Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun with Pat!

I had a great time chatting with Pat Sloan yesterday! If you didn't get a chance to listen in, here is the link to the radio show page. When you get there, look for the box in the right hand corner that has the shows listed by date, the date on mine is Jan 25!

The call ins were fun too! I had no idea who would call in, and I was thrilled that a couple of the callers were people I knew either through email, or had met in person. I got to thinking later....if YOU guys hadn't called, maybe no one who didn't know me would have! *LOL* But it was great to have you support me by calling in, and now I have your little voices forever recorded too :c)

I wanted to share this pic of an antique beauty that I found on one of my jaunts. Do you recognize the setting?! It's nearly the same "storm at sea" sashing that I used on my brown and pink dear jane! (There is a pic of it here on Pat's Blog)

I fell in love with this, and would have bought it, but if you look at the top edge of the quilt, upper left, you will see a big piece of fabric that has been stitched over a very very falling apart place in the quilt. In the detail shot, you will also see that a lot of the fabrics have just disintegrated to nothing.

Still...it's the same album variation that I used in "Old Kentucky Album" in the January issue of Quiltmaker...just love that album block! And what's not to like about that solid blue and cheddar sashing? I love to mix solids in with my prints. I think it's a time honored tradition that we have really stepped away from. Solids don't have to just go with other solids as in Amish style quilts. Solids can go with prints and everything else. They don't read as flat to me...to me they are dynamic and a great place to show off quilting stitches that can sometimes get lost in a printy fabric.

The close up pic will show you how the quilting stands out more in the solid areas..isn't it great? And what's not to like about double pink and red together! Especially with Valentine's Day right around the corner. If you look closely you will see that the brown/tan fabrics are shredding and there is a lot of batting peeking through.

It's still a beauty....it still inspired me...but in this case, a picture was worth keeping, where the quilt wasn't worth bringing home.

On the home front, I'm having a bit of a back issue. I finally made it to the chiropractor yesterday...oh yes....SI joints all out of whack, pain radiating down into my left thigh...After an adjustment, I was pretty sore, spent much of the afternoon on ice packs. Evening too. Today I'm feeling a bit more mobile, but I've been told to stay away from the gym for a few days to let the inflammation go down. I've got another appointment on Friday.

Still, that isn't going to stop me from having a sew day with my friend Mary on Thursday! We haven't seen each other in months (since last year, since it was before December...)and I'm looking forward to spending time with her and catching up on all her doings.

I'm also meeting a new friend for lunch today. It's fun when a blog or a website or an email connects you with someone just the next town over! And I'm going to be late if I don't get going....

Enjoy the day!


  1. What a great quilt to share! thanks for the inspiration today!

  2. I have a book suggestion (or magazine article) for you, on how to figure out what quilting pattern to use ?
    Something to inspire us to jump over the self imposed hurdle, that keeps us from getting our quilts finished. I seem to love piecing and have lots of tops done, but freeze up when it comes to doing the quilting. I own quite a few books of quilt patterns, but none seem to simplify the process.
    Hope that your back is better soon.
    Happy stitching!

  3. Bonnie,
    I was soooo honored to get to talk to you yesterday. I need to go and listen to me as I was in the other room while I was speaking to you.

    SI is nothing to fool around with. I have had it off and on for years. When it gets bad you cannot even walk! I bought some Biofreeze from the PT place. It is great!!!!
    I bet you were lifting those heavy book boxes!
    XOXOXO Subee

  4. I'm listening to you right now!
    I hope your back feels better soon. That's miserable!

  5. It's beautiful and awe inspiring. It took my breath away when I clicked on your page this morning.

    If you get time (I know you're busy) come to my blog today and scroll to the center of today's post and see what I made using my stash of bricks...inspired by you!!! Thank you for what you do for everyone. We love you.

  6. ow ow ow. hope you feel much better soon!

  7. Great quilt!! I am currently hand quilting a chimney sweep album quilt and would have never thought to use that setting. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're feeling better today. I'm a physical therapist and if you're not getting better check out www.mckenziemdt.org. It list credentialed spine therapists by area. Feel better! :) Christine

  8. Great quilt, and it looks easy to replicate, similar to the one you had in the latest Quiltmaker magazine. Thank you for introducing me to Pat Sloan's blog. What a fun blog, and I plan to participate in her stashbusting challenge. Louise

  9. It is funny when blogging introduces you to people. I met a woman for lunch last week who lives in the Minneapolis area. We even talked about you - she'd taken a class from you in Ohio I think and she lives on the street your grandparents did I think she said ...or nearby anyway.

  10. That was great fun to hear your voice on the radio, well, on the computer actually! You go girl!!

  11. Hope your SI gets better soon. Now that you book is in publication, Congratulations! do you have new projects to share with us? I am looking for some new scrappy happy project to do.

  12. Love the quilt you didn't buy at the antique store. And there's my head popping up as I'm holding up the quilt. I really do like the setting. Glad you took a picture.


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