Saturday, March 06, 2021

Goodbye, Hello!

It's been a very quilty week in the Quiltville Post Office Studio!

3 out of 4 quilts were quilted in the time that Mona and I had together, and as to the 4th one?  

It can simply wait as a reason for us to get together again!

It was wonderful seeing her Unity quilt come to life under the needle of the long arm.

This quilt is going to her son-in-law whose favorite color just happens to be red.

This quilt does have a lot of red in it - and it isn't "too girly" (Something we have to think about when giving quilts to guys, right?!) and will be just the perfect size for snuggling on the couch while watching a movie, taking a nap, etc.
And the gift of a quilt goes quite a long way when encouraging and building relationships with in-law children.

If they are given a quilt - they know they have been given MORE than just a "blanket."  Quilts are a work of HEART!

Unity quilt off the rails and ready for binding!

I was able to stitch up just a few more Snail's Trail blocks - thinking I'd have the evening to breathe and relax, and stitch a binding.

But it wasn't even 30 minutes after waving Mona off on her way that someone else pulled into my drive:

Jason and Lola, rebonding!

I wasn't expecting him until late this afternoon - he arrived 24 hours early!

Why?  Rest areas are closed all along the interstate in Tennessee.

Our weather is still extremely cold (28 this morning - with high winds) and he "Just wanted to get here!"

I am perfectly okay with that.  It was a wonderful surprise.

He should be staying for 2 weeks, and the weather surely should improve (all fingers and toes are crossed) while he is here.

It's spring in Appalachia - so who knows.  Maybe it will still snow again?  I hope not!

Jason's converted huge church van camper in the drive!

We will commence Operation Window Coverings in the next few days.

We really don't have many plans for the time he is here, other than to just BE.

And I'm fine with that.

Yesterday's IGquiltfest photo prompt:  Contemplation!

I really had to think about this one - where is my greatest contemplation opportunity?

When I am relaxed and doing oodles of repetitive machine piecing.

Also when I can be outside with nature and hiking in search of ponies, waterfalls, other beauties - but we are just not quite there yet with our weather.  (I really am longing for 60s! It will come.)

When do you do your best contemplating/pondering/thinking things through?

So here we are at Saturday - truly - this week has flown by faster than most for me.

My plans of turning the left over units from my Rivanna quilt may or may not reach table runner status with Jason here.  There may be no piecing time at all, and that's okay.

I worked on Rivanna's binding just a bit last night but it's kind of difficult with this going on:

 But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Maybe you are planning on a Rough & Tumble weekend ahead!

You'll find the printable PDF pattern for Rough & Tumble in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store. 

And the price is already marked 25% off through March 14th. No coupon code needed for this one!

The price will revert back to the full price of $12.00 on March 15th, 2021.

However you spend your weekend, I hope you have a wonderful one!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

There are no rules when it comes to creativity! We need to stop imposing them on each other.
I adore this vintage basket quilt and how all the handles are uniquely formed. The one in the bottom left doesn't even connect! No rules!
If all of these baskets were perfectly identical, the quilt would be beautiful but uninteresting.
When it comes to life I would rather be interesting and memorable than simply beautiful.

I'll catch you back here on Monday!



  1. As a young teacher I heard, but we've always...it was discouraging to hear. Freedom came for me and my students when I did a new fresh way! Never let it hold me back since! I'm retired now and my best memories of teaching are when I was the most creative.

  2. Have a wonderful weekend with Jeff! The van looks like one we had only ours was white. Curtains are something I would do. I made a small one for the upstairs. Still need to make one for the downstairs door. Privacy curtains don't take too long. Hope you get in some walks. I'm seeing lots of Tulips poking up and it gives me HOPE of Spring.

  3. lookit Lola's tail! She is so glad to be near her human again! And I can surely relate!!! I'm missing MY humans in this masking/distancing time!! Happy for you and your family, Bonnie... curtains? schmertains!!!! Two weeks? Shall we pray for a late winter storm in about 13 days??? LOL... enjoy, whatever you may do... <3

  4. Enjoy your time with your son! And I'm curious as to what the inside of the converted church van looks like.

  5. I know exactly the joy you're feeling, because I feel the same when any of my three kids (plus a SIL) come to visit. Enjoy the time, and celebrate the wonderful relationship you have with your sons!

  6. Precious moments spent with our grown children are too few and far between. Enjoy your time with your son. My mantra when tutoring 1st graders is you can't learn anything without making mistakes. The mistakes show you are learning.

  7. There is nothing better as a mom than having a son come home! Enjoy your family time, it is precious

  8. I love the pictures of Ivy and Zoey cuddling. They are such an adorable pair. Have a wonderful time with Jason. I know he will have some Lola cuddles planned for his time. Can't wait for a pattern for the snail trail. I love it already.

  9. So great your son is home!! Would love to see the van! That and a couple sewing machines is my retirement plan!

  10. Lucky you! Company from loved ones. Hey, you'll have to watch Nomadland on Hulu now that Jason has a van. You'll like it.

  11. I love the little snail trail blocks! Will there be a pattern or cutting instructions? What size squares did you start with? Sew delightful!

  12. I just spent 10 days with my daughter, so needed. We hadn't seen each other in 2 years. Even though there were health challenges that expedited the visit I still cherish it. Praying it's not that long again before we get more visit time! Enjoy your time with Jason!

  13. What a nice surprise!! He truly missed you and wanted to get home. That sounds like a fun project to get into. As for the furbabies, they know the best seat in the house! Mine used to do that in the evenings. Now it's just the cat, and she has her time with momma all to herself. Enjoy your time!! :)

  14. I'm so glad you and Mona got some time together. And I'm sure it will be wonderful having Jason home for two weeks. I noticed a Washington license plate on that van. Does he live in Washington actually? Rather than Portland.

  15. YOUr mind wndering comments are just what happened to me ysterday. I was unable to sleep woke up at 130 am. unable to fall back to sleep, becaue my mind kept mulling over what I wanted to do with mysewing room setup. After 2 hours of lying awake, I thought what the heck. So I got up and went to the sewing room. I hauled out two large trash bags of junk, ( no fabric of course) Packed up a garbage bag full of yarn to relocate it to the basement. And moved my sewing space around. I emptied 5 large plastic bins and took them to the basement as well. I can actually walk into the room now without tripping over something. Boy it feels good when I accomplish something like that. However I had a tough time making it through the day with so little sleep.

    1. I love it when I get my sewing room re-organized. It feels so good. The only problem is that it doesn't take long for me to un-organize it. LOL
      It seems I to always manage to fill one of the big trash bags. I could never put a bag of yarn in the basement. I have hanging shelves in one of the bedroom closets to put my yarn on. I love to knit and crochet as well as quilt. It's so great to get things organized and to be able to walk into the sewing room and not trip over anything and to have the cutting table empty and just waiting for me to put some fabric on it and start cutting.

  16. Bonnie, I watched FISHERMAN'S FRIENDS last night on Netflix! Definitely a MUST SEE film.
    Sent notices to friends to 'must see.'
    Love reading your blog each morning and also reading the comments after. Quilters are the best!

    1. I will make a note of "Fisherman's Friends" so I can look for it. I just finished watching "Anne" As in Anne of Green Gables. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not just a children's show.

  17. What a coincidence, my rabbi's d'var (sermon) during yesterday`s sabbath services was based on the phrase "we've always done it that way." Glad your son arrived safely and yourfamily can enjoy his visit. Your posts have got me moving in my quilt room.

  18. Spring can't be far away... the Red Wing Blackbirds arrived this morning. It is so great to see and hear them again. Mona's Unity quilt knocked my socks off. Absolutely Beautiful!

  19. My creative streak started early, first grade, 6 years old. I had to put on my tennis shoes to go to gym, but I didn't know how to tie the laces. So I invented a way to tie my shoelaces and 70 years later I still tie them the same way. None of this looping over business. I sometimes read quilt patterns and I find fabric is wasted by making inefficient cuts. Easy to fix.


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