Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back in October...

There was THIS POST!


And I think it's time to put it on the machine. It's ripe! :cD I've pulled some batiks and funkies from the stash to piece a back...

But wait! What about the piano keys? Well...once I get the "Welcome Home" quilt stitching away, I can multi task and put on the piano key borders on the basket quilt, and then write some pattern instructions....followed by binding....

You see, I've got it all planned out, and if I'm not doing at least 4 things at once, I'm not happy. LOL!!!

I'm toying with either fuscia or orange thread for the houses...hmmm!

Oh yes, and webshots (isn't it funny how when I type that, it typos into websh!ts? AUUGH!)is busily uploading the rest of the pics from Sisters...it's taking its own sweet time, so that is probably another post for another day.


  1. That is the cutest quilt!!!
    You give me the itch to get started in sewing again, but the summer is too hot yet! It is a winter thing for me. I love seeing the quilts you do, they are very inspiring...

  2. Love all the different size blocks and pieced filler strips. I have always wanted to do something like that.

  3. What a fun quilt Bonnie!!!

  4. Oh! I see my two purple blocks ...I'm happy you use it !
    Beautiful top again and lot of hugs from France.

  5. It really is a happy, fun quilt! Oh, and be careful with your typos!! LOL! :)

  6. I remember sending you a block for this quilt when you moved into your new home, the one with the yellow door looks familiar, but who knows that was many blocks ago. Nice to see it all together.

  7. Bonnie,
    THAT is a beautiful quilt! As a great fan of your mystery quilts; just wondered if there is a mystery quilt in the near future. You have probably spoken on it. You mentioning how you are happiest doing 5 things at once made me think that perhaps you may be working another mystery!

  8. My daughter looked at this quilt and referred to it as "After the Earthquake!"
    Thanks for the great blog and pics!

  9. What fun! But only four projects...I think you are holding back Bonnie....

  10. Anonymous10:50 PM EDT

    the house quilt looks great

    and the piano keys will make the basket quilt SING!!


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