Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh! Hi! OH!!!!

Well here I am in Ohio, with a very slow connection on my wireless card, so I hope that I have enough juice to upload a couple pics!

I'm happy to say that I am now "weight bearing" on my gimpy leg, and you wouldn't believe the colors my foot and ankle have turned! The whole episode of the fall was so stupid, but it has taught me to really appreciate being active. And also to appreciate (not fight) the time to slow down when you have to.

I was met in Hermitage, PA by a group of ladies who took charge at unloading my car, and helping me set up and tear down for my lecture and trunkshow on Thursday night. We had a great time!

Friday, we had a Star Struck workshop, and there were ladies in charge of making sure I iced my foot/ankle down and kept it elevated as much as possible..of course, I still did what I could to disobey them. What a fun time we had!

Saturday morning I drove to Ashtabula, OH where I was met by a long time email friend, Holly, whom I had never met in person before. Boy is that fun. I try to think of what my life was like before internet, and I really LOVE how connections have blossomed thanks to this medium, enriching all of our lives so abundantly. I don't think I could ever go back to being "unconnected". Could you?

Holly lead the way to where the Boxy Stars workshop was being held for the Ashtabula guild, and we had a great time....Kat brought me lunch, and set me down with an ice pack too! I've been staying with Kat since. Yesterday (Sunday) Was a day off, and we spent that sewing....same with today. There is a lecture/trunkshow tonight, but we can sew all day long up until that point. Weeeee!

I am finally able to get a shoe on my foot, and that has helped with some stability (and arch support) as well.

Kathy has a new member of her family...a 12 week old kitten named Gracie. She is quite the spitfire!! In fact as I type this I am sitting on the couch, and Gracie is up behind me playing with my hair...anything not nailed down is a cat toy, and I think they should rename her KILLER!

We even had to ban her from the sewing room because she kept attacking my thread as it came off the cone and up the thread holder...*LOL* She is just too cute to want to put in time out, but we did!

I took some really cute pics, but blogger is not cooperating with my connection to upload them, so I'll have to do that at another time. Right now....I'm off to go sew!!


  1. Bonnie, I wish you were more in south west Ohio. I just left there yesterday where I was able to see some of the barn quilts. Not near enough. Beautiful!
    Take care of that foot.

  2. So Glad your foot is better. I have 2 friends that fell Friday and did the same thing. Must be something in the air. Take care and dont over do it.

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    The update was great. Glad to read you are on the mend and sewing again. Looking forward to seeing your photos. Have a super duper day sewing.

  4. glad to hear you are on the mend and having a good time despite the annoying foot. Greetings to Ohio where most of my relatives live in the Sandusky area!!!

  5. Good luck with the ankle! I sprained my wrist about 3 weeks ago, and know how much it hurts! Keep the wrap on and use ice! Those were my comforts. It just so happens that I am in southern Ohio. Too bad I am not close enough to have been able to attend your events. I'm looking forward to seeing your pics when you are able to load them. ~Jayne

  6. I am sooo happy that you are now weight bearing on your ankle. And glad to hear that you are icing that darn ankle. So...what colors are your ankle? Could be a pallet for the next quilt! HA!
    I hope you brought warm clothes and a coat. Fall has sprung here!

    BTW I now have a cream /blue Star Struck made. And using your advice I added a tiny orange border before adding a blue border to finish. Hubby really likes how it brightens up the blues. He was impressed!
    Subee in Northern Indiana

  7. Sounds like the quilters are taking good care of you...and I think Gracie was just trying to make you feel at home!

  8. Thanks for the update Bonnie, we have all been thinking of you. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  9. May your leg continue to recover! I really thought I was going to be able to hear your lecture in Canton but have another commitment I had to go to. I live in Bath, just next to Copley. When are you there? I would love to attend one of your workshops!

  10. Glad to hear your foot is healing and you're able to wear a regular shoe. After I broke my ankle this past winter, I wasn't able to squeeze into a regular shoe until mid to late July. I celebrated the first week and I know people thought I was losing my mind. LOL

  11. In speed reading I thought it said you had a STAR BUCKS class! Guess it's time for the afternoon cup of joe. :)

    Take care of you and travel safely home!

  12. I did not know you were going to Hermitage! That is where my mom's family is from, and her brother and mother still live there. =)

    Unfortunately, it's been far too long since I've spent any amount of time there...

  13. Finally had a chance to check blogs - wanted to say I missed you in OHIO! Wish I hadn't missed out in Ashtabula, everyone had such great things to say. I hope you'll be returning some day!


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