Wednesday, September 05, 2007

That Plaid Shirt Fetish!

Okay...here you go....I am almost embarrassed to post these pics! But at $1 a pound for wonderful plaids with a terrific feel that you can't find on the bolt..what is a girl to do?

I'm doing my part for the environment, right? I'm RECYCLING!!!

These were at the "last stop" Good Will clearance center where everything is $1 a pound. If it doesn't sell here it gets sent to Bangladesh or somewhere. Maybe it is made into auto carpet padding or something. (Yes, I am rationalizing on why I need all these plaids!)

The possibilities are endless with them even if I end up getting into the crocheted rag rug thing I guess. But I'd rather be quilting! I know lots of you are also into knitting or crocheting or cross stitch or scrap booking, and I'm here to tell you that I have got a ONE TRACK MIND. QUILTS QUILTS QUILTS!

So here we are. Piles on the floor! Do you know I found shirts with the same plaid more than ONCE?! I even found some good lights this time around. Light 100% cotton shirts are more difficult to find.

I'm really pleased with the wide variety of colors and the sizes of the plaids and stripes. They are going to be so great. Look at this orange and red!

I think I'm going to take Bingo~Bonnie's hint and cut up a couple at a time while I am watching TV. Make a dent in the pile.

I also NEED to make time for some hand quilting. Maybe an hour in the mornings. I'm just too tired in the evenings to get any hand work done. I know I am a PIECER first, and a quilter second. But then...I DO want to do it ALL!



  1. Ok, I'll be bold! Can I have the buttons??? I will pay postage.

  2. Wow! I have to start thrifting!

    Did you get a chance to checkout my blog?

  3. Ah, the shirt problem! What a wonderful problem to have!
    My shirt quilts are always favorites--hard for me to give them up!
    You mentioned good lights are hard to find. I also have a hard time finding good turquoise/teal/odd blues and reds. They usually have polyester in them.

  4. It's not recycling, it is reusing - which is better.

    Do they have old embroidered/crocheted items where you thrift? (I need to check out the local sources.)

  5. How far away is this store? I feel a road trip coming on.

  6. That is the worst thing with them - processing them but as you say a couple at a time in front of the tv will soon make short work of them

  7. They must have been glad to see you walk out with that great pile!Do they know you're making quilts or do they think you have 14 sons?
    It would be interesting to see this pile after the unuseable bits have been cut off- I'd weigh it then and see how much actual yardage you've got there. A good bit, methinks!

  8. Wow, what a great deal. I love it when this kind of bargain crosses my path. I'm impressed by the pile of lights--those are hard to come by.

  9. That's a lot of shirts! I've recently started a couple doll quilts just to feed my desire to hand quilt some. I don't have time to do something larger but I'm having fun with the small ones.

  10. Wow what a great find! I can just see a cool rustic cabin pattern. This is a terrific idea for fabric! Great job!

  11. I LOVE that orange and red combination.Try to get those together in a quilt, pretty please.

  12. Bonnie,

    When I use up some stash, I'm gonna start shopping at Good Will! :-)

  13. Anonymous8:36 AM EDT

    Wow this is an awesome idea. I would never have thought of it. I am from Australia and haven't made many quilts but your blog and website has really enthused me. Thank you, hugs

  14. My goodwill doesn't do that. Too bad for me. What a great bargain!

  15. Thanks. You have given me the idea to go to one of my charity shops to get fabric. I hope they have good discounts like you got:) I am wanting to learn how to quilt so I am looking for cheap but nice fabric and asking family and friends for donations and then I am going to donate the quilt to my local elderly care home :)
    Your blog is fab by the way.

  16. Hi ladies,
    As a sales rep I call on a wiping cloth processor and I am astonished at the nice clothes I see processed into cleaning rags. A true crafters dream or nightmare depending. I see ginghams, Liberty prints, flannel, sheer shirts and blouses being cut up by mostly women that don't bat an eye at the nice pieces they are about to cut with special cutting machines.
    Since most tags are removed I see lots of
    J Crew, Nordroms, Gap, and so many others. I wonder where these all come from. Next time I go I will ask.
    Amazing what is thrown out. Seems a waste.


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