Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Rivanna Runner Bound - DONE!

There is magic in the LAST STITCH, isn't there?

Finally finally finally I was able to finish that last long side, turn the last corner, and stitch myself to the finish.

This runner will be occupying my table over the next while - until I whip up something to replace it.

Winter has turned to spring, the blue/neutral version of my Pine Tree Point runner being put away until next January.

And there are still so many blues in the stash - but I'm not focusing on that. There will be more opportunities for blue in my future!

This one looks like rivers and mountains to me!

And farms and homesteads -

As evoked by the farm life backing I chose to use up.

The leftover margins and pieces of backing fabric have been sliced down into Scrap User's System widths, just waiting to find themselves in future projects.

I was RUTHLESS with the neutrals and blues in these blocks.  They date anywhere and everywhere from the 1980s through today.  Some of the neutrals even had big bold splashy colors and designs on them and I let them play.

It really did turn out fun!

I'm planning on  June pattern release for the Rivanna quilt which will also include the layout for the runner - 2 in 1! Stay tuned for that.

Moby got a new set of tires!

Why was I grumbling during the 2 hours I waited for this job to be done?

I mistakenly left the runner and my busy bag at home and showed up with nothing but my PHONE to keep me busy.

You know all of those Netflix shows you think sound so great by the synopsis until you find out the whole thing is in a different language with English subtitles?

With no headset with me either. (Oh, I was SO unprepared!) it turns out that sitting and watching and reading subtitles while the phone was on silent was the only thing I could do to occupy my time.

I left the QPO at 1pm to get the tires done - which was followed by a 4pm chiropractor visit, another drive to CVS to pick up some needful things and I was home by 5:30.

The yellow Rocky Road to Kansas blocks didn't even get a pet yesterday.  And that will continue today as I have other car stuff to do in Winston and will be heading out shortly after pushing publish on this post.

I nearly forgot that yesterday was National Puppy Day!  But then who am I kidding - EVERYDAY is puppy day around here! (And Zoey Knows It!)

Happy Puppy Day to all the doggies out there, even if it is a day late.

Yesterday's IG Quiltfest Day 24: Quilts in the Wild!

What else but Tulip Time??

Alicia's is coming together!

"I wanted to share my Bonnie Hunter Tulip Time quilt.
I had the magazine with Bonnie’s tulip article and worked along with her.
I didn’t finish the top... I’ve been waiting for the pattern to come out so I could thank her for her time and talent!"

Thank you, Alicia!  This is BEAUTIFUL!

Have you started your own Tulip Time quilt yet? The introductory sale price continues through March 31st, and then reverts to full price on April 1st.

Entries are still gathering for our BIG BlockBase+ gift-away.  It's a software package you don't want to miss!  It works with windows AND Mac, and is a stand-alone program so you don't need anything else to be able to color, size, and print your own block templates or paper piecing foundations.

But it is even better as an add-on to your EQ8 software!

Enter to win ON THAT POST. Drawing to happen Monday, 3/29/2021.

What else? 

Easter Basket Fun for Quilty Peeps!

Quilting is not just a hobby! It’s an obsession, occupation, fascination, addiction, self-expression – and most importantly for me, a way of life!

Do you feel the same way?

Enjoy this tech pack and share with friends and family! It makes the perfect gift. 

I've added it to the Gifty Items section of the Quiltville Store. I've given it a bit of a discount. 

That pouch is the new home for my summer sunglasses.  Bring it on!

Okay - time for me to hit the road, new tires and all - 

Anything going on for your Wednesday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Are you allowing yourself to break some rules, and make some mistakes along the way?
Get out of the safety zone and play your heart out!
Scrappy Bargello in recycled fabrics from the Free Patterns Tab  at the top of my blog.

Have you made one?



  1. The Tulip Time backdrop reminds me of my family homestead property - good memories. The quilt theme is perfect for my dutch heritage too. Daffodil fields are in bloom and the tulip fields will soon follow; a sure thing to lighten the days after this winter. Hope everyone enjoys these colorful signs of hope. Keep 'em comming!

  2. You have been soooo busy! I'm heading out shortly for a hair cut, then back home to finish up a quilt top. Can't WAIT 'til June for the new pattern.... I've been cutting here and there some HST in neutral/blue in anticipation for the June release. Hope they are the right size! LOL!

  3. Cleaning out the sewing studio is on the agenda for today......that’s it, one thing.....time will tell if it gets off the to do list and on the done list...enjoy your field trip today.

  4. Thank you for all you do, Bonnie. So many quilters love all you do for us.

  5. I’m actually doing quilty stuff this morning! Getting the binding machine sewn onto my almost king size quilt that has been in the works at least 15 years. At least a weeks worth of hand binding in store..can only do a little at a time these days with the tendonitis in my hands....but looking forward to it!

  6. You are absolutely right... there is NOTHING better than that last stitch in a project along with the big sigh that means it is finished!! And it's time to start 3 more, as is the case with me!! HAHA! You have been busy lately! But these errands are needed to get through the thing called life. Absolutely LOVE the table runner!! Anxiously waiting for the pattern. In the meantime I can work on a couple of quilts that have been asked for and yes, I did start Tulip Time myself! Have a good evening and I hope it slows down a bit for you as the weekend approaches!

  7. Congrats on finishing up your beautiful new table runner, Bonnie!

  8. Love the table runner BUT I especially LOVE the back! That is one chicken print I don't have and I thought I had every chicken print that was ever made!!! Almost every quilt I make has a chicken in it somewhere and my whole guild knows it. They have gifted me with many of my chickens. :)

  9. keeping busy keeps us out of trouble. So sorry you forgot your bag.
    Bonnie I always get your posts emailed a day late
    It is okay. I do not sob about it or anything
    On Wednesday I got up super early: massive breakfast, coffee, stand under a torrent of water, soak up get awake, dress, dry hair and got to my 97 year old daddy at 7:30 to take him to the oral surgeon. He had a big tooth pulled and an implant put in. I stayed at his apartment (4 miles away) all afternoon and did bring a quilt to bind, but not the best glasses and the lighting was not the best. oh well.
    I think today he is going to be feeling horrible now that the novocaine has worn off. I will check on him today.
    I might bring along some hexies.
    I love this runner. Now I want to make one for my daughters and well a whole bunch of people I love, One for everyone

  10. Bonnie, put the Libby app on your phone and you will never be without a book and never again be stuck while waiting.

  11. I have a Tulip Time quilt to show you. where do I post it?

  12. I noticed Zoey's unique eye. Was it injured, or is this a natural phenomenon. So interesting and unique and lovely!


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