Thursday, November 24, 2022

Warm Thanksgiving Wishes -

Thanksgiving morning, 2022.

Holy Moly, has this year flown by fast - is it that way for you too?

It just felt like we rushed on through it at break-neck speed.

Wasn't it just 4th of July last week?

I woke up this morning with the realization that it's not likely to slow down any time soon either.

Still, I want to enjoy this day, and the time with family arriving this afternoon and how we will fill up the way-too-few hours until they have to head back to their own home.

There is still baking to do and I'll get right on that as soon as this posts.

In quilty news -

This happened yesterday afternoon upon returning from my yearly physical.  All is good in that department - the hardest part was going without food since midnight the night before, and my blood draw wasn't until way past noon.

I had managed to trim the quilt before heading out to my appointment, and it was a simple task of choosing binding, cutting it, prepping it and stitching it on so I could start the hand stitching last night.

That purple paisley binding?  It said "Blank Textiles 1998" on the selvage.  That must have been a good year - a lot of my yardage stash was accumulated during that time frame.  And it does the job.  No shame in using it now.

Evidently, it has aged to perfection!

A good start!

I finished one side last night - there will be more stitching to happen as we relax through the weekend.

Thanksgiving Morning Sunrise.

It's chilly, but with a clear sky this morning.  No wind.  I love peaceful mornings like this.

Chilhowie, Part One is ALMOST ready to go.  I'll have some time this evening to spend with it after family leaves and it will be ready to press PUBLISH in the morning, right on schedule.

It's the best day for me - the day that Part One goes live.  It's almost better than the pumpkin pie I'll grab for breakfast before sitting at my computer tomorrow morning.  I can't wait.

I want to thank all of those who joined in for my Textile Talk yesterday with the Quilt Alliance!  I was told there were over 600 attendees at one time - and that is quite the crowd for a zoom interview!  THANK YOU!

If you missed it - no worries - I can now post it here for your watching pleasure!

Click to Play:


It was so much fun to do this interview.  And if you enjoyed it, please subscribe to the Quilt Alliance YouTube Channel for more interviews and fun stuff!

There are so many great interviews in the archives there - give them a listen!

There are other things going on as Thanksgiving rolls into Black Friday, and so as not to overwhelm our Chilhowie Part One post, I'm going to share some things you may want in on here:

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Being comfortable is a wonderful thing!

And because it's a Black Friday Mystery Kick Off Weekend -

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Code must be used at purchase, is not retroactive, and is good through Wednesday, 11/30/22.

I think that just about covers it!  We'll see you back here tomorrow morning for Chilhowie, Part One!

(I usually post by 9am Eastern, so no need to get up too early!)

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Here's to good food, friends, family and every happy thing Thanksgiving brings.

I am thankful for you!(And pie.)

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!



  1. Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family. Have a wonderful day! I am looking forward to tomorrow and the first Mystery clue. Thanks for doing this every year, It is so appreciated!!

  2. Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving Bonnie!

  3. doncha love being on everybody's 'gratitude' list??? Best wishes for a marvelous visit with your family and loved ones all... i think i remember your wild search for pearl onions to make dad's favorite creamed onion side dish... how many stores? and I think you were finally able to secure one or two lonely packages in the frozen vegetable case at the last possible moment!!! Wishing all y'all the best Thanksgiving ever!!! with special gratitude to Bonnie Hunter and Quiltville's contribution to my life...Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. A wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family! Enjoy

  5. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family. Blessings to you.
    I will be up late tonight watching my football game 😂.
    Thank you for another Mystery.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Ours is tomorrow. Our family has always been flexible that way. Sometimes it is necessary so it fits everyone's schedules.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Bonnie! For years now, tomorrow hasn't been a shopping day. It's Mystery Day! I may not make them every year but I always enjoy them!

  8. Thanks for the fun. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Wishing all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Bonnie, Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family. I spent the day with my family, as it should be. Ready for the mystery to go live... got all my fabrics picked out and ready to go. So thankful for a great teacher and inspirational advisor like you. Such a beautiful sunrise picture. Oh, and I feel you on the blood work part. It stinks when you have to fast and get blood drawn at the same time.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, hope your day was full of joy! thank you once again for doing our annual mystery....it is the highlight of the holidays for me!

  11. I hope You had a Wonderful Thanksgiving, Bonnie! I had a Blessed Thanksgiving at our church dinner. Lots of Good Food, Fellowship, Friends. What more could you ask for? 0900 EST is equal to 0500 AK ST. Too early for me to get up! I will look for it when I get up, then get ready for town and my Omicron Booster, which I thought was next Friday! I hope it leaves me alone for the weekend, as there is plenty of snow to shovel and blow away!

  12. The SOS interview was great. Glad to know about this resource, I plan to catch other interviews. Hope your Thanksgiving was terrrific.

  13. Wasn't Cuesta Benberry active in the quilt alliance early on, or am I thinkling of something else. I wonder if she is even still alive! We've lost so many talented quilters in the last few years.


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