Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scrap Insanity

Wouldn't that be a great title for a book? I'm seriously considering it!

Especially as I realized what I was doing this morning.....

I am making some little connector blocks out of 2.5" neutral squares, placing a 1.5" square in one corner, sewing on the diagonal, and trimming the excess.

It hit me...that even THESE little mini triangles are the PERFECT size for the centers of my ongoing 5" pineapple project.

GOOD GRIEF. The fabric just never goes away does it? is there any piece that is too small?????

Well yes, I draw the line at dog ears, but there are people who even use THOSE! No thanks...I think this is the end of the Fabric Food Chain for me...triangles trimmed from 1.5" squares and saved for the center of pineapple blocks.

Scrap Insanity, Indeed!

(But oh what fun!!!!) :cD


  1. I feel guilty every time I throw a small scrap away. My mind always says "Bonnie wouldn't do that". But really small pieces do frustrate me - maybe I should save them and do a give away on my blog. "Scrap Insanity" is the perfect title.

  2. I have so many scraps I don't know what to do. I'm not really a quilter but just don't want to throw them away. I wish you would write a book for them.

  3. I draw the line at anything smaller than 1". One of my ongoing project is crazy quilt blocks using the 1"-1.5" stuff.

  4. Anonymous2:32 PM EDT

    Your making some of us have guilt!!! I say, you save your dog ears and put them in a decorative jar....I have a sneaking suspicion someday you will have a use for them. Afterall, who started saving selvages and now look!

  5. Bonnie,

    I waited too long to begin to deal with scraps. I have two 30 gallon garbage bags full of just crumbs. sigh.... The preschool teachers in town will be swimming in threads this year. Then there are the strings, the pre-cut strips ala Bonnie Hunter and the STASH.
    Oh my goodness, it gives me heart palpitations :)

    Kathie in Lacey

  6. I have it as bad as you do - you should see the pieces I save for my second Dear Jane quilt that I am hand piecing. I keep think don't throw that piece away it will be big enough for one of those blocks that has 35 pieces in it!

  7. When "Scrap Insanity" is available, I'll be the first to buy it! :)
    The pineapple blocks look really cute.

  8. Perfect name for a new book "Scrap Insanity"!! A scrap has to be pretty tiny for me to toss!

    Karen L.

  9. You crack me up Bonnie! I think you definitely get your value for money from every inch of fabric.

    The fabric food chain ends for me if the piece is less than 1.5", I'm just too darn lazy to use anything smaller.

    Can't wait to see the results of your work, sounds delightful.


  10. Sign me up, Bonnie. I want to be first on the list to order Scrap Insanity.
    Marilyn Norman

  11. I think it's just "Scraptastic"!

  12. Well, if I am sick of the fabric and want it to die, than anything smaller than a 3 inch square is too small to keep.

    If it is a normal, nice, average fabric without any personality problems, than a 2 inch square is worth keeping.

    And if I love the fabric, I'll never have it again, and or it is a solid RED then a 1 inch string or a 1.5 inch square is worth keeping!

    All of the above rules don't apply, however, if I am having a bout of PMS cleaning, and it is on the floor!

  13. ah bonnie, such insanity! what a lovely way to go! us poor working stiffs don't have enough time to be THAT insane, so we rely on you to do it for us and show us how...LOL

  14. Yes...I do save even the dog ears! For now...perhaps I will be overrun with all of these scraps in the future?
    Looking forward to the scrap insanity book!

  15. I am making a "no rhyme or reason" quilt out of some orphan blocks and literally some bits and pieces like some triangle trimmings my girlfriend had from a quilt top she made on retreat. I have no plan just an idea to get all the big bits joined up with the little bits and I am kind of sticking to a colour scheme of roughly red, white nad blue (with loads of leeway) it is daunting but so much fun!! I just sit and sew until something looks like it might go with somehting else then I trim it and start on another bit!!!!! Yeah I am crazy too.


  16. I'm lucky to have a wonderful hand piecer friend who loves tiny scraps. I keep her fully stocked and she keeps me from feeling guilty.

  17. hummmmm.... this gives me the idea to start a Bonnie Basket for you... with any of the tid bits of fabric I have here... and ship with your next box of "parts" ;) *giggle*giggle*

    Love from Texas!

  18. Ha! This caught my attention. You've nailed it. That's the name. Now how do we hold it before someone steals it away? We meaning you. I think it's perfect and MUST have by Bonnie Hunter on it


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