Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Easter Eve - in Search of Ponies:

With yesterday's April Showers PDF pattern release following an Easter Sunday day off - I'm doing a bit of back-tracking this morning.

It slushy-rained yesterday.  This morning it is 28 degrees with frost and snow flurries. (Can we fast-forward into June please?!)

But Saturday evening was in the 50s and dry enough to grab a hike with Mabel Mae and Zoey Jo.

They love it!  We have to force ourselves to get out there and get our activity levels up.

But we did it!

Other than the grass, green isn't really happening up at this elevation yet.

I'm longing for it!

I know it will come - and it was nice to just get out for a bit.  We are fortunate to have Grayson Highlands State Part a mere "4 songs on the playlist" distance from home.

It's a slow and winding few miles - they call it the Crooked Road for a reason.  As the crow flies you could get there lickety split - but that's just not how mountain roads go.

On the Appalachian trail headed toward the rocks -

Click to Play:

The way Mabel's little butt bounces cracks me up.  I know when her tail is curly she is as happy as she can be!

We found one foal and one mama not too far from the rocks.

Friendly but curious!

Okay, that's enough of that!

Mama in the forefront, baby in the back.

It was after 6pm and the shows were long - that "golden hour" where things are lit just right by the setting sun.

Time to head home and see to some dinner before it gets dark.

I am loving these lighter evenings with more daylight in the day.

My Easter weekend sewing included this!

Something exciting is coming up in the next few weeks!
I am anticipating Pat Sloan's blog tour for her newest book release - Tantalizing Table Toppers!
We were encouraged to make a project from the book, and I found myself completely tantalized by this runner called⁣ Italian Cafe!
I pulled a really fun array of fabrics, and found the perfect large floral print (One of Pat Sloan's! It's kismet and I didn't know it at the time!) to use as border.
Small projects are so satisfying and I can't wait to quilt this one up soon!
I had enough of the coral poppy print by Patrick Lose Studios to also use it as binding.
This topper is giving me all of the summertime feels!
Stay tuned for more information on the blog hop and gift away. I'll let you know when it's time!

April Showers Gift-Away!

Yesterday's April Showers PDF pattern release has exceeded all expectations as we are all (in this hemisphere anyway!) clamoring for spring followed by summer.

Thank you so much for your positive response!  I see photos of you digging through your stashes, posting images of fabric pulls and first blocks already.  Sew! Sew! Sew!

I love how ALL of the purples are so varied and play together so well.  Mother nature knows what she is doing!

I wanted to share with you another idea - I switched colors for this block:

Just one block - with an almost patriotic feel!

I'm sensing another table runner coming on! Wouldn't this be fun for Independence Day celebrations?

What other color combos can you see April Showers made in? (It would be so fun in black/orange for Halloween or red/green for Christmas don't you think?)

I used my Essential Triangle Tool for the half-square triangles in April Showers.

I used the Simple Folded Corners ruler or Simple Folded Corners Mini for the stitch & flip corners on the diamond rectangle units.  

I use these rulers all of the time.  If you don't have them, invest in yourself and get them! You'll find them in the Quiltville Store.

Traditional rotary cutting and piecing methods are given to those who don't have the rulers.

Does your purple or green (And neutrals - always!) stash need a bit of enhancement?  Check out these color rolls by Cotton to Quilts!

The best variety and fantastic service!  And I'm so grateful that Cotton to Quilts is once again offering up 2 fabric rolls for this gift-away!

We'll be drawing for one winner who will receive the PDF pattern for April Showers and a facets of purple color roll, and a second winner who will receive the April Showers PDF pattern and the facets of green color roll!

Head on over to Yesterday's Gift-Away post and get your entry in!

This is what Lola thought of my scrappy floral backing! LOL!

Better Together!

I've also placed Tulip Time at 25% off matching the introductory price of April Showers!  Price is good through 4/30/22 and reverts back to full on 5/1/22.

It's time to quilt up some spring and chase this rain away!

You'll find them both in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store.

If this is your first time downloading digital patterns from my store to a computer click HERE.

If you intend to download to an iPhone/iPad click HERE.

They are also available in the PDF pattern shop on Etsy.

Rulers, notions, tools, books and other "shipped" merchandise are only available in the Quiltville Store.

In spite of the crummy weather, friend Martha and I are headed out to do a bit of exploring and lunch out.  We need a girl day to play - icky weather or not.

Who knows what kind of trouble we will get ourselves into?

Do you have any plans for today that will tip your scale from ordinary to extraordinary?

Quiltville Quote of the Day

(Love these chunky baskets!)

We all have days where we don't feel like it.
Sometimes, the simple act of starting is all I need to get me in the groove!
Just start, and the inspiration will find you!

Have a Terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. I'm thinking turquoise and red for my April Showers. You have to stop designing so many great quilts. I want to make them all!

  2. Such a long dreary wait for Spring! But the pups look so happy to be out and about no matter what the weather. Thanks for sharing with us too Bonnie.

  3. Just START, whether you gots the 'feels' or not!!! Yes, yes, yes... next thing ya
    know? It's time to fix dinner!!! Happy Easter AND Spring has sprung in Carlsbad, CA Hugs and blessings to all... don't I have Tulip Time? Best check while she's a bargain.... Happy, happy... Cats

  4. Boy did I need this reminder today. Just get started - it does work when we focus on an activity because it distracts us from whatever was keeping us from "doing".

  5. I see the sun this morning, I slept in for a change. Travel makes me tired. After driving to Tri-Cities for Quilt Guild I fell asleep in my recliner. Time to fold up my rows of Rhododendron Trail and clear my space for company tomorrow. Hope the rain holds off so i can show my childhood friend our pretty Pioneer Park. Gonna take ger for Big Cheese Pizza, a local mom and pop place. I have a baby quilt to make for June, #2 great Grandson is coming.

  6. Loving "April Showers"!!!! Colors are perfect & remind me of my mamaw's violets. So Springy!!!!!!

  7. My “April Showers” is turning out with a more pinkish color. It’s still beautiful! Hoping to get it quilted in the next day or two.

  8. I like the patriotic feeling one.

  9. Got all my chores done early this morning so I could sew all afternoon. Ended up helping the hubby pour concrete instead…😬. Wasn’t my plan, but the day was perfect for it…cool, cloudy and breezy. Better than doing it in July in Texas! Hopefully some quilting will take place tomorrow. I’m just topping over 100 blocks on my way to 360 for my king size Split 9 Patch. It’s been a WIP for several years, but this year I am determined to finish it. It is still being made as a leader/ender project, but I’m doing 2 or three blocks each time instead of just 1. It seems to be working.

  10. You're so right about just starting. I set my timer for 30 minutes, or 15. Sometimes I keep going and sometimes I stop then. Either way it's progress. Thanks Bonnie.

  11. I spent a considerable time looking for that Patrick Lose fabric & could only find it in yellow which I was quite willing to buy but was stumbled at the checkout when they wouldn't post to Australia 😭😭 I don't often add to my STABLE but was keen on this instance


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