Thursday, September 17, 2009

Machines...IN THE MAIL!!!

It's one thing when boxes of fabric show up on my doorstep and I do the happy dance of joy either finding ways to use it in charity quilts, or donate it to organizations in need!

But today....a box with fabric, cotton shirts, thread....and a VINTAGE SINGER arrived on my doorstep!!

Thank you so much Ila! You didn't include your email address, so I'm hoping you see my post here.

This machine is amazing. It looks like it was either a treadle that was motorized, or a very early motorized machine...it still has the shuttle bobbin! The shuttle is still there!

I did some research on the singer website. Her serial number is G8916262. This makes her a model #128 Singer, born on Aug 1, 1921. She was manufactured at the Elizabethport factory, in Elizabeth, NJ.

I can tell her decal work was gorgeous at one time! The fact that most of it is worn off is a sign of a good long life of hard use to me, and I love this about old machines. I would rather see a machine with pin scratches and scraped off decals, than one in mint condition any day because they have had a LIFE! They meant something to someone, just as my machines mean something to me. The more we use them, the more they have a place in our lives. Some machine that sat in a closet un-used just does not have a story, does it?

Thank you so much for trusting me with her, Ila! I am naming her after you :cD


  1. Ohhhh, lucky you. I just posted today about a 1925 singer treadle I bought over the weekend. It also has the shuttle. Aren't we the lucky ones!!! Enjoy it. I'm certainly loving my new treadle. Lane

  2. WoW! I heart her! Oh if she could talk.

  3. If there is what looks like a maple leaf immediately to the right of the spool pin on the top - I believe the original decal is "La Vincendora" - which is the design on the machine I inherited from my mother - originally owned by my grandfather. She was manufactured in 1924, if memory serves, and still runs quite well (well, she will once more when I get the electrical short in the system repaired). :)

  4. Congratulations on your new baby. Her sister "Emily" lives with me- same year, same factory. Emily is my take-to-class machine and always draws attention, especially with her knee control and shuttle bobbin.

    Leslie in Maine

  5. Ila is a well-loved beauty and she's certainly the lucky girl to have found a new home with you! So, is she Ila Elizabeth, then? Might as well make her lineage go right on back to source ;)

  6. Ah Bonnie! How very fortunate you are. And how generous Ila is! She's a beauty!

  7. What a beauty and what a neat surprise! I'm sure you will provide a loving home for her!

  8. well how lucky can you get?
    what a wonderful surprise

  9. I have this machine!
    It was a knee powered model ( at least mine was) and I converted it to a hand crank machine.
    It sat in my mother in laws garage for over 30 years!
    Mine was made in 1925 same place as yours :0).

    Happy Sewing

  10. what a wonderful surprise! enjoy sewing on that bit of history!

  11. Bonnie, what a beautiful thing to receive. I love the old
    machines too. I have one that I bought at an estate sale of a friend. It had belonged to her mother and was in great shape. It was in the cabinet and all the drawers had all the attachments, old buttons and all the other kind of stuff we would have put in those places.

    Are you a collector of old machines? Let me know. http://creationsbylsm.blogspot.com

    This one I have is in storage right now and since I won't have room for it I would like to find it a good home.

    Also scraps of material. All my stuff is in storeage and if you have scraps you would be willing to share I would pay the postage. Pat from Pattilou's and Pat from Qilting is my Passion last year sent me some scraps and I have just about used them up making quilts for the Sunshine group. They send the quilts to orphanges all over the world.

    I am a disabled nurse on limited funds and could use anything I could get. I make strings and crumbs with the smallest pieces. So think of me before you throw any away. I don't make it a habit of doing stuff like this.

    If you get a chance take a look at my blog. Make a comment if you would. I am new at this and love to see comments.

    Thank you for your time.

  12. Oh boy, can you take back a post. I didn't know you were so famous, just a very prolific quilter. How bad you must think of me for asking for scraps. Lordy, what did I do. I always use my mouth before my head.

    So here goes. Just spent a couple of hours reading your older posts and then going to your website. Thank you for the free patterns and all the helpful info you give along with them.

    I was just educated last year by Pat on what crumbs and strings were. Boy am I hooked. I have made over 600 strings from the scraps the ladies sent me and at least that many crumb blocks. I love it cause you can use up just any old piece you have. No matching colors or patterns or anything. Just sit and sew. I was lucky to pick up a little Bernina on sale for less than 200 dollars. Needless to say I am in love. I know it is the bottom of the line for Bernina, but I don't care. It is perfect for me.

    Ok to get back to my big blunder. I have a lot of string and crumb blocs not put into quilt tops yet. Would you like me to send you some? Let me know. http://creationsbylsm.blogspot.com or lindamason627@msn.com

    Please don't think me too ignorant for asking for scraps. I am known to open my mouth too much on occasion.

    Have fun and I have to go and read more from you blog.

    Thank you

  13. I can't get anything done. I am now down to June 09 and can't quit.

    A stupid question I know. What are sleeves? All my quilt books are in storage in Fl and this is driving me crazy.

    Got to order the magazine set so I can see what you are doing with the mystery quilt.

  14. Love your new baby, really she is a Mama! Enjoy, Bonnie!

  15. My husband shipped me a vintage sewing machine one time and it arrived with the base part cracked in half. Boohoo! And he packed it well.

  16. I just wanted to thank you for all the info and free patterns and helpful hints. Now I know how to make my own bindings. Wow, no more buying the quilt binding for everything I do.

    Thanks so much.

  17. God! I'm looking and looking at yard sales and in Goodwill for one of those and you get one in the mail! I need to get more friends!

    Did you know that your machine isn't really "born" on that specific day. Or even that month? The dates that are matched up with the serial numbers are really the day that Singer released the batch of serial numbers. So your machine could be as much as two years "younger" than that date. I hadn't known that until I went researching for a Singer 99 my sister bought me for $30.

  18. I have one of those little 128's with the "La Vincendora" decals!

    Mine is in a wooden base and had a motor and decrepit wiring. I removed the motor and added a repro handcrank.

    Love those old machines! And the new machines too of course! Wouldn't want to give up my needle down, blanket stitch, etc. :)

  19. I got one of those myself today. I didn't know you had one until I saw this post at the bottom of today's (3/16/11) post. Mine is a handcrank from 1910! I got it for my granddaughter. I think she needs one for her 6th birthday. Don't you??


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