Thursday, November 17, 2022

Time Out!

I don't often do this, but perhaps I should.

Quiltville Inn is locked up tight until my last group of the year arrives on November 30th.

My next big thing is our Chilhowie Mystery kick off with part one going live Black Friday, November 25th.

I'm hitting the road and driving to Florida to spend the weekend with a friend - and this time I'm not taking my laptop with me!

You'll get all the good stuff when I get back next week. At this point I'm planning on driving home Monday, so you'll hear from me Tuesday!

Unless I change my mind....

Guess what I recorded yesterday!

You'll get to listen on Wednesday, November 23rd 2pm Eastern time.  It's free!  But you do need to register HERE.

On November 23, the nonprofit Quilt Alliance will present a free Textile Talks program via Zoom that features a QSOS interview that I did with Frances O’Roark Dowell  TODAY, Nov. 16. 

QSOS stands for Quilters' Save Our Stories, the largest oral history project about quilters of its kind, archived in the Library of Congress. 

Textile Talks is a free series and the recordings are all assessable on YouTube afterwards. 

And Zoom didn't kick me out or make my audio out of line with my mouth moving, so that was very good.

Let’s save quilt history with the Quilt Alliance! 

Register HERE for this free program, happening live on Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 2pm ET.

Find out more about the Quilt Alliance and the QSOS project HERE..

And now that we've got THAT settled -

You can catch me on Instagram and Facebook as I'll likely post some fun things while I'm away, but the blog is on time out until I get back - 

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Sometimes it is harder to move on than to stay put and just deal, but you have to KNOW when it is time to make the choice and do it.

Take care - and quilt on!



  1. Have a safe trip and fun with your friend! Good idea to leave the laptop at home... sometimes it's important to step away.

  2. Bonnie, have a WONDERFUL safe trip!!! Enjoy your visit! Always good to take time to chill and enjoy a good friend.

  3. Have a fun restful weekend down here. Unfortunately our temps just took a big drop overnight, but I'm sure that's still way warmer than Virginia! If you get anywhere near the middle of the state, particularly Dade City, do visit Quilting Twins on Saturday. They aren't open every day, but they are on saturdays.

  4. Have a nice trip and enjoy!

  5. Prayers for safe travels.

  6. Safe travels! You deserve a break! Enjoy your friend and the weather.

  7. Hope you have an absolutely wonderful trip!

  8. Have a safe and rejuvenating trip! Looking forward to your post next Tuesday.

  9. Everyone needs a break.Good for you. Have a good time. See you when you get back. Great advise today.

  10. Hurrah! Looking forward to the interview. I hope you enjoy your weekend vacation! (Don't ever let the blog become a burden.) Thank you for all the quilty wonderfulness you have given us.

  11. Safe travels and enjoy your time off. You deserve it for all the hard work you do.

  12. Good for you!!!! Be safe and ENJOY your time with your friend.

  13. Enjoy your Break.I will be Stitching awY to be ready for Mystery Black Friday it's sew much better than shopping!

  14. Enjoy the break, Bonnie. We've all got to do that once in a while.

  15. Good for you Bonnie! It's nice to know you are human. You just do so much for so many. Have a wonderful few days for you!

  16. Thoroughly enjoy your get away!!!

  17. It IS okay to take a break. Have a lovely trip!

  18. Have fun, you work so hard you deserve a fun trip : )

  19. Safe travels Bonnie, enjoy your time out!


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