shops, restuarants, and even a Tiffany. Nope. Won't find me buying anything here, but it's all built like a small city, complete with apartments and condos amongst everything so it's very trendy.

It's been a great place to walk, and I've found that my way to where the sidewalk ends and back is close to 3 miles. Nice trek.

I am LOVING the wildflowers that bloom, even in construction areas, and I wanted to post to you a few glimpses of what I've passed by on my walks...taking time to notice their colors, their texture, even behind chain link. This is Austin:

This is BLUE!

This is PINK!

This is GOLD!

What colors growing in your yards, or along your walks could influence you in a color plan for a quilt growing in your head?

I love nature's colors!

I'm in between a morning lecture and an evening one as I write this....I'll be back with you as soon as I can..in the mean time, keep on stitching on!


rainylakechick said...

Welcome to Austin! I work near The Domain. I have been loving the wild flowers in bloom this spring, too.

Emma said...

Aah, yes, the bluebells...they are in bloom around now in Texas aren't they? You need to try to find some Indian paintbrush...if you want a red-orange color, it's gorgeous. In the country, you can find entire fields full of brilliant bluebells and Indian paintbrush. :) Glad you're enjoying Texas!

Debbie in Texas said...

it's bluebonnets!
I was hoping to get to Austin to see you.
but, I wasn't able to get there.
I hope to see you on Beaumont later this year.

Lori said...

Mother nature is our best color teacher!

Not much blooming here yet...Just my lilacs! I do love them!

SubeeSews said...

You are in Nanci Griffth country. Love the flowers.
We had severe storms pass through last night during our guild meeting. The deep purple sky was a backdrop to the new green of the trees...lovely quilt colors. We stopped the meeting to look at the view!
Quilters see quilts in everything!

sewkalico said...

Nature sure does know how to make the best color combos!