Saturday, April 09, 2022

Hangin' With The Quilt District!

We have had nearly 3 seasons of weather up in the Virginia Highlands - and the weekend has just begun!

From 73 on Wednesday afternoon as cars began to pull in - to snow last evening and overnight.

Add to that wind, and the hilarity of trying to capture quilt photos in a stiff breeze - 

But who really cares about the weather when we've got good food, good friends, good fun and tons of fabric around for boundless creativity?

For those asking "Who does all the cooking?" the answer is - EVERYONE!

And that's what makes it so fun.

As they say - "Many hands make light work." And the wonderful meals have been outstanding in every way.

Served up with a smile!

The chatter is non-stop.

Followed by more laughter and story telling!

Projects on design walls are ever-changing!

Tara is a quilter after my own heart -

when tubs of scraps like this turn into:

Beautiful block beginnings like this!

Isn't it so fun to see what fabrics lurk in other people's scrap bins?

Teddy executed a complete design wall take over with her chain piecing! LOL!

This is going to be a baby quilt - so cuite!

This is Peppers!  Isn't that plaid just wonderful?? I love how each plaid piece has such individuality but ties together everything.

Yesterday afternoon was a bit interrupted - Zoey had her yearly vet appointment - 

She passed with flying colors - and got a nail trim as a bonus.  Good girl!

It was just about 5pm when I returned home for the evening when this happened.  Click to Play:


And for those who said "Don't worry, it won't stick." Here is what I woke up to this morning:


The sun is likely to take it away - It will not have stuck to the roads and that's all I care about.  But this crazy weather has prevented us from having any kind of hiking/walking capabilities at all.  I guess we'll have to hope for better next year!

More snow flurries are expected for this evening....it's been a weekend of more winter than spring.

But in the mean time, the quilters are inside quilting away.  And TODAY we are doing a quilt turning of antique quilts and I can't wait.

I'll share those photos with you on Monday!

This morning I awoke to the French and German translations of our Hearts 0f Hope Sew-Along Part Three thanks to Elisabeth!

You'll find them linked on yesterday's Part Three post, right under the English PDF version.

How is your quilt assembly coming? Are you up to borders yet?  Keep sharing your progress by tagging me on Instagram @quiltville_bonnie and using tags #heartsofhopequilt #heartsofhopesewalong and #quiltersforukraine so we can see everyone's progress.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Sometimes you just got to pick up the pieces and go with it!
Things might turn out better than you ever hoped they would!
Vintage orphan block quilt found in North Carolina.
Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. I think it's time to shoot the predictor of Spring, boy did he fail this year. Love the chains on the wall. I'm still cleaning up from Grandma Quilt Camp. If the pedicted snow falls, I should get some of my Rhododendron Trail Center together for a snow photo. That's the only good thing about that S word this time of year.

    1. We got snow yesterday. Our yard was very white. Most of it melted when the sun came out but it is snowing again to day.

  2. I got my walk in since we finally have 61-degree weather today. I also sewed down my label to the quilt I made for my brother and sister in laws 50th anniversary in June. But I haven't really been able to sew with my wrist issue. The Dr. put me on prednisone which took away the swelling but the pai is 100 times worse. He suggested no sewing for a couple months which is awful too. So, I have been dreaming of all I can make next. But still so much half done, including Emerald City that I want to finish. I got about 40 block A's for my Ukraine quilt. Plus my Aurifil BOM block 3 and another just came out I can't start yet and I am caught up on my GE Designs Christmas in Europe. But I want to sew but the pain is to intense. So I hope that all your retreaters are having fun and enjoying the time to sew and laugh and have fun even in the cold weather.

  3. I knew the plaid was Pepper’s before you said it. Great group!

  4. My mother in law always said you can plan anything buy the weather. How so very true especially lately with the crazy weather everyone is having.


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