Saturday, April 11, 2009

Angel Pattern is FOUND!!!

Hey everyone! No wonder I couldn't locate Gale, her email came as JERRY (I guess she shares her email with her hubby, and that's why when I searched Gale in my address book, it didn't come up!)

Anyway..she saw her angel in the post and sent me the info for it.

She writes:
She was designed by Terry Morberg. Check out www.applepatchdesigns.com for many more great patterns.

My friend who owns Piecemakers Quilt shop sells her patterns and she can be found on the net at www.piecemakers.ca

The pattern is called "Quilter's Angel"

This pic is linked from the site. Just click Quilter's Angel above!

I am sure there are many other shops who sell her patterns. I have made her several times, once for a pink ribbon challenge and yours. I am now working on making her for myself, her dress is going to be made from my mom's pj's, she lost her battle to lung cancer two years this coming august. I love your blog and all the free quilt patterns on Quiltville, and since I started making your patterns (scrappy) I find making quilts using only several colors boring. I have told all my quilting friends about your site and everyone agrees this is one awesome place to visit. Happily Stitching,

So there you go!! Rev up that charge card and help this designer sell more of her adorable Quilt Angel patterns! I can see her done in Christmas colors too, or 30's or 1800's repros..she'd be darling in any form! Her wings would be sweet made from piece salvaged from a cutter quilt, wouldn't they?

I had big plans for today,not sure where they went...but I was awakened at about 7:45 am by an over-zealous neighbor out mowing his lawn. Mind you, it thunderstormed and rained buckets last night. You would think it would be too wet to mow, but NO....spring must be here! And it has been a beautiful day.

I went to the gym this morning. I've reached one goal...I'm down 20 lbs. :c) I haven't posted much about it, because I was afraid I'd fail, but I feel like I can celebrate with this milestone. So to those of you who also made New Year's resolutions, and commitments to your health, I'm cheering you on too. Do NOT give up. It's a hard road. Sometimes you lose one, gain two. But don't give up! Make those choices that can improve the quality of your life and keep you quilting without being winded! :cD

I tackled on my online calendar this morning, adding a few more dates to it that came in while I was in Canada. I think the trip to Canada brought other cold places out of the woodwork! You know how they say things come in threes? Well...I just added Cordova, Alaska for Sept 2011, and confirmed the Windy City Quilt Fest in Casper Wyoming for Jan (YES JAN!!)2010.

That's okay..I balanced it out with 2 Florida dates!

I took these pictures the week before I left for Canada, and it's a good thing I did. I came home, and the blossoms are all gone and the leaves are out now. How quickly things change week to week! So for those of you who haven't seen spring blooms yet, they are coming!

I love the little rural country scenes around here where I live. I need to keep my camera with me so that I can stop and click, and show you what things are like in Wallburg, NC :c)

I've also seen lots of fields turned and ready for planting...that's a sight that I love to see too, celebrating the wakening of the earth after it's long hard sleep.

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Quilting!


  1. Thanks for the pattern info. Where you live is certainly beautiful and so glad that spring has finally arrived. Winter seems so long in the North! (Well, it's way North from here!)

    Autumn is here now but the cooler weather has not quite arrived. Another warm day and still no rain.

    Travelling for your job is a lot of work, but so worth it I would think. How wonderful to meet so many people who love quilting as much as you do!

    Happy Easter!

    Hugs- Shari

  2. Anonymous10:40 PM EDT

    You're so funny - booking for 2010 already! Your middle name should be 'Whirlwind'. The blossoms are beautiful. Thanks for the quilt angel pattern info too. It should be autumn here but we have the air conditioning on!!!

  3. Gale's "scrappy" bright angel is my favorite. We are all smitten with the scrappy or we wouldn't be ardent fans of this blog! Ah, we never see the likes of those beautiful blossoms in northern IL. Breathtaking! Love your new opportunities! The best time to see the great north is in the winter. What great adventures lie ahead! Happy Easter everyone!

  4. What a difference bright colors make! I would never have looked twice at the brown angel, but the bright one is lovely. How about some dates in Northern California, hmmm?

  5. Congrats on losing the weigh and the angel is beautiful. woolywoman is right how about northern california...my part of the world.

  6. We've got blossom - loads of it - and the fields have been ploughed ready for planting. Hope it's sunflowers this year and not the ghastly maize.

    Any news on the France workshop yet?

  7. That would make a great scrappy Christmas angel! May have to break down and get the pattern! Those wings could use up some of my crumb blocks too.....

    Congrats on the weight loss...I think those pounds just moved down south with me!

  8. I love Terry Morberg's patterns! I've made at least 3. She is one creative lady and a very entertaining speaker as well.

  9. Love that quilt Angel Bonnie! And congrats on the 20 lbs down...good for you.

  10. Congrats on the dates!! And thanks for the lead on that cute pattern. Looking forward to seeing you up at Brownstone in New Jersey on Friday!! Yippeee!!!

  11. Anonymous9:59 AM EDT

    Oi, sou o Clausewitz e gostaria de convidar você para visitar meu Blog e conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil. Abração

  12. Congrats on your weight loss! WTG!! I know how hard it is, as I'm currently working at it too, and have shed 56 lbs since Sept. Unfortunately still have 100+ to go.

    You must feel terrific!

  13. We live in the land of cherry blossoms & our blooms are all coming down fast too. There's "pink snow" in the breeze.


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