Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I had an accident this morning.

Or more like...I was extremely ungraceful and uncoordinated this morning, and turned my ankle while doing boot-camp type drills over a row of bosu balls during my training session at the gym. I rolled that right ankle, and went down to the floor.

The first thought to my mind was.....How am I going to drive to PA tomorrow with an un-useable right foot??

I sat at the minor emergency place for quite a while...foot elevated, ice pack on...x rays taken, doctor consult. Diagonsis? Not broke, but severely sprained and I am to be non-weight bearing on it for 4 days. I've got a lace up ankle support brace and crutches!

I'm still headed to PA in the morning. I emailed ahead and let everyone on this 5 guild route know that I'm still coming, the show will go on, I'm just going to need extra help bringing everything in and packing it back into my car when I'm done.

And I have to laugh...I was emailing Lucy from my phone, and just like a QUILTER she said "Oh NO, Bonnie!" That's your SEWING foot!" *LOL* And here I was worried about it being my DRIVING foot! :cD

I think the sewing foot will be okay...and I've got hand work to do if it gets sore driving the machine. :c) And thank heavens for cars with cruise control!!

My car is packed thanks to the help of DS Jeff. All that's left is my suitcase, and I'll be ready to head out in the morning. I might be walking slow, but they can't stop me!


  1. And besides.... you can be ambidextrious ...(yes I know I murdered that word!) as far as the sewing foot!!! LoL... hate to think that you couldn't sew... that would be awful! Feel better soon... take it easy!

  2. Bonnie -- OUCH! Lots of drugs while driving. Not! Nice pedicure by the way, but bad ankle. good luck on the trip. Don't push yourself too much.

    Sharon in CO

  3. Ok, so I'm ashamed to admit that my first thought was it's your sewing foot, too. Take care of yourself and enjoy the trip. Lane

  4. You can always borrow my machine. It has a start and stop button. No foot action needed. It looks painful, and those injuries take a while to heal.

  5. i will have to admit I thought of your driving foot first. You are a trooper to drive on! Try to rest it when you can so it can heal quicker. Good luck with the road show!!

  6. I sew left footed a lot when the right gets tired. takes getting used to, but works when all else fails. good luck!

  7. Goodness! It looks ouchy! Exercise is bad! Baby that ankle during your trip. I'm sure you'll heal quickly.

  8. I did the same thing about 1 1/2 months ago but luckily it wasn't my sewing foot! The difference for me was that they urgent care doctor said it was broken and wrapped it all up and put me on crutches so I didn't do anything until 5 days later when I found out it wasn't broken at all! Believe me, stay off the foot and it will heal much faster!

    Take care and have a fun trip!

  9. Ouch, Ouch and double Ouch! I did the same kind of thing two years ago right before my daughter's wedding....It was black and blue and so sore...Stay off of it, it is hard but the best thing for it...hope this doesn't curtail your sewing too much! LOL...we all think the same

  10. I'm glad to hear you didn't break it. Just remember, this is also your brake foot and you can cause serious injury braking with your left foot... Ask me how I know. Your forehead could have a collision with the windshield. LOL

    Try not to do too much on it.

  11. Anonymous7:14 PM EDT

    I'll remember that one! Sewing Foot!! Classic!!! Well, drive safe and take it easy going.

  12. I'm so sorry for your hurt. Hope it doesn't mar your trip. Good luck. Can't wait for your next post.

  13. Ouch is right! I feel your pain...really! I have a feeling this little setback won't keep you from having a fabulous trip. Rest, ice and elevation are the best things right now, but of course a little quilting always makes anything better!

    Take care,

  14. My SEWING FOOT was in a BIG BOOT for 4 months and I learned to press the PEDAL with my LEFT FOOT - it can be done - the show must go on. I hope your pain isn't too great!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  15. Cuanto lo siento Bonnie, lo positivo es que puedes aprovechar para que te mimen y te cuiden.
    En tu entrada anterior decias que siempre coses, ahora por unos dias deberás hacerlo a mano.
    Por suerte no es tan grave tu lesion.Que tengas buen viaje y que afortunados son los que podrán compartir contigo.

  16. Be careful! Sprains take a long time to heal too.
    Now maybe you need to take the 6600
    shotgun and use the stop/start
    button sewing option.
    Do you think God is trying to tell you to stay home and take it easy for awhile?
    Safe travels and Happy sewing

  17. Bless your heart! You have got to protect that sewing foot. Have a safe trip!

  18. Careful driving and get back in one piece.

  19. Yeow!

    Be careful driving and take breaks to elevate it. Driving long distance make ankles swell enough without the sprain!

    (Poor baby...she says with her lip poked out.)

  20. Nothing on the foot pedal or in the manual says: "Use only your right foot to depress". Thank "God" for cruise control! Have a safe trip!

  21. I always knew exercising was dangerous.

  22. Hi Bonnie,
    So sorry to read about your ankle sprain. The quickest way to heal is "RICE"
    R = rest
    I = ice
    C = compression
    E = elevation

    I fractured my left ankle on August 28, 2009. The first five days were non-weight bearing I was on crutches with a flat slab cast. This was a solid piece of fibre glass on the back of leg and under my foot held in place with gauze & tape. This allows for swelling. Then on September 2nd orthopedic surgeon checked the x-rays. He upgraded my mobility from crutches to a walking boot. Let me tell you this walking boot is my new favourite shoe. I sleep and shower without the walking boot and use crutches only when not wearing the walking boot.

    Helpful hints, I bought an adjustable bath seat with back if fits in the bathtub, then you sit on it to shower. It has excellent rubber feet like crutches feet. Then after the shower sit on the tub edge, take chair out of tub put on the bathroom floor. Then you can sit on the chair to do your hair, brush your teeth. This is way more comfortable then crutches.

    I use two pillows under left leg to elevate my ankle when sleeping and or resting.

    Take care, my best wishes for a speedy complete recovery,

  23. Bonnie, please keep safety!
    Marina, Russia

  24. couldn't help but chuckle at what Lucy said :)

    Sorry to hear about your sprang ankle but glad to hear that the show will go on ;) Could this be the first trunk show of you sitting while you talk.. I can just see you now all propped up with your foot on a stack of folded up quilts ;)

    Take care and ice up every chance you get.. Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  25. I have always thought that exercise is no good for you - and here's my proof! Of course I'm kidding, and I hope you have a speedy recovery hon.

  26. Poor you, that must be sore. I have been using my left foot for sewing lately and can tell you, it works! Maybe you just have to get used to it a bit.
    Hope you will be able to do your drive. Can see the picture... a car stopping at a parking spot, lady coming out, taking her crutches to go inside...

  27. Oh Bonnie! That looks really painful! Leave it to Lucy to think about your "sewing" foot! That is too funny! Have a great time and I hope that bad ankle doesn't slow you down much.
    Tell Lucy hello:)

  28. I always knew going to the gym was dangerous! Heal up soon :o)

  29. Bonnie, doesn't your Janome have a start/stop button? Mine is a similar model to yours, and it has it. You could take that one with you, so you can give your foot a rest.

    Take care, and hope you feel better soon!

  30. OUCH! That looks painful. Good luck with your trip, and welcome back to Ohio! If you need something else to do with your foot up, remember the new Jamie and Claire novel ("An Echo in the Bone") came out on Tuesday. I think you said you were a fan. There's a copy waiting for me at my local library today!

  31. I did that....just to encourage you....I still enjoyed my Florida vacation....just couldn't wear the heels I brought along! Stick to flats and your brace and you won't even need those cumbersome crutches. :)

  32. Oh I did that right before finals my freshman year in college! It was sprained so badly they casted me for 3 weeks...and I had to hop down the stairs off the plane. How humiliating...Oh..and once I broke a toe 2 days after our adopted son came home. Grace is not my middle name! Hope you heal fast.

  33. Such memories that photo brought back to me, and not all that good!!! Except that my ankle injuries occurred by doing something fun. Take care my dear, and take a photo when it is pretty colors!!!
    Travel safe.

  34. Oh, that looks painful! Drive (and sew) carefully!

  35. long-time lurker here, but had to come out to say that the same thing happened to me years ago but the best thing that came out of it was that i learned to use my left foot on the pedal (sewing machine, not car--that would be dangerous! :-) it's actually really useful to be able to use both feet and sometimes i just use my left foot for the heck of it :-)

  36. So how was the drive?
    What colors are you showing on our ankle today.....black, blue, green or yellow?
    Hope you aren't having too much pain.

    Happy sewing

  37. I am a leftfooted sewer...comes from having issues with the right ankle...it isn't difficult after a quilt top or two!

  38. I am sorry, Bonnie...may you heal soon. Hand quilting? Binding duty?

  39. Ouch! Hope you're healing ok now!

  40. As of yesterday, I am in the same boat with you - walking splint and crutches and on a week long business trip.

  41. it might be your sewing foot but you can always put the foot pedal on the table!!!! That is what I did in rehab after having both knees replaced. The sewing machine was a saving grace after PT each day! And I have a lovely wall hanging to show!

  42. ow.

    ow ow ow ow ow ow ow OW!!!!!


    (if you're back in time for bee, Sneaky Pete may be able to help you)

  43. Sorry to hear about your accident...time to sit with foot elevated in front of the sewing machine and have everyone wait on YOU for a change!! That doesn't happen at your house?? Not mine either...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  44. I have problems with my right foot and leg all the time, so I sew with my left anyway! It is pretty easy.


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