Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Long Road Home..

I know I've gone too long without posting when I get emails saying that the plane in my last post looks like it's been in the air way too long and would I please resurface!

I'm sitting at the airport in San Francisco, waiting for a red eye (yawn!) to take me home via Chicago. It's going to be a zombie of a Wednesday, I can tell you that much!

My time in Oregon was wonderful. There were 5 of us gals just working away on our projects. I'd say non-stop, but we did stop to enjoy the beautiful weather and take advantage of the biking and walking trails around Sun River. I really do believe it has to be my favorite place on earth.

I've got pics on my camera, in my checked luggage, but I do have some on my phone I'm going to try to upload here.

Something looks fishy, you say?? Well, I would have to agree with you! We did the most fun thing, each night someone was in charge of fixing dinner for everyone, and boy did we eat well! What you see here is my attempt at grilled salmon with lemon over grilled veggies. It really did turn out well and there was no salmon left by the time we were done. As each night came around the meals just got better and better!

We rode bikes and walked daily. We stopped here by the river and I had to snap some shots..it was just beautiful! I love this footbridge that curves up and over the river to get to the other side.

The mountains are majestic as well. I couldn't get good photos....it looks like they are so far in the distance but they are not. There is just something so beautiful about mountains with snow on them, even in the heat of July.

Here are a few shots of our working area!! The living room is perfect for laying out projects..you can see plenty of them draped over chairs and other furniture. We had 5 machines set up on 2 tables! And the "cat walk" above was the perfect spot for going up above to look at how a quilt layout looked from down below. Here you see 3 gals looking down to take pics of me, while I looked up to catch them with my camera as well!

I'll write more about the show when I get home. We just had a wonderful wonderful time and it will be hard to wait until next year to see everyone again.


  1. Waving at you from AZ...hope your trip home is safe, fast and fun!

  2. Welcome back. Looks like a beautiful place to spend time. I'm sure we're all looking forward to learning more about what you did and what you saw.

  3. Did you get to attend the Gee's Bend presentation or the Friday picnic in the park?

  4. I was lucky enough to travel to Oregon a few years back from England. I loved it too. It is very much like the UK in certain ways but much bigger. I loved it and would love to go again.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your break and that salmon dish looks gorgeous.

  5. Glad to hear you had a great time! You deserved it.

  6. looks a beautiful place for a vacation!

  7. Bonnie,
    How great that you have friends who can help you unwind and relax; a place that is perfect and the weather cooperates for your downtime.
    We've missed you but I think we all need to step back sometimes and take a deep breath.

  8. are you going to add a cooking show to your list of accomplishments- lol
    looks good- yum yum

  9. Welcome home!
    I love the sewing space with the big windows and the sunshine coming in.
    It all looks delightful and so restorative, hang onto the memories :0)
    Happy Sewing,

  10. You make me home sick!!!!
    Even the Salmon makes me feel like that... nothing like fresh Salmon to make a person feel yummy and healthy... great pic's... looking forward to when you have time to share more.
    Looks like you had a nice break.

  11. So happy to hear you enjoyed your trip! (I grilled salmon on a cedar board last weekend - sooo good if I do say so myself!)


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