Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bad Bad Blogger!!!

It's one of those times where I am almost embarrassed to peek in here and tell you that I have no pictures, I have no time, and I'm on my way to Wyoming in the morning!! How can it be? Where did the last week go?

I hit the ground running when I left for Seneca and Pickens SC. It was SO COLD...I've never BEEN so cold in SC. It never left the 20s...it certainly never STAYED that cold when I lived down there. And I guess it isn't far enough south from NC to make a difference, even though I hoped so!

We had a wonderful whirlwind time, A lecture and trunkshow, a Cathedral Stars workshop, and a Jared Takes A Wife workshop.....

I left from the 2nd workshop and came straight home on Wednesday evening, a 4 hour drive...so I could spend most of Thursday taking care of things here before Randy arrived Thursday evening.

I picked her up in Charlotte (about 1.5 hours from me....so this is more driving and more driving!) and we caught up with each other while enjoying a dinner out at Ruby Tuesday...

Friday morning had us scrambling to leave for the retreat at Camp Dogwood, and we had a wonderful time. I was able to finish 3 UFOs: The applique oak leaf I did all those ridiculous triangles on at Gwen Marston's retreat...a sample for "Nine Patch Split" for a workshop coming up in March at the Gulf States Quilting Association in Baton Rouge, Louisiana...The 3rd one incorporates some string blocks along with regular patchwork and is a candidate for the sequel to Scraps & Shirttails (And no, can't show pics!) And the 4th project I got a good start on, just piecing piecing piecing on something I had kitted up back in August I think, also for the next book...it's all in tones of green/red/rust/burgundy and I really like how it's going to come out!

We returned home from retreat, Where it also barely got above 30 if any...good thing we were sewing all weekend!!.....on Sunday evening. DH had gone to a funeral, so Randy and I decided to extend our girls weekend and enjoy dinner out at a mexican place, and go to the movies! We saw "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep....and I have never laughed so hard in my entire life! LOVED IT!! It was perfect to see it with a good girlfriend.

Tuesday? Shopping. We headed to Greensboro where we hit some furniture outlets and lighting stores, threw in lunch at Panera and a stop at the quilt shop and then headed to the antique mall...can you tell it was a full day?

That brings me to yesterday. (whew) Another trip to Charlotte to drop Randy off at the airport. I decided that I had NOT had enough retail therapy, and decided since I was only 20 minutes from Mary Jos....to take a detour! I didn't buy much, I got out of there for $30 with some remnants of solids, and some fat quarters. That's it! Let's face it...when you have reached saturation level when it comes to your stash, there isn't much more that you can add to it that you really need.

Today was fairly normal, but I had a ton of stuff to do to get ready for Wyoming tomorrow. I hit the gym....the grocery store (the guys are going to need food, right?) and proceeded to take care of laundry, house work, paid some bills, took care of book orders, invoices, mailing labels for the pre-orders....and that took me to dinner time (and beyond)

I just finished packing. It's 20 til 10pm and I've got to be up at 3:45am to leave for the airport at 4:15 am to get to the airport by 4:45 so I can board a flight at 5:30 that is leaving at 6:00am. It's going to be a long day. I fly Greensboro to Chicago to Denver to Casper.....

Let's hope and pray that all my bags and I make it to the same place, same time! My biggest fear is that the bags won't show up on an evening I have to do a trunkshow.....*fingers crossed*

I'll be back Monday night! Wish me WARMTH!!!


  1. Bonnie I get exhausted just reading about what you do. Bless you, you are always on the go. Just remember to take some YOU TIME. I wish I had half of your energy!

  2. Hi Bonnie

    I just spent the last 4 days in West Palm Beach in Florida for a meeting for work. I wore my winter coat most of the time I was there! I was so cold! I feel warmer now that I am at home in Ontario, Canada, in my insulated and well heated house! Looking forward to seeing your new book. I have hinted that I would like a copy for my birthday in February and hope that my husband has picked up on the hint! He is usually good at that type of thing!

  3. to get some warmth, you might have to come even farther north then!!! ;-) We are not even wearing our jackets right now, it's so nice, but, on second thought, you wouldn't like it!!!!

    Crazy hours your doing, but I think you are enjoying the adventure. And yes, prayers that you and your luggage make it to the same place at the same time!!! have a great time!!

  4. Happy Travels, Bonnie and stay safe. If your bags don't make it, ask people to bring in their scrap quilts for an impromptu show and tell.

    Kathie in Lacey, Wa'

    PS. Warm in Wyoming in January? Hmmm, might pack a coat just in case....

  5. You are on the run. You're wish for warmth has been granted. Have fun!

  6. oh good luck having the quilts arrive with you after all those stops!
    I am sure you will be fine!!!!!
    ok, all that shopping and no one antique quilt picture?
    I am sure you and Randy found one to ooohh and aaaahhh over!
    Glad you had a great time with her!

  7. My goodness Bonnie, your busy schedule leaves me breathless! I just don't know where you get all your energy. Happy travels hon!

  8. you make my head spin. glad you got FUN in to all that busyness. good luck with the trip!

  9. I'm out of breath!!!

  10. Don't forget to schedule "breathing". Oh my goodness, your life is a whirlwind right now!

  11. Wyoming in January? What are you thinking? We finally start to warm up down south and you run up North!

  12. Whew - LOTS more to do than I can even imagine!

    I, ME, ElaineAdair, moi, will see YOU soon in Wyoming! Yes, I REALLY hope all your bags make it. 8-))))

    And, it's not too cold here - in the 40s. 8-)))

  13. Yep! I'm thinking that if "we all" us comment people... take a nap... maybe we can pass some "extra" energy onto you! LoL.... Looking forward to reading when you get back! Have fun!

  14. Welcome to Wyoming! Wish I could be at the retreat but I am on the other side of the state and weather here sometimes makes traveling treacherous. Hope you have a fun time and that yours bags do all make the trip together.

  15. Hi Bonnie,
    I think we all understand the no photo thing...you are soooo busy..one gets tired just reading your blog!!! LOL..I know where you can get some warmth..you can come visit Australia, wow we sure are warm right now..and we would sure like to have you visit...thanks for the tip on the movie, cant wait to see it.

  16. If you find any warmth, PLEASE bring it back with you!!! I've never none it be stay this cold for so long!!! Take care!!!!

  17. Mercy! You need a real retreat. Go somewhere and do nothing all alone for at least a weekend. Would it calm you? Or for that short time, drive you crazy? You are one busy woman.


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