Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Got my Feet back in NC!

Hey everyone!

I'm back home as of 6pm last night. It's a 10 hour drive from where I was in Indiana to my front door. I had Ken Follett's "World without End" Keeping me company the whole way and I still have a long way to go on it. I like this narrator better than the guy who read "Pillars of the Earth...." Sometimes the narrator just makes it for me!

The show in Auburn was wonderful! It was the weekend that Auburn does their classic car show as well, so we saw refurbished antique cars going up and down streets every which way we went.

This morning when I came down to my studio to turn on the desktop computer (Yes, the one I got on Memorial Day...) It wouldn't turn on!!! I think the power supply went pffftt on it :c( It IS under warranty, and I have all my paperwork together for it, so it is going to mean a side trip to Best Buy to drop it off and have it looked at. I'm really thankful for the terabyte "my book" back up that I got over Christmas. I just had to plug my laptop into it, and I've got all my data, everything I need.

I still have to unload my car. URGH. It definitely looks like I've been living in it for two weeks. Shotgun the Bernina is ready to come out of the front passenger seat and take up her rightful place here in my studio where I hope to do some serious sewing over the next two weeks off!

I saw leaves starting to turn across southern Ohio as I got closer to West Virginia yesterday. WAIT!! SLOW DOWN!! I'm not ready for this yet. Summer went too fast! But I do admit to liking the feeling of a comfy pair of jeans and a soft well worn sweater over my tshirts :c)

I'm anxious to find places for my purchases, and I tell you what, I'll have more JAM than I need to get me through the winter. When traveling places, I love to pick up edibles, because let's face it....if I brought home clutter from every trip, I'd be buried! And that goes for quilty items too. Why is it if we have three of something, we suddenly think 12 of them is better? I ought to take my own word for it when it comes to vintage sewing machines! I think I have enough now.....

(But don't hold your breath!!)

So Edibles are a great thing to bring home from various places. The baked goodies from Shipshewana? ALL GONE of course! But here you will see some jellys, jams, butters that I picked up, as well as some homemade peach jam from Teri, and some salsa and cold packed beef from Carol. YUM! Thanks Ladies! Every time I indulge myself with these, I'll think of you and the great time we had!


  1. I'm glad to hear that you're safely home, Bonnie. You are one busy gal!!!

    Looks like an all day rain here in lower MI, so I'll definitely be in my sewing room (with the lights on).

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I love that pumkin' butter on a toasted bagel with cream cheese!
    Enjoy home and sewing this week!

  3. Welcome Home!! NC is the place to be....and yes, fall is just around the corner....leaves are starting to turn up here in the high country!!


  4. What a great idea to bring back edibles! I've never thought of that. My husband hates clutter, but he LOVES to eat, so this could be a way to appease both my need to bring home momentos and his appetite. Glad you are home safely and have some time off to SEW!

  5. I'm so glad you had a good trip but I'm glad your back. I miss reading your posts in the morning.

  6. Leaves are falling here in Indiana too. Fall is my favorite time of year...right after Winter. Yes, I am a cold weather lover. There is a limit of what you can take off when it is hot...and winter weather clothes hide a multitude of figure flaws!
    I am so glad you made it home safely. I felt so very honored to have spent quality one on one time with you. You are one classy, talented lady!
    Shotgun WILL be glad to be out of that front seat and back where she belongs.
    Have a great 2 weeks home.
    GRRRR about the computer hangup. I also have external storage. I would die if I lost all my pictures and patterns.
    I just finished processing 8 lbs. of fresh green beans. My freezer is getting fuller. Love that ole' "nesting urge".
    XOXOOX from Northern Indiana

  7. Welcome home....do you get to stay there for a while?
    Looks like a fruitful trip ( sorry for the bun) but there really is "NO PLACE LIKE HOME"

    Happy Sewing

    Oh, have you heard about Ann Champion and Quiltmaker?

  8. Welcome home. What is cold packed beef?

  9. Glad to see you had a wonderful trip and you're safely back home. I love the vibrant fall colors. The leaves in our area, northwest, are turning colors too. Seems as though we went from high 90's to rain overnight. I've even put the down comforter back on our bed. Have fun tasting all your treats.

  10. Good to see you back under your own roof... hope you have time to relax a bit! Maybe snuggle with the cuddly ones! LoL...
    We have a trip to Jacksonhole Wyoming coming up and we always seem to find something that takes up too much room too... Edibles does make sense for everything but my waistline!

  11. Looks like you had an awesome trip! Glad you made it back safe and sound -- with lots of edible goodies! Thanks for sharing with us --

    Denise :)

  12. I'm sorry - didn't realize there's such a thing as "too many" vintage sewing machines. LOL

    On the other hand, maybe that's why I stopped counting mine. ;-)

  13. Yeah 2 weeks home, you must be thrilled
    sure hope you get a lot of sewing done!
    enjoy those homemade goodies, nothing like it.

  14. Anonymous4:50 PM EDT

    Welcome back home girlfriend! You've been missing from NC for way too long!!
    Yummo!!! Jams!!!

  15. Two weeks off ~ sweet! I loved reading how you're pulling fall right along with you down the a little farther south. I can't wait. Time to take this body and get outside! I'm very berry excited. No more living like a troglodyte for this chick. :)

  16. Welcome home! Bringing home edibles is a great idea!

  17. Welcome back! That seemed like a long trip?! Personally I am so excited it is autumn...already planning on how to decorate for halloween!

  18. Congratulations on another sucessful trip up north! I'm reading "World Without End" right now, too. I have about 50 pages to read. It's just one of those books that I can't put down. BTW, I was in your class in Indianapolis last month. I finished piecing the lap-sized version of Star Struck. You've definitely "hooked" me on scrappy quilting

  19. Bonnie where are you...it's Friday Sept. 11 and I would like to learn some quilty stuff like you used to share with us. What is new we should know about!


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