Monday, July 20, 2009

Lazy Blogger :c)

Or is that Running Crazy Blogger? You know last Wednesday was a wash, because it was the morning I returned from a red eye flight. That left Thursday and Friday to get myself in order before the weekend.

The weekend was filled with a BBQ for a co-worker of DH's that is being transferred to TX, quilting the mystery quilt for Quiltmaker so it can be sent off today.....

Sunday I spent BINDING and LABELING the quilt so it can be sent off today....

And because it's the mystery, I can't show you ANY pictures! Quiltmaker had sent me the fabric for the borders, backing and binding, and I took the whole shebang with me to Oregon to assemble there, and then quilt it over the weekend.

We also snuck out to a matinee yesterday afternoon to see the new Harry Potter movie. It still ends so open ended that you KNOW there has to be more to the story and just leaves you hanging! Still, it was fun to see how the kids have grown up, and I've enjoyed seeing these movies over the years.

Because I can't show you WHAT I was working on...I've uploaded a slideshow to webshots....

Sisters, Oregon, 2009

*NOTE* The slide show only holds about 1/2 the pics I uploaded to the album. To view them ALL...click the this LINK! You don't want to miss out on all the gorgeous antiques from the show.

The first couple of pics are of our "collaborative" booty from shopping! My friend Randy had a discount for her birthday....1/2 her age in percentage...I won't tell you how much we saved, but it was quite a bit..so she bought EVERYTHING for us, and we divvied up the bill when we got back. Randy, you just get better as you get older and get us a bigger percentage with each year that passes! *LOL*

Oh, my big purchases? A grill pan for my BBQ, a car phone charger for my iphone, and there was something else...oh yes....Lindt DARK CHOCOLATE WITH CHILI..OMGoodness...I know it sounds weird, but it is unbelieveably good in a very grown up chocolate kind of way ;c) Try it. If you don't like it, you can send the rest to ME! (It's got a slow burn..yummy...)

I'll warn you, when I take pics at shows..it's usually PARTS of quilts. Sometimes not even the whole quilt. Just a block, a border, a quilting design. Sometimes it's just a color theme I like...so if it looks like a 9 year old was taking these pics...that's why :c)

Near where my friend lives in Sun River, there is The High Desert Museum. In conjunction with the Quilt Show, they had a display of 1800's quilts that were just PHENOMENAL. I think I enjoyed seeing these quilts up close more than anything else I saw at the show itself. That said, I enjoyed the antique quilt booth at the show more than I enjoyed seeing any of the quilts hanging....

But it was fun to see that someone had entered an "Old Tobacco Road" and there was a "Carolina Crossroads" as well. FUN!

I'm just back from the gym.....need a shower, and then need to get down to some pattern writing for the book that is due to my publisher end of Sept. Time to get this baby on track!

Oh, and I DID bring home a really neat quilt with me. No photos of it yet because the battery on my camera died. I'll see what I can get today for a blog post tomorrow. I think you are going to like it...I know I do!! I have two words to intrigue you...DOUBLE PURPLE. Stay tuned!


  1. I wanted to go to Sisters especially when I heard you would be there. I wanted to meet you. Thanks for all the pictures. That is how I take pictures at shows too. Up close and not too far away to see the stitching.
    Can hardly wait to see the Christmas Lights Mystery quilt. Is that the one you sent off to Quiltmaker?

  2. How's Chloe doing? Is she still stickin' around?

    Looks like you had a great time. Sisters is a fun show and place to visit. One day, I hope to head back up there.

  3. We visited the High Desert Museum in March and really enjoyed it. There was a lady in a period costume crocheting a rug and I was wondering if they had anyone demonstrating quilting while the quilt show was going on. I hope to get to the Sisters quilt show some day as we plan to move to Oregon next year!

  4. Welcome home you! I'm just not sure about the chili & chocolate bar... hmmm. :) Loved the slide show.

  5. The quilting on those antique quilts is amazing! Hope you get a chance to catch your breath soon!

  6. Every year at the beginning of July I just want to drive the 3 blks. to Hwy. 20, hang a right and just keep going till I hit Sisters. Sounds like you had a great time.

  7. Wow, so many gorgeous inspiring quilts!!! Thank you for the slide show.

  8. Wow! enough quilt ideas and inspiration for a lifetime! Your pictures were a feast for the eyes and now I'm going to lie down to recuperate from the experience :) Thanks so much for sharing the experience with us.

  9. ooough, I really liked the photo of this one you took of the crumb type quilt... http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/2674040320048827325JffvSu

    thanks Bonnie for all of the fantastic photos - for "taking us along with you" ;) and how exciting it must have been to walk up on 2 of your own designs at the show! :)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnei

  10. bonnie, WOW, what gorgeous quilting on these antique quilt! i am blown away by the absolute precision of it. so nice to see such find hand quilting examples...it's the part i like the best

  11. Lots of great ideas in the close up shots, esp. the feathers that came were in sort of a pointy oval!

    As to the chocolate with chili? Yes!! I have tried it and you can score choc. off all the wimpy folks when they try it. "Here, take mine. It't burning my mouth!" I put choc in my chili con carne.

    Sallie in VA

  12. I have to confess... after reading your update today on quiltvillechat yahoo group... I had to come back to take another look thru your album just to recheck and see if I could spot any part of "Christmas Lights" in the background photos that you took where you and your friends stayed ;) LOL

    Oh you're good... you covered all of your tracks!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  13. Thnx for the slideshow...and sometimes I'm a lzay crafster too ;))

    Lots of greetings from Maksi
    (who have started her one blog a few days ago :) )



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