Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Those Crazy Fun October Quiltvillians!

This is a cheers to the quilters in our lives that make every day so much more of a joy!

I waved goodbye to the October Quiltvillians yesterday morning - and I am sure they were glad to be home in their own beds, their heads still ringing from the laughter and all of the creative fun we had together!

While my yesterday was full of hurry-hurry and getting the house flipped and ready for the November Quiltvillians who arrive today, I did take a quick trip to town to replenish some needful things.  You know, the joy of errand running for toilet bowl cleaner, liquid hand soap and other refill type things.

And before I get to the good part of sharing the over-the-porch-rail photos and creative design wall efforts, I just have to share what happened to me yesterday.

If you've ever done this I want to hear from you!

I arrived at Walmart, pulling into a parking spot right next to a cart return.  I kind of like this spot.  It's a bit wider and no one is going to open a door on my drivers side at least.

I run in to grab what I need, quickly go through the self-check-out. (A major miracle there - I am dreading how busy things are during upcoming holidays.) and head back to my car.

There it is - that little red hatchback right next to the cart return where I left it.

I throw open the back door, toss one bag into the back seat and then it hits me.

This is not my car.

This car smells like years of chain smoking.  This car doesn't have a quilt laid out over the folded down back seats, it has a white sheet.  And there is a man's jacket in the passenger seat.

Oh crap!!

I grabbed the bag I had flung into the cavernous "way-back" and tossed it back into my cart, closed the door and looked one row ahead of me to the next cart return.

There was my car, where I left it.  I hightailed.  I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone saw me.  I was mortified and laughing hysterically at the same time.

And that was my excitement for yesterday.  Let's not repeat it!

Okay - on to the quilty stuff:

I am LOVING this one - 

It would be the perfect masculine gift - wonderful!

I see something wonderful coming together with these Double T blocks!

A Mexican Star and some cute Wild & Goosey blocks!

Table Runners were a big hit this retreat - 

And the twisted one became a mini workshop opportunity!

Here is Tonni's next to her Ditch Lilies in progress.

Trim, baby, trim!

Here's a great way to use up a charm pack!

Super cute!

And Frolic is now a top!  Gorgeous!

Sorry for the blurry photo  - it happens!

As things were being assembled!

Waving the last of October goodbye!

Hunter’s String Star, Orca Bay from String Fling,  Hearts of Hope Variation from Solidarity, and a lovely Celtic Solstice in pastels!

Log cabin, bargello, Razzle Dazzle, Garlic Knots, and a gorgeous low volume version of our Triple Treat Leader & Ender challenge!

Here's a close up of this beauty.  WOW!

It's time to sew up the Christmas fabrics - isn't this great?

And a finished Rhododendron Trail just in time to jump in to this year's Quiltville Winter Mystery, Chilhowie!

Cheers to a great retreat, everyone!

Today there are beds to be made - the pest control guy is coming this morning, there is sewing to be done and ruler/book/notion/tool orders to be filled and mailed.

The November Quiltvillians will arrive later this afternoon - and here we go again!

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That drawing happens on Saturday 11/5/22.

Okay, that's it - let's get this day going!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

How boring life would be if all of the same quilts were made with all of the same fabrics and everything was identical and perfect. Dare to be the one that stands out, not the one that is exactly like the others.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Several years back, I took my mother shopping. As we left Kohls we talked and laughed etc. At some point I notice she's stopped talking to me. I retrace my steps to find that she's jumped in the front seat of the first white SUV she came to.... Mmmm, my white SUV was parked about 8 spaces farther down the same row! We laugh about it to this day!!

  2. Hahaha, yes this has happened to me. We were staying in a hotel in Baltimore and went down to get in the car in the morning. We opened the doors, not realizing that when we hit the remote unlock button, it was unlocking our car, not the one we were getting into. We were sure that someone had broken into the car, as there were items strewn about the vehicle. Upon closer inspection, we realized that the items weren't ours and neither was the car, and we sheepishly looked up to see our vehicle a few cars down. We were hoping that the owner wasn't watching from their hotel window!

  3. Bonnie, I did something similar once but WAY WORSE! I parked my white minivan at the post office and ran in for the mail. As I was perusing my mail, I opened the van door and slid into the drivers seat. That's when I noticed a young boy in the passenger seat that was looking rather scared and mortified.....too many white minivans at the post office that day!!! I'll never forget that moment of apologizing and running away as fast as my legs would take me!!

  4. OH, yes. Been there done that! My version: I was garage saleing with my daughter (in her van) and my 4-year old grandson. We were parked in a cul-de-sac with several sales going on. I made a purchase at the first stop, and tossed my bag into "our" van as I walked by, on the way to the next sale. Four-year-old says "why did you put your stuff in someone else's car?" Uh, ....trying to discretely get the bag out and hoping true owner didn't see.

  5. Yup, I've gone to the wrong car too. I realized my mistake while to get the door to open. With my car, all I have to do is give one little tug on the front door handle...that didn't work when I went to the wrong car. That was my mild experience. The funniest time was when I was among an SUV full of quilters on our way home from a quilt show in Jacksonville, FL. We'd stopped at a gas station, and piled out to use the rest rooms. We were waiting for the last one to return when we watched her climb into the wrong car. I'll never know what was said inside that SUV, but it took her a full minute before she opened the door again to climb out and find us. We all were hysterically laughing for quite some time after that.

  6. I have to laugh - yes - I tried my hardest to get into a car that was the twin to my car. I nearly wrenched the door handle off and then noticed the baby seat in the back! When I turned around - rut roh! - Mommy and baby were standing there watching me. Mumbled apologies and pointing to my car on the other side of theirs.
    Also, I giggle every time I see the word "Quiltvillian" - in my brain I see Quilt and Villian! Curb your tongue knave! (Smothers Brothers gotta love them!)

  7. I can top that one. My husband had taken me to a quilt shop in Vermont, I am in NH, I was so happy and in a hurry as I know I was in there a long time so when I came out I rushed got into the car and looked up and saw I was looking at the wrong husband?????? He said nothing of course looked surprised, I said I'm so sorry and quickly got out! Yes I was mortified but laughing and my husband sure got a good laugh!

  8. Not only did I have the wrong car, yelled at the person sitting in the back seat--where is my dog (who should have been sitting there), said, this is gross when I noticed the trash etc. (realization it wasn't mine), slammed the door and walked to my car.

  9. I was leaving the grocery store after running in for one thing, in a hurry of course. Jumped in my car, and thought who left their gloves on the dash. Looked around and knew this wasn't my car. Same as you I hoped no one was looking. Decided it was my blonde moment for the day. I have lots of them.

  10. Quilting my first quilt on my brand new computerized long arm. Learning a lot from my mistakes, but learning!

  11. Several years ago we traded in our old minivan on a new car at a local dealership. A couple of months later we were at a small restaurant in a different part of town and when we came out, our old minivan (bumper stickers still intact) was parked right next to our new car in the parking lot. Talk about deja vu!

  12. In the 90's I was driving a silver 1970's VW beetle. Went into the post office. When I came out I got into a silver bug and the key wouldn't go in. I looked and sheepishly realized it wasn't my bug. 2 spaces away was Mine! I slipped out and like you hoped no one noticed. I am sure the blurry photo is because you were laughing.

  13. Oh, yeh, been there - done that.

  14. Oh yes, I have a doozy. We lived in Canada back in the late 80's. I signed up for a quilting class given at a Quilt Shop in a nearby town. I parked on the street in my blue van, took all of my supplies and headed in to class. Four hours later, I left the store, arms loaded, and went back to the van. -Hey, why is my door unlocked?? Well, it looks OK- I get into the drivers seat and start to look around. -Hey, who put all these magazines on my front passenger seat?? Why won't my key work . . . . OMG, this isn't my van. I too looked around to see if anyone had been watching me. Then I slinked out of the wrong van, giggling all the way, and back to my own van. Yes, I left their drivers door unlocked uncase they needed it that way. I will remember that one forever!

  15. Happened to me at the nail salon. I pushed the unlock, nothing happened. So I pushed it again, tried the door handle. Still locked. Peered in the window, realized it was not my little white car. Meanwhile the owner of the car is inside the salon shrieking her car is being stolen. My little white car is one space over so I sheepishly get in and leave. Next several times at the salon I get to relive this embarrassing moment. I do my nails at home now..

  16. Several times I've stood in a parking lot with my remote wonder why the devil won't the vehicle unlock - not my car, that's why. One time we were parked at our local rural post office. Before we know it, some lady jumps into the backseat of our SUV. About 10 seconds passed and we are all looking at each other. She saw a white SUV and two people in the front seat and thought it was her sister and BIL. Two vehicles over, there they were, same vehicle as ours, with tears running down their faces, laughing at her.

  17. I did exactly the same thing once. Identical car, one row over from where I parked. *facepalm*

  18. A few years back I went to the car wash. When they called out my car make, I went to my car and saw all the scratches on its side. I was just about to complain about it, but first I wanted to put my purse im the car. Well, the interior was black, but mine was a camel color,.lol. I was so happy that it wasn't my car especially since the other car has the scratches in it.

  19. OOPS, getting older is not for sissies in a parking lot. Finding my car is so great when I can beep the fob and see those lights flash on my Honda Fit. Great Over the Porch Pictures. It rained all day here so no outside pictures in the PNW. DH agreed to let me get a NEW machine for Christmas stitching. So sweet to have a supportive hubby. Retirement - twice the Hubby and Half the $$$. Got my Paint cards, sort of. Two Lowe's stops and picked up a few other needful things for Christmas and Holidays.

  20. This happened in the late 1960's. I grew up in a small town of about 500 people. There was someone else in town who had a car just like ours, we were at a ballgame at the school. When we came out our car was gone. (Everyone left the car unlocked and the keys in the ignition) So my Dad said, I bet I know who took it, so we drove to the other person's house in town and traded cars! Everyone had a good la.

  21. Many years ago, when "beeping" your car to open and close was newish , we purchased a new car with this feature. I had met someone for lunch and when we came out of the little cafe, in an upscale community fairly near me, but not specifically my neighborhood, I noticed someone with the exact same car parked next to mine. When I push my beeper BOTH cars unlocked! The other owner comes running out the restaurant screaming at me! What did I think I was doing? How dare I unlock her car? Etc, etc. I show her that my beeper unlocked both and she starts screaming at me again fix the situation right there and then. I look at both of our license plates and can tell that my car was bought before hers. I tried to use that as a defense (why was I defending myself in the first place!?!). She proceeds to call the police, they arrive, she tells them I was attempting to break into her car for unknown nefarious reasons. I explain to the police what happened, all the while she is ranting and raving. They tell her that simply we had the same code for our beepers and the best thing to do was go to the car dealer (we had the same year, make, model and Dealer) and have them give us new codes. I actually called the Dealer and he said that they used the same codes because it was cheaper for them (hmmmmm.....not sure if I was being bamboozled with that line). They said they counted on the likelihood of the cars being in the vicinity of each other was considered unlikely. I didn't change my code and haven't a clue if she changed hers.

  22. More than once!! I work to remember where I park my car and to make sure it's my car as well!

  23. I parked my brother white pick-up truck in a home depot parking lot in Jackson, Mississippi. When I got out of home depot, I had totally forgotten where I had parked it. Do you know how many white pick-up trucks are in a home depot parking lot in Mississippi? Probably thirty, and I had to walk by everyone of them and look in the window to see if it was mine. This truck does not have electronic locks, so pushing a button on my keys wasn't an option. And yes the truck is still going 21 years later.
    And yes, I did get in someone else's car at the YMCA. Looked just like my hubby's car, got in and the key didn't work. I looked around and found a letter in the door side pocket, it wasn't addressed to him. Oops! My solution is that I put a cute sticker on the left side of the rear window, so I look for that before I get in a car.

  24. I did the same thing a cracker barrel. Looked at front tire "no hub cap". I just got new tires the day before. Figured they had not put hub cap on right. Opened door and there was a rod of clothes on back. realized it was not our car. Hoped no one saw us.

  25. Not quite the same but I was putting gas in my red SUV at the local gas station and noticed the man using the pump on the other side grinning at me. I looked over and he had the identical red SUV. Vehicle twins.

  26. haha, so I have a car which matches so many in my area (common color and model). Thankfully I had a custom pinstripe added to it so I could figure out which one is mine! I have still walked up to the wrong car but at least I notice something has happened to my pinstripe before I got in....lol

  27. I have not yet done that but my husband has twice gotten into the wrong car waiting on me. It was just after our new-to-us care was obtained. Fortunately, no one caught him in the car before he realized it. LOL

  28. I always lock my car so the fact that the fob wasn't working would tip me off. And, I somehow end up buying cars that aren't high sellers. Anyone else have a charcoal Honda Crosstour? Probably not - plus it's 10 years old and Honda hasn't made them for years. If I'm in the other vehicle - it helps that since it's modified for a wheelchair ramp, it's jacked up about a foot taller than any other Odyssey (which isn't a plus trying to clamber into the thing with a bad back).

  29. Opened the passenger side door and started to get in, when I noticed that the guy behind the wheel wasn't my husband! My guy had thoughfully moved our car a little closer to the church door. Oops!

  30. Thank you for telling us a crazy story, and a good chuckle. It happens to the best of us!! Love the porch quilt show! Yes, it is getting about time to start the Christmas sewing! Two more sleeps until the weekend... It's been a crazy 2 weeks.

  31. Oh my, thanks for the chuckles ladies (& men?). I have yet to do this but I'm sure my time is coming.

  32. I have done this twice - once at the post office, where I opened the red Honda and got in, then found shag carpeting on the floorboards and a hairbrush on the passenger seat. Knew I was in the wrong car, and leaped out. My car was in the next space over. The first time was when I tried to get into a chevy van, silver with a blue stripe on the bottom. I tried to get my key into the lock, then looked up and found the female driver on the other side of the window looking at me. She rolled down the window as I said, "Oops! Not my van!" She replied, "I've done the same thing!" I said, "Maybe it was my van, I have the same style!"

  33. Hmmmm looks that "the wrong car syndrome" is rampant. Been there done that. Didn't realize it till the car wouldn't start and there was an unknown package on the front seat that wasn't mine.

  34. So I went to a new indoor mall. Thought.I exited the same door I came in. Found my car, the key opened the lock. Got inside. There was trash in the cup holders I didn't recognize. I took the wrong exit, found the same car as mine, and my key worked in it! Took me 30 mins to find the right exit to find my real car.

  35. Thanks everyone for a million laughs this morning.

  36. Even funnier is when you have a rental car and you can’t remember what it looks like. Wandered around the parking lot for a while

  37. I had a very new little hatchback Pontiac in 1989. I came out of the store and opened the door (exact same color). This car was trashed. I scooted out of the car, very glad that it wasn't mine.


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