Tuesday, April 12, 2022

So Many Antique Quilts!

This is what I waited all weekend long for!

Saturday's Sharing of the Quilts.  Oh how wonderful!

When I received Tara's email that the ladies wanted to do an old fashioned "Quilt Turning" while on retreat, I knew the perfect location where everyone could gather around.

A place where natural afternoon light comes through windows -

A place where a tall antique queen sized bed would be perfect centerstage with everyone gathered around to see closely.

Little did I know how many photos I would take that day - and then fret about the best way to show them.

There were so many!  And they are all so varied and wonderful!

And yes, everyone was laughing at this joke or that one -

And there are some things that a video slide show can't explain.


Stuffed animal panels from the 1880s were appliqued to this one.


Or opposing presidential candidates appliqued to this one!

Remember women couldn't vote at that time - but they could "needle" their undesired candidate and no one would be the wiser.

I want to explain a bit about this sateen whole cloth -

Hold it up to the light, 
and find a 16-patch used as batting!

Each quilt put us in touch with makers from other generations who are no longer with us - but their passion for patchwork, applique and embroidery, along with their obvious sense of humor tied us together as nothing else could.

Click to Play (And pause as needed and maybe go whole-screen)

What a wonderful afternoon!

It was right after this time together that the Saturday Snow Squall began. What a crazy weekend!

And yesterday had some snafus of its own.

The Hubster was hit by a deer.

You might say that HE hit the deer, but when the deer runs straight for the grill, who is the real offender here??

Deer Whistles Do Not Always Work.  Enough said.

A bound-and-determined deer is a dead deer. Whistles or no whistles.

At any rate, The Hubster is fine, but sad about his ride.  

It's a good thing we have Collision Express on speed dial, and this ensures that we will remain top customers! LOL!

His job today is to call the insurance and arrange for a rental car while his is being fixed.  And possibly a tow truck - because although he made it up the drive to home....that hissing sound from his radiator is likely to mean that the truck isn't going anywhere on its own power.

I on the other hand have a job of my own to do today - I'm getting that long put off root canal.

I have waited too long to have this done and it just needs to be DONE.

Friday's Hearts of Hope Finale Part Four is nearly ready for posting in a couple of days - that makes me happy.  I'll finish it up by Thursday so it is ready to go on Friday (knowing today is a complete wash out.)

This was my view when I learned about the deer incident.  I had been stitching away and enjoying the Ben Franklin documentary on PBS.

I'll get back to finish it another time - 

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This couldn't come at a better time than this morning.

We are both counting our blessings.

"You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from." comes to mind often these days.

All is well.  The truck can be fixed. People weren't hurt.

And off I go to get numb from the top of my head to my neck.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. What a fabulous quilt show... thanks for sharing the photos!
    Good luck with the tooth and truck repairs!

  2. Loved the slide show! Thanks so much!

  3. Oh wow,loved the quilt turning photos! Sorry about your husbands truck,yikes.have a good day today xo

  4. Root canals are not fun but if this is your first one you may be surprised that it is not as bad as you imagined. After my first one I walked out of the clinic thinking that it wasn't as bad as I'd feared. Anticipation of a sweet reward later also helps!

  5. Thank you for sharing the quilt turning! That was lovely to watch. The crazy quilts remind me of the quilts that my great-grandma made, usually from worn out clothes or leftover bits after making dresses for my mom and her sisters.

  6. Good luck with the tooth. Going to back up now and watch a quilt show, thanks.

  7. Fabulous quilt turning. so funny about the stuffed appliques. who says quilters don't have a sense of humor? sorry about the truck but glad dave was not hurt. i don't envy your root canal - been there, done that. you'll be glad that it is over. patti in florida

  8. Glad your hubby wasn't injured and wish you comfort as you have your dental work done.
    I loved the cutouts of the animals and the political foes but giggled at the appliqued backsides of the animals in the quilt. Nothing got wasted on those!
    Thanks for sharing the slideshow. Those were beautiful quilts.
    Anna in IL

  9. Really enjoyed the quilt turning. What a treasure trove of quilts. Don't you wish they could tell their stories. Nothing went to waste, did it? Glad the Hubster was unhurt in the deer encounter.

  10. So glad your husband was not hurt! Thank you for the slide show. They are amazing quilts.
    Susan in Iowa

  11. thank you for the beautiful quilt turning show all so beautiful

  12. Thanks for sharing the quilt turning pictures. A special treat.

  13. Oh Sew Wonderful, I saw lots of fun Antique Quilts. The appliques were interesting. Saw Pepper with a Book. Nice to have her there. 1989 isn't that far back lol. I was alive then. I'm an antique now too. Bless your Hubby and You for the Bumps in your road today.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing the quilt turning, it made me feel warm inside. Best of luck with the dental work.

  15. My grandfather had a farm in PA with several barns. One year, there was a deer that would come around the lower barn and hit his car. It happened multiple times, so when he next saw the deer coming, he moved the car to the other side of the barn. Guess what? The deer changed course and hit the car anyways.

  16. "It's always something!"

  17. Thank you for sharing the quilt turning. I enjoyed the slide show so much. So many interesting, and humorous, quilts. Loved it.

  18. Dave has my sympathies about the truck damage. Someone backed into my car which was parked in a hotel parking lot in Greensboro, NC. I was selling part of my late husband's political campaign memorabilia collection at a collector show. No note left, of course. Called insurance company, but repair will have to wait until I get home. Glad Dave wasn't hurt.

  19. I hope your root canal went as easy as my last one did. I have a fantastic dentist and my last root canal was virtually pain free. Yahoo....

  20. Love the Bed Turning! I wish more local shows included them. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  21. Hi Bonnie:
    I am sorry to hear about the deer hitting Dave's truck. That is never good, but it could have been worse :>)). The root canal is not the end of the world. I had one done last spring, about this time, and found out it wasn't near as bad s I thought it would be. I survived, and I am sure you have too!

    Happy Easter.
    We are having beautiful spring weather, although I know much of the lower 48 isn't. Maybe some our snow will melt!

    Donna E.
    Kasilof, AK
    Where we are finally hitting 40, but it is still freezing at night!

  22. Inspirational quilt show. Wonder what comments ours will get someday in the future.

  23. Love the slideshow, thank you for sharing!


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