Friday, December 19, 2014

Quilt Some, Bind Some, Quilt Some Again!

Hello from Quilt Villa!

We made the great escape this afternoon as one of the doors we ordered for the cabin was IN at Lowes.  Those doors we ordered in October.  The doors that were supposed to be here before Thanksgiving…..well, maybe next Thanksgiving anyway!

But I am happy to say that I have made strides over the past couple of days in the studio, and I now have plenty to bind during Christmas Movie Fests in the basement by the warmth of the fireplace.

The baby quilt is quilted, trimmed, label on, and binding ready to sew down.

Didn’t it turn out cute?


Ready for trimming and binding.


Another close up of the quilting.


This is the cute backing fabric with cars, trucks, planes boats and buses…

It is actually more brick red than this, but there is a lot of light going on in the studio.


Red binding to finish!  Hooray!

There is still settling in to do over here – I thought I’d shoot this up before crawling into jammies and putting my feet up for an evening of slow easy hand stitching.

We will be here at Quilt Villa through Christmas, returning home on the 27th so I can spend the 28th tying up loose ends before heading out on the 29th for Texas and Arizona.

There are still some orders that did not go out because Scraps & Shirttails II  was in re-print mode.  I talked to Kansas City Star today, and they are on their way from the warehouse in Missouri to me now.  Of course, they won’t make it before Christmas, and even if they did make it to me by then, there is no way to make it to those who ordered it on the last day of my sale when I ran out.  I feel bad for those customers.

My hope is that the boxes will be waiting for me on the 27th, I will fill those orders and  get them dropped off at the post office on my way to the airport on the 29th.  Again, I apologize.  No one could foresee just how BIG this sale was, we moved thousands of books in a 2 week period of time and did everything we could to get them to their new owners on time.  If there had been enough of Scraps & Shirttails II in the warehouse, and reprint didn’t need to be scheduled we could have got it all out.

I am still awaiting a shipment of 200 blocks by Quiltmaker, and it left the west coast on Wednesday.  Same scenario.  Even if it makes it to me by Monday/Tuesday, it would still not make its destination by Christmas, so again I apologize for those two titles being delayed due to re-order and the craziness of the holiday season.

All of these delayed orders were from the last day/night of our cyber sale….so those who ordered early should already have their packages.

And that’s where it all stands!

It’s jammie time!
Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. That would be me who ordered all of your books on the last day of your sale. They are all for me and is just fine with me whenever they arrive I'll enjoy reading them when ever they come and don't want you to stress on my account
    Colleen in rainy n. California

  2. Your baby quilt turned out SO cute. What a fun way to frame out nine patches. I just happen to have a stack of extra leader and ender blocks and this would be the perfect quilt to put them to great use. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy your jammie time. I've just snuggled into mine and hope to be able to stay that way for as long as possible. Heaven!

  3. I love this baby quilt! Will it be in one of your future books or maybe a free pattern?

  4. I love the way this baby quilt turned out it is way cute. As for my order it will come when it comes and will be a loved to pieces.

  5. Anonymous9:09 PM EST

    enjoy yourself. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  6. Roxy, Bonnie's posts from 11/12/14 and 11/23/14 include details about strip sizes and block assembly order. You might be able to figure out the block from that. Have fun!

  7. My Books arrived today and I handed them to my DH. They are a Christmas present so I don't get to crack them open until Dec.25th. He had to hide them somewhere so I wouldn't cheat & peek. sigh...Good thing I have Clue # 3 & 4 to work on until then!
    LOVE the baby quilt!

  8. Anonymous9:45 PM EST

    I also gave the box of books to my husband and they won't be seen until Christmas. I told him I ordered his Christmas present to me and he liked having that done for him. I also decided to use up lots of the Christmas fabric I have and have made bags for all our gifts and did not get the wrapping paper out at all. Now to finish all the tags for the bags.

    Diana Cruz
    dcruz at pacifier.com

  9. I really, really like how that baby quilt turned out. Gives me lots of ideas..... Enjoy your jammie time, and give Sadie some love from all of us!

  10. Bonnie, love your baby quilt, accent colors are perfect.

    Where do you find past blogs?

  11. That baby quilt is so cute! You are so FAST! I wish I had half of your energy.
    Have a wonderful, relaxing Christmas week at your cabin!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Vickie in Cleveland

  12. Just love the baby quilt,you sure do complete quilts quickly. My Mom always tells me to stick with one hobby and get good at it , but there so much I like doing and I get bored and like to move on to something else. Maybe so day.

  13. You and Sadie must be happy girls! Hope the door installation goes well and that you all have lots of peaceful and cozy times.

  14. Have a great trip up to the Villa and enjoy your family and stitching time. You have certainly earned it, and it sounds like the gun goes off again as soon as Christmas is over and you are off and running again!

  15. Have a restful Christmas at the cabin. The baby quilt will be treaured forever. Hope the doors get put in quick.

  16. Enjoy Quiltvilla and binding that gorgeous baby-quilt!
    Love from thw Netherlands!

  17. I love Bonnie's quilt patterns but alas haven't a book of hers in my collection!

  18. perfect for a little boy....another winner bonnie!

  19. Love the quilt... will definitely file that one for the future.

    Quit apologizing... do what you can and the rest will happen when it happens.

    Enjoy your holiday! Peace and joy girlfriend!

  20. Ugh....we special ordered doors from Lowes last year and it took about a month longer than estimated. BUT! They were so much better than I imagined my french doors in my quilt studio from my craft room would be! Love them so much! ♡
    Hope you are having a wonderful down time and playing and lots of rest and laughter! ♡

  21. Bonnie, I just love your baby quilt and have lots of plaid fabric from a shirt factory from back in the 80's. This would be a great quilt for them.

    Take care, be safe and have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

  22. Bonnie,
    Your new little nephew-to-be will treasure this precious quilt for many, many years. How lovely that you put a little piece of his Great Grandpa's shirt in it to connect the generations.

    Wishing you and your family a Blessed Holiday Season and all good things in the New Year.

  23. Nephew and his mommie should both be very happy with his wonderful snuggle quilt. Happy to both of them!!! It looks great from here.


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