Friday, July 16, 2010


Lots of responses! I didn't think I'd wake up to so many!

I guess when it comes to things like this, everyone has an opinion. Most loved the piano keys, some did not.

Some thought the border was too scrappy for the baskets which were more formal (that never bothered me! *LOL* Lots of the baskets are from recycled shirt fabrics!)

The baskets finish at 3.5". SO using these baskets in the corners would cause a drafting issue...I don't have extra baskets, and I don't want to make more.

Some thought the border was too wide? I don't do skinny borders unless the quilt is very small. I tend to go with a border that finishes between 4" & 6" Which is neither too narrow or too wide for "most" quilts..occasionally I will go wider if the quilt is really big and I have something I am doing with the corners. This border is cut 5". Remember, the border has not been sewn to the quilt yet. I'm going to lose 1/4" in that seam, and another 3/8" hidden under the binding...and it will shrink up a bit in quilting. It will finish at a bit under 4.5" wide. I don't think that is too wide at all.

I'm not crazy with the baskets in the corners idea. I think it is far too "designed" for the look I'm going for...

4.5" finished blocks brings my mind instantly to all those Dear Jane blocks...that's the size they finish. But I don't know if I WANT blocks in the corners. Again...very symmetrical, very planned.

Some liked the inner border, some did not! Again, It's a personal preference thing. I've laid lots of things over that inner border, and there is NOTHING that sings against that brown...NOTHING! I thought of a light shirting because the block backgrounds are light..but it disappeared into the piano keys.

And it is to the point of "how much work" do I want to put into this thing......I may as well de-construct the whole thing and get rid of that BROWN at this point! That is probably the only thing that would make me totally happy, but I'm not willing to do that.

SO....My mind goes back to all those wonderful antiques I saw at the Sisters show. How many people would have said "too brown" or "too blue" or "too red" to those wonderful quilts?

That is probably why that wonderful quilt with the bright solid cheddar background was STILL THERE this year....is there such a thing as too much cheddar?! (No, i think it had to do with the price!)

How many of us would have said "oh, I would remove that border, not crazy about it, it's the wrong width"..or instead, like me...would we just enjoy them for the quirky vintage quilts they were, intrigued at the choices the unknown maker used in putting her quilt together?

These are the things going through my mind. I'm not looking for something that is perfect for someone else....I'm looking for something that is perfect for me :c)

And I DO love these mini baskets. I DO love the memories from when Lucy and I were trading the little cut out pieces....stuffed envelopes in the mail! I loved how when she came to visit me that first time, we sat at my kitchen table and sewed and sewed.


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM EDT

    I love the piano key border. I think the scrappiness complements the fabric selection in the basket blocks. Even though they are not individually scrappy, their size makes the collection overall read as scrappy. I wouldn't put blocks in the corners of the border; I'd either apply it log cabin-style or -- ooh -- miter the corners.

    Any way you slice it, this beautiful top deserves to be a quilt. Congratulations on moving forward with it!

  2. I think you should do whatever makes you happy, as it is nice to get others opinions.what makes it unique is your way of doing it.and have fun doing it.

  3. I also love the piano key border and think it's the perfect foil for the quilt.

    In the corners, what about setting the piano keys 45-degrees from the meeting sides?

    Miters would also look fabulous

  4. Definitely miter those piano key puppies on out to the corner!

  5. If you like the piano key border you should use it, plain and simple, but my first thought when I saw the top was, it needs a dark blue border. Something to work off of the brown and that was as visually weighty as the brown but not brown.
    Just my thougths.

  6. I think the baskets are fabulous without a border...but I like the piano keys too. I like how you said you are "looking for something that is perfect for me". That's what makes quilting so much fun...everyone would finish the quilt differently.

  7. I vote piano keys with a scrappy HST in the corners. The quilt is gorgeous and what a story it has to tell.

  8. I love the little baskets, too. Do whatever feels right to you, it's your quilt!

  9. The quilt is very charming and whatever you decide will be great! All the struggles are part of the design process!

    Bonnie, I want to let you know of a blog post my MIL did in your honor here:


    She is one of your biggest fans and she has done couple of your original designs! I hope you get a chance to check it out!

  10. I'm just getting a chance to give my opinion on the adorable scrappy baskets.....I hope you keep the piano key border. I love it!

    : )

  11. Bonnie, I agree with you that big brown border had to go and the colorful scrappy piano keys is perfect. Yes, I have been with you as far back as the bigining of the massage business. Am making a very scrappy quilt now.

  12. Hi Bonnie,
    I love the piano key border, but it's a bit too wide for the size of the baskets - it overpowers them just a bit. My solution would be to cut that piano key border in halfs or thirds lengthwise and add another dark (but not brown - maybe rust, or dark teal) border.
    Looking forward to seeing your results - whatever you decide.

  13. I like your reference to the antique quilts to me that means, "Use what you have"
    leave the piano keys. Hope your inner time clock catches up with you soon...

  14. SO....My mind goes back to all those wonderful antiques I saw at the Sisters show. How many people would have said "too brown" or "too blue" or "too red" to those wonderful quilts?

    I daresay not one! Go with your gut.

  15. Bonnie, I didn't reply yesterday but would like to add my 2 cents worth today. I love the piano keys. They make the quilt pop and the small inner border is good with it too. Finish the corners anyway you want to please yourself. Thanks for listening.

  16. I love the piano keys- it's a great scrappy finish and a beautiful quilt!

  17. Bonnie, I also like the piano keys for several reasons: there is a lot of color, they kind of direct your eye around the quilt, and most importantly, you have them!!! Use them and enjoy them! For me, probably the most important part of this quilt, no matter what you decide, is the memories it will evoke as you look at each basket. Remembering the swapping and sewing with Lucy is what it is all about. Lots of the older quilts did that same thing for the makers. Do what you want/like and enjoy the results.

  18. What's not to like?! The piano keys are fab and finish the quilt perfectly in my opinion! Right into the corners too, no corner blocks. (I agree with you on the matchy matchy ugh sentiment!) Mitre or just regular long horizontal style...Awesome!

  19. Love the piano keys!! And the baskets full of memories...isn't that we should fill baskets up with??

  20. I still love the piano key border. If the brown border left on the quilt was just trimmed to say a "flange" size to simply frame it to say "the baskets are contained" add some red or your favorite cheddar and then the piano keys.
    I LOVE brown...I have had people say to me in my guild " don't you get tired of that color combination?" (beige/browns/rusts) never I say. They are my favorite colors.

  21. I hesitate to comment because I'm certainly not at your level, Bonnie, but have you considered swapping out your inner border for one of maybe cheddar or poison green? The poison green especially will break up all that brown. I really like the piano key outer border. So wonderfully scrappy!

  22. How about a crumb square for the corners using some of the piano key fabrics?

  23. I love the piano key border. It looks very "Bonnie."

  24. Bonnie I love the piano key border and I'm so impressed by all these little baskets--were they handpieced or machine pieced?

    Why do you think you need to have a pieced cornerstone? Couldn't the cornerstone just be a plain block or maybe a diamond in a square?

  25. I love the piano key border and the little baskets are wonderful. Did you machine piece them or hand piece them?

    Looking at this now, I don't think you need another pieced block for the cornerstones, I think simple is better, maybe just a plain square or a diamond in a square.

  26. Yess! The piano key border is just right. The inner border works well with the basket center and pk border. There was a reason you made all that extra pk border! :-) Go with your instinct on the corners, and less is probably gonna be best.

  27. To me it is perfect just the way it is and only needs binding. I love older quilts and the way many of them do not have borders.

  28. I love old quilts without any borders. To me this quilt is perfect as is and only needs binding.

  29. sometimes ya just gotta go with what you have.....I like to let my quilts tell me what it wants.....yes they could look "better" with some other border or quilting.....but whatever flows at the time is just fine :0).
    Besides I'm making quilts to be used and loved not heirlooms to be saved and studied or entered into competition.....they are just for fun!
    Welcome home!

    Happy Sewing and enjoy whatever you make :0)


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