Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Weekend Trail Warriors!

I spent some time up on the Appalachian Trail with some special folks over the weekend!

Saturday's afternoon hike showed us that leaves are soon to be happening - 

The trees are showing their red tipped halos as so much of the brush does as things turn to Spring here.

Still no foals!  But soon!

And no, this pony is not as small as it looks - Jason is standing on a rock!

I got to meet someone special!

Jason's girlfriend Kady came to join us from Michigan!  It was so great to have another female in the house.  They are spending time this week camping in the Blue Ridge, following the Blue Ridge Parkway and discovering hiking trails and waterfalls along their journey.

Pony encounters!

Truly - they are so curious!

We don't pet them. But they MAY come up and nudge you.  We don't feed them. EVER.

Red tipped brush and long range views!

This girl loves being outdoors!

The vastness of it all just fills my soul.

These are getting there!

I have all of the block quarters done, and they are now being sewn into blocks.  I'm not going to set this one block-to-block - I'm going to do some sort of pieced sashing in between, something fun for cornerstones while still staying in the realm of tradition I think.

I have always loved this pattern.  I've made it in different sizes, different formats and backgrounds at least 4 times.

I love drafting my own patterns, sometimes making the star points more narrow and skinny so the background takes up more of the block, sometimes the other way around - big fat start points making the background more narrow and tapered.  But setting them with sashing is something I've never done.

I think we all have favorite blocks that way - Another one I go to time and time again is Ohio Star. Any star really!

It's funny how I had to wait 10 years to finally get back to this project - at first I thought those yellow backgrounds were kind of "glaring" - but when I see this, I know that there is no such thing!

Bright yellow out of the Quilting Quarters window at Quiltville Inn.

The world is becoming alive - and I love it!

These are so different than the others:

On the back hill.

This is where the double daffies grow.

Yesterday's IG Quiltfest day 22:

Snuggle quilts!

And to prove it - The Hubster texted me this video he caught of these two yesterday morning while ON the quilt.  Click to Play:

They are just so crazy over each other!

I don't know how Zoey stands it. LOL!

Today will be a busy one.  The van is finally getting new tires.  I tried to set up an appointment time, but got them message "We do them first come first serve." So - I'm giving myself a wide berth with the time frame.  When was the last time I hauled around a busy bag to stitch anything while waiting for an appointment?  More than a year.

I also have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon so I'm trying to go from one to the other.  But will likely shove some more leeway time in between just incase the tire thing takes longer.

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Time is slowly running out on our Tulip Time introductory special!

To celebrate spring, the printable PDF pattern for Tulip Time is currently marked 25% off in the in the Quiltville Store, no coupon required. 

This sale is good through Wednesday, March 31st, 2021.  The pattern will revert back to full price on Thursday, April 1st, 2021.

What does Tuesday have in store for you?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

As a creative person I do not force myself to always follow rules, 

I might not completely break them - and I most certainly make my own as I go along! Is that you too? 

Easy Street quilt shared by a student about 5 years ago! 5 years ago? How can that be?

Pattern from my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  

Have you made this one?

Have a Terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. Really enjoyed your hiking pictures seeing the daffodils and trees starting to come alive. I have always loved spring, but this year especially it is even more beautiful as we come out of the pandemic. My daffodils and tulips are being contrary and am just getting leaves and no flowers yet. Patiently waiting and watching for it to happen.

  2. I just finished a yarn project that I started more than 36 years ago. When I retired I thought that I would do a variety of crafts and needlework. But quilting took over. I have a compulsion to finish quilts but apparently not so much for finishing other projects.

  3. It is so inspiring how you look at nature and make a quilt pattern that reflects that. Thank for sharing and encouraging all of us to look around and enjoy what we see. This weekend I was in Statesboro, GA and drove down to Savannah. The azaleas were blooming in the square and were beautiful. I was in traffic and couldn't get a picture. Driving from GA to AR home yesterday (yes I crossed 5 state lines in one day) there were signs of Spring everywhere.

  4. Beautiful spring photos!
    Yes I made Easy Street and it's on my bed right now!

  5. Bonnie, You have the sweetest fur babies. I love seeing them along with your wonderful quilts. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. Years ago I heard the saying, “Men love women for who they are, but women love men for their potential.” That always made me chuckle but so many women see the potential in their families, homes, workplaces and neighborhoods. Thank goodness. 🙂

  7. Easy Street was the first completed Mystery I did with Quiltville. In 2013 I shared it at the Block Party when I finally met you. It is a special quilt because it started my collection. I'm still working on my Grassy Creek. Slow but sure after some frogging the other day. Thanks for all you share. Have fun with Jason and Kady. The ponies are so cute. Zoey is curious. Rain is 100% humidity today. It makes the flowers grow. I need to make some tulip time blocks. They are almost blooming here.

  8. an old timer told me that those super ruffled daffodils have gone back to their wild stage, have never been able to find in flower catalogs and also have some blooming up in Pennsylvania

  9. Looking at the double daffodil picture, I see a gorgeous quilt block. I may have to come with some sort of pattern my self. My grandaugjters are out growing their baby/toddler quilts and they both love daffodills

  10. Zoey's antics had me chuckling this morning! I just love her upside down poses. It is so sweet the way the two of them have bonded. Your pics of spring bursting forth in your area gives me hope for when I return to NY next month! Hoping it warms up a bit before we get home.

  11. Bonnie thank you for pony pictures and Zoey upside down pictures and Jason pictures, I really love them!!!

  12. You've tweaked my interest...now I'm itching to do something in yellow! So cheerful!

  13. Do you ever wonder how Zoey learned how to do her tricks. I just love the fact that they are so tolerant of each other and would probably be lost without one another. Two little rescues that hit the big lotto.

  14. Really loving the photos from the trails! So glad that you are getting some quality time with your son. My favorite block? The log cabin or pineapple!! I love the different variations that each brings and that I can make only log cabins for one year and never have two exactly alike!! As usual the fur babies have stolen the show. My cat used to do that to the dogs too. They just layed there and let her! I am sure she misses her companions from time to time as I do. Just trying to make it through the week! Back to work, and hopefully making a difference in these kiddos' lives. One day at a time. Have a good evening!

  15. Bonnie, Thank you for the daffodils. Spring is not spring for me until I see daffodils in bloom. I keep looking, but so far I'm seeing only daffodil and crocus stems poking up in my yard. Our maples are in bud. We got our first vaccine yesterday so I'm starting to feel more optimistic. We got our vaccines at a mega center in Edison, NJ. I have to say the FEMA workers and National Guard members were just great. Everything was well organized and everyone was so nice. There were hundreds of people there, but the lines just kept moving. I thank God every day for all the people who have helped us through this last difficult year - from first responders, medical personnel, our pharmacist, people working in grocery stores, those people taking care of my Wal-Mart and Amazon orders. I'll add all the quilt businesses who have been filling my online orders and helping me maintain a degree of sanity. Bonnie, thank you for your writing and pictures. Right now, I would give anything to spend a day in the mountains. Having you share your pictures is the next best thing.

  16. I always get your diary updates a day late. Sweet today
    I really enjoy your adventures. Keep going Bonnie
    Zoey Joe and Ivylea are the best. I love my animabibbles.

  17. Busy day for me today. PT for my shoulder which is nearly back to normal after breaking it in January. Then lunch with sister and brother in law. Then off to Findlay to pick up my Janome from the sewing machine shop. Boy I can't wait to fire her up and get back to my projects and maybe start a new one.

  18. My first log cabin I did in blue and yellow - idea came from the center block and something about lights shining thru the cabin windows. Made sense to me. But I got push back from some of the quilt shops warning me that the yellow will take over. I got my stash by buying 1/4 & 1/2 yd cuts of anything I saw that I thought has possibilities - I only had clothing fabrics (anyone say poly?). My blue/yellow log cabin turned out lovely - not too much yellow.

  19. When I saw the video of Zoe and Ivy it reminded me of my daughter's Boston Terrier. She would get on the back of either the boxer or the black lab as they were trying to nap and would clean their ears. I have never seen a dog do that before. She was the youngest and smallest of the three and they accepted what ever she decided to do to them. Miss all three, they are now in doggy heaven, they were great companions.

  20. I want to make Yellow Brick Road and thought I would get a head start on the string sections. I won't cut them yet but about how wide should they be?
    Thanks for all you do.

  21. Bonnie, any chance you've ever gone Southbound on the Appalachian Trail 2.1 miles from the sign Justin and his girlfriend were standing next to. Sign says Rhododendron Gap. My thinking is the Rhododendron must really be something in the Spring at the gap. Glad you were able to meet Justin's girlfriend...

  22. Your dog cracks me up! What a cutie .

  23. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Love the ponies, the funny puppy and the flowers. We don't get daffodils in Orlando!


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