Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014, Family and Friends

Christmas for us this year was so lovely and so laid back.

Only one of us was missing, but we understand he was well and happy and healthy and needed on the job late Christmas eve, and early on the day after Christmas, so we do what we can do and hope to catch up with him soon.

After days and days of rainy fog and yuckiness, a wonderful wind came along on Christmas  in the wee small hours, blowing all of the grey and dreary away and leaving us with sparkling blue skies and very chilly temperatures…but if the sun is shining I don’t care what the temperature is.  I’ll take it!

We enjoyed a lovely morning walk with Sadie, a great Christmas morning breakfast, the opening of presents and just being together.

Of course that meant as much binding as I could muster.  I almost completed binding #4 for the week:


Binding Box Kite to a Duck Dynastey Marathon…the guy’s choice!

Jeff surprised me with this gift:

LG Tone Pro HBS-750 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

LG blue tooth headset!

I’ve had heavy head sets for blue tooth before that fell out of my ears, and the battery never lasted more than a few hours.  This one the battery will last somewhere around 10 hours.  You wear it around your neck, and then the ear buds easily rest in your ears.  It buzzes if the phone rings so you can talk on the phone with it too.  I think it is going to be great – SO excited to try this out on my trip to Dallas on Monday!


A drive on the Parkway on Christmas afternoon!

Another family tradition..catching a movie matinee on Christmas Afternoon.  Some years the choices are better than others, but we managed to go see the Hobbit, completing the series.  I don’t go for the story as much as I go for the scenery, the sets, the costumes and the special effects.  It’s always going to be death and mayhem – and I think that’s what the guys like it for.  I admit it. I fell asleep in the middle.  And the best I can say about this series is it is now OVER.  But it was Christmas with my family, and I’d watch ANYTHING to spend time with  my son!


Pardon the sun glare, it was just past noon!


Father & Son!


New front doors going in!

After much hassle, we finally have front doors for the upper level.  The bottom level doors are yet to arrive, but friends Rick and Mona came over to help with the install!


Just about in!

Some adjustments have to happen today, but the guys will take care of that – I’m on my way home this morning.  The case of 200 Blocks by Quiltmaker arrived on Christmas Eve from the publisher while I was already up at the cabin.  I’m headed home to get out what I can.

The cases of Scraps & Shirttails II are still on their way, they were printed on the 18th, shipped to the warehouse, inventoried, and shipped to me on the 23rd.  They are coming UPS.  Will they make it from Kansas City Star to me before I leave for Texas on Monday? I am hoping they show up today.  Of course my stomach has been in knots over this whole thing.  I want them shipped to you, and when I leave Monday I’ll be gone for 2 weeks.

Please hang in there with me and know that I am doing everything I can to get them to you.


Yesterday's sewing!  1.5” scrap squares!

Can’t show you these, these are for the taping of one of my episodes with Quiltmaker in August, also for a future book quilt…secret secret, but oh so fun!  I worked on this while Mona cut more strips for more 4 patches for her quilt.  She only needs 6 more blocks and she is ready to cut sashings and start assembly!  Whoowhoo!

Farkle Fun with Neighbors!

Last night we enjoyed steaks on the grill after the guys were done playing around on ATVs!  Clockwise from the upper left: Amber, Rick, Mona, Dave and Tim!  We had a great evening of fun, food and laughter.

And now things get back to normal.  The van is packed.  I’m heading home to take care of business before heading out on Monday.

 Have you checked out all of the wonderful Show & Share from our Christmas Eve Holiday Linky Party?  Click HERE! There are 120 entries so far, sharing gifts made, favorite Christmas and Holiday quilted items.  I'm so inspired!  Entries will be accepted for this linky until 11:55pm EST on New Year's Eve.  So if you GAVE something that you couldn't share until after it was received, you can share it on that post now!

I’m thinking a Sunday Afternoon 2pm session of Quilt-Cam is in order, don’t you??  Hopefully it will work.  Let’s try!  I should have everything done that needs doing so I am ready for my trip by then.

Meet me here on the blog at 2pm EST tomorrow and let’s hope for the best!  This will enable our European contingency to join in during their evening time.

And with that..I’m off home!

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  1. Ooihhhh pick me for 2 pm quiltcam. I can play along from the UK xx

  2. Do you have a new gorgeous Featherweight??? I don't remember seeing this gorgeous burgundy one before! :)

  3. Safe travels, Bonnie! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas with your family (minus one son)... looking forward to seeing your next trip. I've been slow on the GI Quilt, but will get it done.... love watching everyone else's "happen"... such fun!
    Betsy D

  4. Bonnie may your travels be safe and blessed. I too had a quiet Christmas with my kids. Now I am enjoying a bit of down time before our busy season starts the second week in February when we start planting baskets for our garden center spring inventory. The time will fly as it always does. I am soooo enjoying our "Grand Illusion" mystery. I am caught up so I will work on a binding for another quilt that has a deadline this week. See you on Quilt Cam. :)

  5. Love your Christmas post and the pictures of the valley. I'm with you on the time with your son as I'm having the same thing. Grandchilend all gone now and one more day with him before he flies back to Colorado and his home for another week or vacation before going back to work for a couple weeks. He will be back with the children for my oldest granddaughters formal wedding the end of January. She and her husband will be back from Their 2 years in Moscow Embassy for his first job with the State Dept. I will get back to the mystery after he leaves. Made two many mistakes the other day. Have another good two weeks of teaching. Thank You for it all. Eileen in Md..

  6. Safe travels! Have a blast!

  7. Hi Bonnie,
    I have that same Singer sewing machine but know very little about it as it was given to me by my Mom who didn't realize she didn't like sewing until she got it. I love the machine, but was wondering if you know where I can get a walking foot for it, or vn IF I can? I don't know if it is a slant or straight whatever so I am kind of at a loss I know you're busy, but my email is lchin632@gmail.com. If anyone else has insights into this machine I would love to hear from you, also.
    Linda Chin

  8. Looks like a wonderful holiday with family, food and fun. Sorry your son had to work but he knows you all missed him. Today I am shifting things around in my sewing room...need to tuck in a PAC n play for my granddaughter tonight so I have work to do! But joyful work to see her lbright smile tonight! Safe trip!

  9. Glad to see you had a wonderful Christmas, even though your other son couldn't be there. Such is the way with parents of grown children - they may be too far away to come home for a short visit or just have to work. There is always another holiday for him to be there. I have so much enjoyed the show 'n share of Christmas stitching. It is like going to a quilt/craft show with no admission fee. I have gotten so inspired to make Christmas quilts for my sons! Also, I need to look around now to see what needs to have a wallhanging or a table mat. Now is the time to plan to fill those empty spaces. I'm all caught up with Grand Illusion! I am really liking the colors you chose and then I followed with the same colors. Can't wait to see what it looks like all put together! Happy New Year!

  10. The new doors look perfect for a southern girl headed for Texas. I am linking again - my post Christmas Blog with the pictures of the gifts I gave this year. DH is showing off 3 Moth in the Window blocks on his Design Wall (chest). Just like we showed off our blocks at the Block Party. I finally started his Quilt made from his work shirts. Thanks for a fun pattern. Have a great New Year in Texas and getting your Dad hugs in AZ.

  11. Oh Bless you! QuiltCam? What a precious gift! You are more than generous with your time with us.
    So happy you got away and had a breather before your busy 2 weeks. Have a safe trip and hopefully everything will be up and running smoothly tomorrow!
    Woowee......I was trying to keep from going to my LQS today for their sale.......but I'm too excited NOT to go now! They ought to send you a commission check haha! ;-)

  12. Oh, Bonnie, that picture with your son!

    I've enjoyed making several of your quilts, and am loving working on GI while I am on vacation in FL. It's keeping me busy and happy as neither of our girls were able to be with us for the holidays this year.

    Much as I love looking at all of the pictures of your travels, quilts, Sadie, mountains, none have made me feel the way the one at the top of today's post does.

    An adult child and mother enjoying and loving each other and their company... So precious. Thank you for sharing that glimpse, and for all you give to us.

    Peace and Joy,

  13. Glad to hear that everyone had a nice holiday. We, too, were missing a son, and his family as they are in Denmark for three years. We talked on FaceTime which was great. I came down with a nasty cold Christmas morning, so mostly I slept in my recliner. Starting to feel semi-human again, so hope to catch up on the mystery before Friday's clue is posted. Happy New Year to all, and thank you ,Bonnie for all the gifts you give us.

  14. OOOO Quiltcam at 7pm for us over here Fabuloso!!! See you then :)

  15. I bought Farkle after you mentioned it at Thanksgiving! We played a few rousing games...the college freshman lost BOTH after trying to roll again! We had a great time with it! thanks for then suggestion! Will be watching Quilt Cam from my dad's house in TX tomorrow! I dragged my FW on the plane and the bag is stuffed with GIMQ pieces and parts! I am ready to roll...

  16. Your son and my son have the same facial hair thing going on--they both must be styling! We also went to a Christmas Day movie but saw "Into the Woods" which I about fell asleep on, wasn't nuts for it but I let the kids pick and Hannah's choice won the vote! Got some hiking in today which was great...glad to be home again and hoping to get to clue five tomorrow before the Packer game!

  17. Carol in Kenosha11:27 AM EST

    Hi Bonnie,
    Just as your sparkling, fascinating quilts cannot be made without neutrals, neither can the weather!
    Instead of thinking of rain and fog as yuckiness, enjoy them as the necessary "neutrals" of weather: the mytery of fog; the blessing of rain; the secret silence of snow.
    Enjoy your mountain hikes, and your New Year. Thanks for inviting all of us to enjoy them with you.

  18. Anonymous11:35 AM EST

    I so enjoy your pictures of the outdoors and the cabin as well as the quilting pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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