Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meet My Mom...

My mom had an article printed about her in her local Idaho paper! I thought it was such a cute article and I am so proud of her, I wanted to share it with you ;c)

She is a master gardener and has a yearly plant and starter sale at her home in Garden Valley, ID. She is known all over, and it tickles me.

Way to go mom!!


  1. What a very nice article...she seems like a very special lady!

  2. Now I understand where you get your artistic talents! Your mom is a painter and a master gardener! Wow! She sounds like a very busy lady just like her daughter!

  3. Garden Valley is where my family is going in August for a family reunion. Cabin camping for 20+ should be fun. Amazing what your mom is doing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Like Mother,Like Daughter :0)

  5. Sounds like your Mom likes raising things. First kids and now plants. Cool.

  6. What a lovely article about your Mom, she sounds like such a darling.
    Be sure to have a wonderful weekend hon.

  7. As the saying goes the apple doesn't fall far
    from the tree. What great things she does
    for the community, you have every right
    to be proud. She must be one very
    special person to a lot of people.

  8. Hey, I didn't know your Mom was a fellow Idahoan! I live in Southeastern Idaho! :~)

  9. How totally wonderful. Sounds like a fantastic lady. Must be so hard for you to be so far away.
    Hugs - Shari

  10. She must be your mom, you have the same smile ;-).

  11. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story about your Mom. She sounds like a very special lady!

  12. I am so proud for your mom too! She sounds like a wonderful person and mom, I am so glad for her wonderful newspaper article.

  13. What a wonderful mother! And now perhaps I understand how you come to be so full of energy and accomplishment, Bonnie! I feel inspired by your mother and you!

  14. You are cut from the same cloth- and what a wonderful cloth it is!

  15. No wonder you are so generous and cute too! Look at that woman, she's where you got it, me thinks! You are a fortunate lady to have a wonderful mom.

  16. Wow nice article.......I'm a master gardener too here in New York :0).....and a quilter :0)

    Happy Sewing


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