Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Too funny not to share!!

Every day I get silly emails. Some are worth saving in a file I have nicknamed "ridiculous"

Now, it isn't that the people are ridiculous, but sometimes the requests are! I get requests from people saying they want to take a certain quilt I've designed and make it queen size, but not do it scrappy, and this that and the other and would I please rewrite the pattern for them so the block turns out at THIS size not THAT size, and can I tell them exactly how much yardage they need, because they don't want ANY left overs. These make me smile! But No....I don't offer this service, sorry :c)

Then ones like this come in just this morning, and I am rolling on the floor laughing! I need to get to the gym, I've got an appt with my trainer in 1/2 hour, but I have to have to have to share this...

She writes:
I started a disaster of a quilt when my daughter graduated from high school in 2005. Thought I knew what I was doing. Have t-shirt logos (swimming from High school) sewn on yellow and black squares that are way too big. Outlined logos with seam binding - oh my goodness. Bought ribbon to cover up the crooked seams (haven't done that yet) and yellow jacket buttons to attach wherever. I need help. Do you do disaster recovery work? I need to get this done, but it has been sitting under my sewing machine for 4 years. Please let me hear from you. Thanks so much.

OH! MY! GOODNESS! Is this a project any of you would like to take on? Oh, come on, you know you want to! :c)

I nicely emailed her back, and told her no, that I wasn't quilting for others any more because of my travel schedule. It is so NICE to have a legitimate reason to turn someone down...

I'll be smiling to myself all day over this one!


  1. Oh c'mon Bonnie! That sounds like a real challenge. Now you have me laughing. Poor woman. I'll glady send her a Hefty bag to dispose of her headache. Sometimes it's best just to let go!

  2. As tempting as that is I am just going to have to turn down that one! :) If it wasn't all sewn together I am probably crazy enough that if I were asked by someone I knew I might be willing since I enjoy doing t-shirt quilts, but frog stitch (ripit! ripit!) isn't my favorite!

  3. What a pity that you're too busy, I know that it would be a masterpiece with only a few passes of Bonnie's magic wand.

  4. Oh my! I'm sure there will be so many quilters' hearts feeling for this poor woman. I just can't imagine anyone taking up the project though! Oh my! Good luck to her!


  5. I can SO relate. I once posted that I was on a small island in Alaska taking care of my 83 year old, legally blind, diabetic mother with moderately advanced Alzheimer's and my 92 year old father had just gotten an acute case of shingles. I added that I was using an ancient computer with rainwater in the dial up phone line. I REPEATEDLY was emailed by someone who did not know how to sew, or quilt, but could borrow a machine IF I could walk her through the steps of how to buy fabric, understand pattern directions, and make her boyfriend a quillow in 2 weeks for his birthday using my blog's free quillow tutorial. I wrote a really nice 'sorry' note back. She wrote twice more, asking each time one of the sections of the original request. I told her to go to Joann's and ask a clerk for help. I was too exhausted to laugh but inside I thought it should have had a 'ridiculous' file of its own!!!!

  6. it amazes me what people write and ask for!
    omgosh I can see why you will be laughing all day!
    you needed a good laugh didn't you?

  7. I hope that there are many more of us who are thrilled with whatever you put out and don't expect that or anything more! I would never dream of asking you (or any other person who posts free patterns, or publishes book patterns) to take your time to meet my individual needs for free no less! Some people never cease to amaze me. It takes all kinds to make the world go round ;)

  8. It just goes to show, that people see talent and are drawn to it like a moth to a light bulb. There is probably someone out there who could/would love to help and maybe now that you have been so sweet as to place it onto your blog. That someone will surface. Hopefully this lady will get it done... hmmmmmmmm, if I only had some time... then again if she didn't want it done in a big hurry??? Who knows!

  9. Oh darn, and I was just ready to press send with MY request for you to finish some of my many UFOs!!!!

    Does this mean you REALLY don't want to take on more unfinished business?!?!

    HAHAHA! I've been asked numerous times to finish up something for someone. (The really sad part is I feel guilty when I opt out of it; however, I AM getting better at saying no.)


  10. Here's advice for that woman: When you have a disaster, DUMP IT!

  11. Oh come on gilrs be a little supportive!! Tell her to sew the blocks back to back together with a simple zigzag stitch and turn it into a fabric "album" for her instead of a quilt. That way the work done is still being used and the memories are still being saved and the "thing lurking under your sewing machine" is realesed to leave room for something more enticing.

    If she'll post it to OZ I'll do it for her.


  12. Send her my email, I'll help her out. I have made a few t shirt quilts and am no expert, but can feel a mother's pain in wanting to make something special for her child and not having the skills necessary to get the job done right. I have many a fence/gate/doghouse that need help because I built them and they are falling over. I just don't have the nerve to ask for help getting them fixed. Carpentry skills I was not blessed with :)

  13. This post made me laugh as I am just making one of your blocks/quilts (Jared takes a wife) using the size strips I had available. Luckily I could just about work it out without having to ask any silly questions ;-)

    Love your quilt designs (just as they are!)

  14. I thought all seams were crooked?
    I do admire the tenacious OCD tendency of using seam binding.


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