Friday, January 29, 2010

Busy Year Ahead!!

A couple of the venues planned for this year include Quilt Odyssey in Hershey PA July 21-25, and the NC Quilt Symposium Jun 3-6!!

I'm teaching Crumb Piecing and String Spiderweb in Charlotte for the NC Quilt Symposium!

I'm teaching Crumb Piecing, Basketweave Strings, and Happy Scrappy Houses in Hershey at Quilt Odyssey!

If you've always wanted to take ANY of these classes and you find yourself somewhere nearby....both venues are getting close to having sign-ups available on their respective websites.

In fact....this logo was sent to me by the NC Quilt Symposium gurus today asking if I would put it on my blog and start a quilty spam campagne...Sure!! :cD I'm excited that the Quilt Symposium is in Charlotte this year, it's only 80 miles or so from my home, yet far enough to feel like I've really "GONE" somewhere! *LOL*

If you are going to be in NC, live in NC, want to come to Symposium, now is the time to start planning! Here is the LINK!

Likewise! Can't make it to Charlotte....come to Quilt Odyssey!! I just checked the website, and they aren't taking sign-ups for Hershey until March 1st. I have no info on who else is teaching what there, so asking me isn't going to get answers.....you'll have to wait til March 1st (oooh, can you STAND IT?!?) And then get your registration in as early as possible so you can get the classes you want.

I am sitting here waiting to be pounded by another snow storm in NC! Its all anyone can talk about around here. At the Chiropractor, the post office, the bank..."Are you ready for another storm"?? Well yes...it's supposed to thaw completely in a couple days, so what's the big deal? Yes, I have bread, milk, eggs, cheese, butter.....the only thing I'm short on is my Diet Dr Pepper, but I've been working really hard to get that bad habit out of my life anyway. I'll survive!

I'm looking forward to another weekend to PUTTER without having to go anywhere. BRING ON THE STORM! I'm ready!! Just....please leave my power on...that's the one thing I ask!

Next week?? I'm headed to ALABAMA!! YEAHHHH!!! I sure hope it's a lot warmer there. I've never had Spring Fever this bad since moving south....but this has been the coldest winter I remember in the past 10 years easy, and I am SO ready to be WARM!


  1. Alabama is not warmer. Bring winter clothes..

  2. LOL Bonnie! Where in Alabama are you headed and when? We're snow and ice covered here in North Alabama (I live in New Market, north of Huntsville). Whatcha gonna do in Alabama?? Stay warm! :)

  3. That symposium sounds wonderful. I'd so love to take a class from you. I'm a Canadian snowbird but won't be within driving distance at that time. I will be in northern South Carolina for most of February until mid April. Are you teaching anywhere within NC or SC in those months?

  4. Anonymous8:48 AM EST

    Oh you best watch weather reports and bring toasty clothes with you to Alabama! The weather this next week doesn't look very toasty! I'm with you and want my warmer weather TOMORROW please! Oh...and your soup is YUMMY!! Thank you. *wink

  5. Oh (yawn), yet another winter storm. Here in Iowa we've been bombarded. Since December 1 we've had 41.4 inches of snow, with at least two inches more predicted for Monday. We're fast on the heels of passing a winter record set in 1886...50.2 inches of snow! But on the good side, I'm getting a lot of sewing done!


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