Saturday, November 26, 2022

Quiet Mountain Weekend -

If you made it through Thanksgiving, and Black Friday - and you are still upright, it's a good day!

At least that is what I'm telling myself this morning!

I was even able to finish hand stitching down the binding on my Purple Jubilee last night -ready for a chilly photo-op this morning.  Yes, it required a heavy jacket as it's only 33, no matter what the sunshine says!

I LOVED putting this quilt together over the course of the past year.

It was the fact that I was working on this as new issues of Quiltmaker Came out with the next blocks - and that I kept my purple scraps close at hand for those next blocks - that had me deciding to throw purple into this year's Chilhowie mystery as well.

I've always liked purple - but I can honestly say I've never used up so much purple at one time.  LOL!

I love it!  So much going on -

Most of all, I think I loved finding ways during the big construction phase to go my own way, to dig deep into the recesses of my orphan blocks and string parts and put them to good use.

And thanks to a little side trip to Florida and with the help of my friend Terri, I was able to get this quilted, learn a bit about her Intelliquilter - and now wait for mine to be installed in January.

In typical Bonnie fashion - 8 yards GONE from the stash!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving visit with son Jeff & his sweetie Ashlyn.  And for whatever reason, Mabel could just not get enough of either of them.  

It was SO funny - even while watching "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" from 1987 with Steve Martin and John Candy (SO FUNNY!) and having both recliners completely reclined for comfort - Mabel still found her way to be snuggled between them.

She knows her favorite people! LOL!

Random photo of hubby spending Black Friday with his digger.

Of course, Black Friday kicked off Part One of  Chilhowie and I hung around my computer watching and waiting for messages saying I had gotten something wrong somewhere.

All systems seemed to be smooth sailing and once that was done it was off to the QPO to get the morning mail out and some of my own calm stitching time in.

This is the project that is still beckoning!

When I first drew it up I named it "New Star" because - yes, it makes a star, and it was new to me and I had no idea on what to name it.  It's kind of stuck.

And then I had the idea to call it "New River Star" because of the New River that flows nearby.  I think that has stuck too.

I only have a few ideas on setting so far, but it depends on how much I can get out of that chartreuse solid yardage.  I've only got 2 years - so plans may change.

And that's just how I like to work with things.  I go with it and let it change along the way until it finally settles in to what works best.  What feels right.

Meanwhile, Lola's gaze reveals her own thoughts on the subject.

Not always positive.  LOL!

This morning's sunrise.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of quiet. I don't have a need to be anywhere, to do anything.

It's officially a weekend OFF.

I hope you get some of this too - 

No deadlines will be focused on this weekend.  No computer work is going to consume me.

There will be movies and hand stitching, and some eating of leftovers.

There will be fabric pressing and cutting and unit building and block quarter constructing.

And loads of blessing counting.

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Give love and forget that you gave it, don't keep score!
Happy weekend, everyone!



  1. Is there a pattern available for Purple Jubilee or did a person have to buy the magazines as they were published?

    1. https://www.quiltingdaily.com/product/ruby-jubilee-quilt-pattern-download/

    2. Best of all for Black Friday it's on sale. I love your version in purple it has me thinking I must do this

  2. I love your photo featuring the purple sampler and the sunrise over the mountains in the background - gorgeous! I adore sampler quilts and this one is fabulous!
    And your new star block is very intriguing! Enjoy a relaxing weekend... I'll be cutting and sewing scraps into part #1 of this year's exciting mystery blocks!

  3. That is a beautiful sunrise and your purple quilt is spectacular! I'll continue working on my Serpentine web quilt this weekend, but tonight is reserved for turkey noodle soup and playing hand and foot with our neighbors. Enjoy your weekend, Bonnie!

  4. I love your purple Jubilee sampler, but, then, purple is my favorite color. And I sure hope you meant "I only have 2 yards left, not 2 years". Took me a minute to figure out what you meant. Enjoy your calm weekend.

  5. I found my Purple, It takes Two blocks. Never too much Purple. Love this quilt in Purple. Not finished with mine yet. It is gonna be huge and I can hardly wait to sleep under it. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Beautiful quilt! I am in awe of how quickly you got the binding done. Maybe someday you will share your secret of how you manage to do it so fast. Have a great weekend!

  7. Those new blocks say "Zowie" to me!

  8. Your Purple Jubilee is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I so enjoy your quilts, photos and stories! I bought the Sew Pad, now Sit-Mate last year and gave it to my husband for Christmas. He said "this is a mistake, it is for sewing" I explained that it is for comfortable sitting and we could share it. It has been on his stationary bike since then, and he loves it! I have borrowed it a few times, but it has to go back on the bike every time I "borrow" it. Too funny!!

  9. Such a gorgeous reveal picture! Glad you were able to enjoy some quality family time, and a quiet weekend. Sometimes we need that. I have one finished quilt top that is going to hang on the wall until I can quilt it. I have some fabrics starched and ready to be pressed out and cut so I can get going on clue #1!! Enjoy your weekend, I know mine will go way to fast and Monday will bring us going back into routine with work and school. Blessings!

  10. Your Purple Jubilee is fabulous!! I've never used purple much in my quilting. My daughter-in-law requested a purple quilt. I made her (them) a king size log cabin and they love it. I am enjoying a weekend like you, Bonnie...just puttering around the house doing whatever the spirit moves me to do.

  11. Bonnie- I have to ask- Is Your Purple Jubilee the same as Ruby Jubilee in Quiltmaker magazine? I Just love yours in Purple. In case I misplace a magazine copy, if I buy the pattern, there is less chance of losing it. I, too, LOVE Purple. I can see this in my future. It was -6 degrees this morning and only got up to 3 above today. One more cold night, then it starts to warm up a little bit. It has to warm up some to snow on Sunday and Monday!

    Have a Great rest of the week everybody. I have my annual check up tomorrow, so glad it is going to start warming up a little bit.


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