Friday, January 15, 2010

Relief For Earthquake Torn Haiti..

I'm forwarding the following because my heart is in knots as I watch scenes unfold on the news about the Haitian earthquake and the aftermath.

Ruth sent me the following, and I think it is a wonderful cause, and I wanted to put it out there for you to consider. If those who could, could make just one....or work it as a team with a friend, someone piece, someone quilt and bind (okay, that's three friends, but you know what I mean) I feel like we, as a quilting community, can make a difference.

Ruth writes:

I am contacting YOU to see if you, and perhaps women who are involved in your charity work, would be interested in contributing utilitarian quilts through the ausipices of Lutheran World Relief (LWR). Our church guild has been sewing for many years making quilts for the LWR projects. At this time, we are planning to send whatever quilts we already have made up (and in process of making new) - and found out last night that there is a warehouse in St. Paul, Minnesota where we will be forwarding our local suppplies/quilts.

I am enclosing some basic information about this organization with this e-mail, concerning how to contact them, who to contact, etc. IF you are interested or think others may be, I would be happy to TRY to coordinate collection of quilts for being sent to Haiti.

LWR normally asks that these quilts be 60"x80" approximately. They have found this particular size works well in most locations. Cotton fabrics are requested, however cotton or polyester battings can be used. We have been told, in the past, that the quilts they distribute to disaster areas throughout the world are used not only for bed coverings and/or warmth, but oftentime are put on the ground or used as make-shift living quarters when there are few tents or shelters available. So, these quilts can function in numerous ways (i.e. utilitarian - don't have to be pretty or fancy, but usable and washable) and are gratefully received wherever they are distributed.

I realize there are large organizations that do participate in disaster relief efforts. LWR is one that is reputable and already has people "on the gound" in Haiti. It is a worthwhile cause that we personally support, and because we can't physically help at the disaster site(s), or perhaps are not in a position to contribute monetarialy, we CAN sew and give quilts.

Sincerely - J. Ruth Zelenko, Hibbing, Minnesota e-mail dzlett@mediacombb.net

Looking forward to hearing from you - attached is some basic info on Lutheran World Relief

Your gift will be used to respond to the “Haiti Earthquake” crisis until needs there are met. After that, further gifts will be used to help LWR respond where the need is greatest. Please also consider making an unrestricted donation which will enable LWR to respond quickly to the next emergency.

During regular business hours, Monday through Friday, you may also call 1-800-LWR-LWR-2, or mail a check or money order to:

Lutheran World Relief -
Haiti Earthquake
P.O. Box 17061
Baltimore, MD 21298-9832

Editors: When listing organizations receiving donations for aid to survivors of major disasters outside the United States, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands, please include:

Lutheran World Relief, www.lwr.org, 1-800-597-5972

Emily Sollie, 410-230-2802 (office), 443-220-3269 (cell), esollie@lwr.org

Lutheran World Relief is a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS), individuals and parish groups in international relief, development, advocacy and social responsibility. LWR is a member of Action by Churches Together.

Please contact Ruth personally about any questions, or answers on where to send your quilt. She is willing to help get them to the warehouse in Minnesota, and they will be directly used where they are needed by those in need.

I'm leaving this with you with no affiliation personally, but I just feel like it is a wonderful way to help those who have been so hurt by this disaster.


  1. Thank you for the information! Lutheran World Relief is a wonderful organization and all the efforts are hugely worthwhile. Thanks again.

  2. I can vouch for LWR and all the wonderful things they do. Our church has been making and sending quilts to them for years. The quilts truly do go all over the world and are used in so many ways.

  3. Thanks for posting this info for us, Bonnie. I have emailed Ruth for directions of where to send a quilt.
    Many thanks Jan Mac

  4. Thank you, thank you. I was just thinking about what I could do last night and this is my answer. I will contact her today. It is so heartbreaking to watch what they are going through.
    Diane in Alaska

  5. This is such a heartwarming message. I have two Haitian relatives, they have the most terrible time not knowing where their relatives were or even are they alive. Both had brief contact by phone yesterday hearing that both their mothers are alive but homeless.
    I hope many quilts will be made and sent to the area, for that is another great problem.....
    Thank you for putting this message on your weblog!

  6. This is why I loaded and quilted that utility quilt last week. Now I know where it was supposed to go. Thanks for the information Bonnie. I've already contacted Ruth.


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