Wednesday, April 08, 2009

How Many Pineapples??

I'm piecing.

Yes. I know there is laundry to do and bathrooms to clean and bookwork to catch up on.

But I'm piecing.

I have to. Or I promise I will go stark raving mad from withdrawal!!

Wherever I teach, I give the students the option...to double sew their bonus units into 1/2 square triangle squares to be used in a future project, or to cut them off and donate them to me if they wish. These little corners trimmed from 2.5" squares sewn on the diagonal are the PERFECT size for all these little 5" pineapple blocks I've been working on and off with for the past couple of months.

It is so fun to sew with the scraps that have been gifted to me by students! Most of these are fabrics I don't have in my own stash, so that makes it extra fun.

I've also got this drawer where I throw little snippets of stuff that are too precious to toss out. Paper piecing projects are perfect for these because you don't have to iron them and rotary cut them to some specific size before you can sew them into something. As long as the pieces are big enough to cover where they need to go on the paper, they are PERFECT!

You know, some projects are just not a race? Some projects just don't need a deadline,but are there for the pure pleasure of piecing them! This is one of those projects.

I don't know how many I'll make...I don't know how big the quilt will be or whether it will have borders or not. I'm just making them in between everything else until that little voice inside my head says STOP!

Chloe, as you can see, is supervising...in her own little stand offish way. She loves the back of this chair, which happens to be strewn with batting and backing for a little mini top just waiting to be machine basted so I can hand quilt it while on the road. I guess she wants me to take a part of her with me everywhere I go,which is pretty unavoidable anyway considering her furry purry bulk :c)

I even had a nap today....so I might be pineapple-ing to the wee small hours, and that's just fine with me.


  1. Bonnie those Pineapple Blocks are wonderful. Chloe looks like a raccoon perched on that quilt top. She is lovely.

  2. The little pineapples are precious!

  3. I love those pineapple blocks!

  4. Bonnie you keep giving me so many ideas of things to make with my scraps. I had not thought to make such small squares like pineapple blocks with all my scraps. I think I need to get out some paper and start with the copier and keep a stack on hand and set up the sewing machine even if I only get to it a little each day.

  5. Your scrapping looks like so much and everything turns out gorgeous. I am makeing a tote with some scraps I have left over from a quilt and did not want to waste them. I love your blog. You can be so funny which makes your blog fun to read.


  6. Somehow I spaced out on what you were going to do with those bits that we tossed into the box--was it a box? I did pineapples for my granddaughter. Theyw ere bigger. I don't know if I would have the patience for five incers.

  7. Geez, I have missed you and your blogs while you have been away! I check so aften I feel like some crazy addict - lol. I love to see your work every day! It's so inspiring to me! You and your sewing brings me joy! Thanks for that :)

  8. Bonnie,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    "Some projects are just not a race." I love it! I find myself always racing to some deadline and the sheer joy of quilting disappears. I love your pretty, petite, pineapples. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Knowing you the quilt might turn out quite big ;-). But those blocks are lovely. Do you draw them yourself or do you use something prepared for you, if so, what do you use? Enjoy the sewing!

  10. Chloe looks like a cat queen on that pile of fabrics. One just couldn't remove her. She is giving you lots of speciality fibers. Your pineapple blocks look great too.

  11. The blocks are so bright and jolly! I am sure they must make you feel bouncy just looking at them. And I agree - it isn't always about the end result. Sometimes it really is just about the doing.

  12. Your Pineapples look great. I haven't tackled that pattern yet.
    I love your drawer full of scraps.

  13. Anonymous7:57 AM EDT

    Sweet little Chloe....what a girl!

    I agree...just keep on making your little pineapples as needed....you need to have this little project to keep your hands busy and the hum of a machine dancing in your head. It will keep you sane on your crazy schedule girlfriend.

  14. pretty blocks and nice to see sweetie pie Chloe

  15. Chloe looks happy to have you home...and like all cats loves to watch others work

  16. I love pineapples too. I see you have three light corners and one dark corners. What is the plan????

    I have started two scrap plastic bins. One has the cut offs from bindings and the other has the bonus triangles. I have labels on them and they are filling slow but sure.

    "You know, some projects are just not a race? Some projects just don't need a deadline,but are there for the pure pleasure of piecing them! This is one of those projects."

    I so totally agree with your statement.

    I too feel like I experience withdrawal when you are gone. I keep checking for a post...go to your calendar...then pray for safe travel for you.
    XOXOXO Subee

  17. Those blocks are gorgeous. Can't wait to see them all put together. Chloe is so pretty.

  18. It is good to see you are giving that new machine a workout. The feline supervisor will be pleased :-) She does kind of have racoon look about her. Isn't it nice she shares her fur with you?

  19. You amaze me, thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  20. Do you have the paper piece some where? Did you get it from a book or is it online? I've always wanted to make these, but they are way far back on my list of things to do. Maybe I need to move them up. :)

    Moo Moo says "meowww and a hey baby" to Chloe. I saw him wink at her too. He's a winker, for sure.

  21. I think that's called "peace-ing" when you have to piece or go crazy.

    Nifty little blocks!

  22. Love love love your pineapple blocks Bonnie hon, they're just adorable. I hear you when you say you need to piece or you'll go a little crazy - I feel that way often. Great to 'see' you!

  23. Those little pineapple blocks are adorable! Ever since I made those teeny tiny ones last summer I"ve been dying to make another!

  24. Anonymous5:06 AM EDT

    Wow - those tiny pineapples are AMAZING! Don't you just love quilts that can be made from stolen moments :-)

  25. Anonymous6:19 AM EDT

    Bon bon.. you've been very busy. I adore pineapple blocks and you of course do great work.

    Can't wait to see it finished.

  26. Beautiful scrappy pineapple blocks!
    I was thinking about pineapples being a symbol of "welcome" in many cultures and how you are so welcoming and friendly, and spread your "quilty welcome" all over the country (now I have to say continent, since you've just been up here to Canada!) And your welcoming pineapples are made with fabric gifts from quilters you've met in places you've travelled to...isn't that so cool!?!?

  27. Love the mini-pineapples, where did you find the 5" pattern? Dori

  28. I love your Pineapples and you have just inpsired me to start one myself!

    Chloe is such a cutie :)


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