Sunday, July 18, 2010

More from Sisters!

This is your usual disclaimer! When at a show, I take pics of what catches my eye. It might not be what catches YOUR eye! And it might not be the whole quilt..just bits and parts of a border, an alternate block, a color combo, some quilting detail...it might not make a lot of sense to ANYONE but me on why I have these photos! *LOL*

(Kind of like trying to explain why you have that "ONE SONG" on your ipod that needs explaining.. :c| For me that would be a song from the "Wedding Singer" soundtrack..LOL!)

Sisters Oregon 2010-2

There were LOVELY quilts at the show, and I really enjoy walking through the teachers tent area and seeing that up close and personal.

As usual too..I think I have more photos in the album than you can do in one slide show, so the slide show is incomplete..you need to click through to the actual album to see them all..and it's worth it :c)

The best thing for me....one of the reasons I truly love going to Sisters, besides the absolutely most obvious reason, the fabulous women I quilt with, who ARE like Sisters to me...is that the Sisters show is completely and totally UN-JUDGED. There are no prizes. It's just quilts for the love of quilting..plain and simple. And you do see quilts from plain and simple all the way up to fantabulously outrageous...and everything in between. It's a breath of fresh air with no pretension.

Okay, and it's the smell of kettle corn in the air and all the other goodies too!

So I hope you enjoy the pics, get a feel for what it's all about, and make a promise to yourself that you will make it to Sisters, Oregon...always the 2nd Saturday in July. It's never rained on that day, you know? Not EVER! Not in the 30 years they've been having this show. That is the wonder of central Oregon in mid July. Hot and dry and wonderful.


  1. Thanks for the great slide show...what wonderful scrappy quilts...and I loved that red and green applique...so pretty..

  2. OMG this place looks amazing. I just mapquested it to see how far it is...only a 17 hr drive from Calgary....wonder if I can convince hubby to go one year. looks like quilting heaven!

  3. Wow, oh Wow!! I am a beginner quilter, as in just these past couple of months, and am totally addicted. I am so glad you shared these pics. I've already told my husband our next vacation is going to be Sisters, Oregon. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Fantastic quilts, fantastic photos.thanks for sharing them with those of us who have never made it to Sisters;)

  5. I realized my dream of attending the Sisters Quilt Show this year. It was awesome is all I can say. Even my hubby loved the quilt show and told me that we are going back next year!

  6. Do so appreciate the slideshow! Thanks much...hope to make the trip one day. So good for you to take time and enjoy for yourself. Can't wait to see what you are pumped to do now.

  7. Thanks for the virtual tour...I'm already trying to figure out how to get out there next year....

  8. I finally went to Sisters this year. We didn't arrive till 2, my daughters have decided we are going again next year, but earlier.
    Funny which quilts do catch your eye. While running through them, I stopped and really looked at one I liked, my daughter said "mom thats the quilt your working on" it was Bonnie's Pineapple blossom. LOL,it was the log cabin with black. We did have fun, maybe we can take tne motorhome there the night before :-)

  9. Hi Bonnie:
    I am your namesake from DOQ, Durham-Orange NC; the one who did not follow your instructions.
    I absolutely LOVE your photos from Sisters...in 2007 I got to visit the show (just once in my enchanted lifetime), and viewing your pictures is like being there again. IF quilters could only get there for one visit it would be worth the trip - Sisters is unlike any other place and the quilt show simply has to be seen to be believed.
    Keep up the good work, Bonnie F

  10. Bonnie,
    I love the photos of Sisters- the quilts are stunning and all so different- What I loved is that the quilts look like quilts that they are quilts to be used and loved and treasured by their owners. I don't mean that they are less beautiful than quilts made for prize winning shows but they have a different feel- does that make any sense? I loved seeing quilts with Kaffe Fassett fabrics which I am currently collecting for a quilt.
    There were some beautiful appliqued quilts that looked antique. Did you see lots of antique quilts there?
    I did not realize the show was not judged but it made me like the show even more.
    Thanks for sharing your Sister experience- the photos are truly wonderful.
    Warmest regards,

  11. Thank you for sharing your experience at the Sisters Quilt show. I have put a trip to Sisters, Oregon on my Bucket List.
    Also on the list will be taking a quilting Cruise.
    Keep on quilting!

  12. Thanks for the pics. Having been once I know it's a great show....


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